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Saturday, June 2, 2012

1 Free - Sixer (98/167)

Zynga is giving out a free gift called Sixer (98/167) to the players of Mafia Wars. The item will not be shown in your ZMC, to claim your free Sixer, follow the step by step guide below!

To claim your free Sixer, follow the steps below:
  1. Go to the Apps and Games page on Facebook(HERE)
  2. Scroll down to where all the Mafia Wars gifts are, and click on "See requests from ......."
  3. CTRL+F and search for: "Sixer"
  4. Click on Accept, and it will bring you into the game to receive your Sixer!

Once you have clicked on the "Accept" button, it would automatically bring you into the Mafia Wars application. This popup will be shown once Mafia Wars loads. Click on the "Claim Your Reward" button and this popup will be closed.

Check your Inventory for the Sixer. If the item isn't credited into your account after accepting, you will have to contact the Customer Support for the item.


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if u dont get 1---->

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