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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Skin of Accepting Free Gift

Lots of new upgrading features... including this one.. We have new skin of accepting free gift from our beloved mafias..
These are 2 examples..

Some of you still have the "old" one of receiving gift page.. It doesn't matter, I think soon we're all will have this new skin on our account..
I also noticed that we have 2 new free gifts..

Here they are :

Obviously it is a vehicle..
Inflatable Motorboat Inflatable Motorboat
13 Attack 21 Defense

And this one is a weapon..

Barbwire Bat Barbwire Bat
21 Attack 16 Defense

They don't give us good stats.. so you can have one each and then ask your mafia to send you Mystery Bag or Chop Shop items (if you have not upgraded your Chop Shop yet).

That's it for now.. I have to go..
Still a lot of posts to come, but I need to rest my eyes.. see ya, my friends! See ya

PS : Thanks for the sharing : Luna & Anol..

Some New Achievements

New features.. new achievements!
Some are easy to get, while some others need extra skill, time to play and lots of luck! Yeah

Burglar and Master Thief Achievements are earning by vaulting 2 collections of Robbing.. the first one is easy to get, while the second one is hard! You need to find the diamons or you can trade them just like Daily Chance Collection..

Synchronized Watch, you can earn it by vaulting at least one of Crew Collection. This one is easy, right..

Ace Up The Sleeve, you can get this achievement by playing another Zynga game is Zynga Poker game.. you have to unlocked level 6, get the limited edition item ie Ace Up The Sleeve.

Pocket Rockets, I have just discussed about it on the previous post.. you can earn this one by levelling up for 3 times, obtaing the item and get the achievement!

Please don't go any further, team! Stop forcing us to play Zynga Poker (I have a bad feeling that they will force us to play FarmVille or other Zynga games too)..
Earning the achievements should be a prestige on this game! Please do not ruin my game! Oh please please please..

PS : Credit goes to all my friends that eagerly and kindly sent me the screenshots... Thanks to Rashed, Elisa, Rohit, Saurabh, Shiruy! You guys are great! Friends forever!

Pocket Rockets!

Zynga has a lot of games.. one of them is my favorite game which is Mafia Wars and now they "forces" us to also play Zynga Poker game!

How do they do that?
By releasing one free item that we should gain from playing Zynga Poker game..
Actually they have done that before and I think they become an addict of doing that...

You'll see this pop up when you're playing your game at the first time today.. Nice stats of that Pocket Rockets!

So then you have to play Zynga Poker game and level up for 3 times to get that item.. someone said that you have to be above level 6 to unlocked this item.. but I already passed level 6, so don't know for sure..

Here is the stats of Pocket Rockets!

You will also rewarded with one achievement for doing this... will post later on..

I wonder if they continue doing this... as I don't have much time to play more than one game everyday.. Anyway, you can try to play Zynga Poker to get it, otherwise you can just leave it.. only 1 piece, not necessarily to do that.. Gotta go..

PS : Thanks for sharing Dan D, Tom, Rashed, Søren, b00st, and some other that I might forget.. Have a nice day! This one is for you!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

10 Million Fans Rewards Bonus

Free Reward Points, people!!!

Copy-paste the link below on your browser :

Congratulations! We hit 10 million fans, thank you! Here are 2 Reward Points for you to use.

Not bad, thanks Zynga!
Have fun, my friends!

PS : Thanks to Shiruy for the kind info!

Mafia Wars : "Craziness on Diamonds"

Everybody is looking for these gorgeous diamonds now! Not only women are crazy about them, but lots of mafia as well!

I have this collection! Thanks to ANONYMOUS! You know who you are, mate!

They are more valuable than lotto or Daily Chance Collection at this time ... but I think price will go down when more mafia drop them on Robbing..
Especially when we have new achievement from vaulting this collection.. (the Developer teams will increase the chance of getting them, won't they.... or not!).

I don't want to vault it now.. still want to have those blings on my collection..
Until I have more spares..

Well, that's it for today..
Have a nice dream to my wonderful friend far away there who is very kind to share this valuable collection.. OMG.. can't believe it! Can not say enough thanks to you!

Mafia Wars : Bonus Everywhere!

Now, we have the bonus on our game.. as well some changing on the Hospital and Bank layout..

If you do the jobs, will give you this 2% bonus as Fan appreciation from Zynga.. I don't know if you can have more than 2%, anyone?

And this one I took from Top Mafia - Disabled fan page on FaceBook.. belong to Yonks Man account that he pusblished the screenshot there..

Plus 1 Fan bonus on random fight..

I don't know what other bonus so far.. let's see soon...

PS : Thanks to Rashed for the screenshot and also Yonks Man.. Welcome back, Yonks!

Mafia Wars 10 Million Fans Party!

The event has started!!! I'm sure lots of you have published about this on your FaceBook wall..

Here is the Heavy Hand :

Not too "heavy" for a weapon... but thank you, Zynga! Thanks a lot!

I'll keep posted about any news (or possible glitch).. Have fun with the bonus!

Robbing - Email Answer From Zynga

Hi all,

I got confuse about Robbing formula.. so I decided to ask about it directly to Zynga Developer team! However the answer is not satisfying, but I give credit to the Robert for answering my question about Robbing...

Here you go..

I'd like to emphasize his statement below :

there has to be some random multiplier since robbing similar buildings (e.g. Restaurants) several times will result in different attack values.

So, there is a secret formula here.. and let it be a mystery!

I still have few questions to the team, including how to get the Stone Diamond Collections.
I hope I can have good answer about this one..

Thank you very much, Robert.. thank you very much Zynga Support team!


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