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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The GodFather Has Opened Bangkok!

Ok sorry for late posting about this..
I got the this email from Zynga Mailing List on last Friday.. The GodFather has opened Bangkok!

For some groups of players, they will have more passports to share with friends.. My main account didn't have more passports because I have sent to 3 friends before.. But then I have 4 more passports instantly!

And so my other accounts who has no ability to share passports.. now able to send 2 or 3 of them..
Also we can loots the passport from doing jobs! And able to send the passport right away to our friend.

Now there are also 3 choices of getting passport to Bangkok.. I have posted about it several days before..
You can see the clerk, buy with 30 GF points or simply ask from your friends.

I really not suggest you to spend your 30 RP (although you'll have 3 passport to share), I suggest you to get it for free! Ask your mafias or visit the clerk.. if you're not luck,y you have to wait for 20 hours to try again.. and if you're lucky.. see below screenshot!

Zynga said that our goal for this passport distribution system is to maintain a steady flow of users coming into the new city to keep the Bangkok servers running smoothly for everyone. We want to provide exciting and uninterrupted game play for all, while giving you a fun and challenging obstacle to conquer.. (taken from the official blog).
Have fun in Bangkok!

PS : Thanks to Aamir for the screenshot of visiting clerk!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bonus : Bangkok Collections

We can get Bangkok collections eventhough we have not reach the episode yet.. I got these collections as a bonus from one job help and also can be gained by helping friend..

Those collections above are from episode 3 and episode 5.
You can see all Bangkok collections up to episode 5 on this site..
Mika Vesasto's Wishlist Adder :

Too bad, we can not see the items on our Bangkok collection page yet because the episodes has not been released by the game. But consider it as our saving.. hopefully we can see them on when the episode has out.. soon!

PS : Ronnie and Jeff for the screenshots!

Bangkok Preview!

I took this all from the official blog of Mafia Wars by Zynga.
I need to post this because there are lots of info about Bangkok that we need to know.. I will highlight them so we can be more precise about the points..

Ok, so we can take conclusion :
  1. There are 2 factions : the Yakuza for good offense & the Triads for good defense.
  2. If your reputation drops below a certain level with a faction, they’ll cut off your access to their select items. So once you have enough reputation to buy the items, buy as much as you can! Because if you don't have enough reputations, the store will be closed for you.
  3. For players between levels 18 and 200, we’ve created a sliding scale for energy costs and experience payouts for jobs. This means that lower-level players can complete new jobs and advance through Bangkok’s episodes, as jobs will require less energy to complete but have correspondingly lowered experience rewards. Players who are above level 200 will not be affected by this sliding scale.
  4. About fighting, similar with doing jobs. If you hit your opponents which has different faction, you'll gain more reputations. If you hit the opponents with the same faction, will decrease your ranking on current faction.

I think that's it for now.. we'll find more info as the game continue launching more episodes..
Have a great weekend, mates! Thanks a lot!

Bangkok Episode 1 - 5 Mastery Levels

Hi there! Hi all...

Have fun in Bangkok?

Bangkok is similar to Moscow in some aspects..
They have both factions (or sides), hard to get money (at the beginning), has business, and soon.
Also has some differences.. including the fight model (soon for Bangkok), the reputation, etc..

I want to discuss about the mastery level.
Moscow has 3 mastery levels of each episodes (just like New York and Cuba), but now in Bangkok we have 4 mastery levels!

But again, there is a bug about this mastery level. One of our friend, has 5 mastery levels instead of 4.. Please see below screenshot..

Not a good one.. I hope this bug not continue to the next episodes... If the problem persist, please report this to the Support Team.. You can find the link to them on your top right corner on the game screen.

PS : Thanks to Rajan for the bug info. Good luck, mate!

Wishlist Request

I notice that we always have this notification everytime we update our wishlist..

That message also appears on your mafias Player Updates box.. And if your mafias send you the items, that notifications also appear on your friend's feed..

I think this is really annoying.. We'll have our feed and Player Updates full of these messages or notifications..

Sorry for not editing the image.. I'm not good at it..

And make sure you see their wishlist first before you send or click on Help them out! button..
If they ask you for top loots or lotto piece... you don't want to send your precious items, right?

So please be noticed about this.. Peace!

PS : thanks Thomas for reminding me!

Bangkok Mastery Item Glitch

Ok, Bangkok given us lots of nice glitch so far.. We enjoy the glitch very much..
I still have another glitch to post.. like this one..

See here for more info : Job Mastery episode 1 & 2.

We can only have 1 of this item.. But some of you able to have 2 of this mastery item from episode 1.. even 3 of it! See below image, please..

They got it from doing regular jobs in Bangkok and also got it from fighting! Yes, it's a loot drop! So they got it as loot drop from :
  • Doing jobs
  • Doing fight
Very nice!!! I don't mind to have lots of this powerful armor!
Nice glitch, congratulation for having them, mates!

PS : Thanks to Edin, Wajira, Kovacs, Rahul, Cheryl, Binay, Rajan and some others.. lots of you got the glitch.. I envy you all!

Coming Soon : Release of Robbing

Ok, I'm so happy to read this game news..

I know that some of you hate this feature of robbing.. we don't want bad guys to rob our properties, right??
We can not do nothing about it when stronger mafias bring their mob and rob us! Putting police line there.. and we need to repair and add more protection... Geezzz!!!

But it's fun! Of course if you have stronger account..

And the question now is what about the racket things???

Don't worry guys.. I'm sure they have thinking about this issue.. I bet lots of bug.. but it's ok..

See ya then!

Friday, January 29, 2010

New Free Gift : Blade Tonfas!

New limited time item on free-gift..
Please see below screenshot..

One of my best mafia sent one to me..

But unfortunately, I can not find it anywhere on my inventory..
I think we have to wait, perhaps the Developer team forgot to put them in.. Xixixixixix
I bet it's belong to weapon category, right?

Send the free-gifts, guys! Peace!

EDITED : I got it now on my inventory.. yep, it belongs to WEAPON.

PS : Thanks to Mozaic.. I owe you, my friend! Domo....

Bangkok Passport As Loot

Again, another sweet surprise!

We can get Bangkok passport from doing jobs.. Our friends below are lucky ones to have it..

Very nice!
Send it to your friend then...

PS : Thanks Nasuha and Aaron for the screenshot! You have a good one!

Bangkok Loot Drops From Fight!

I don't know this is a glitch or already applied now.. but we can get Bangkok loots from fight..
This mafia fellow is using tool to do fight and he can loot some Bangkok items.. Please see below screenshot..

He can loot : Cleaver! One of Bangkok weapons..

He can loot Forrest Scorpion too..

Well so far, these all the loots he got from fighting!




I have tried on fighting, but no luck of Bangkok loots so far.. So go on fighting, my friends.. Watawwww!

PS : Thanks a lot to "๑۩۞۩๑MЯ305๑۩۞۩๑" for the screenshots and info.. Nice talking to you, Jason! Thanks to Morgan for the additional vehicle!

Bangkok Beta Unlocked!

Finally!!! Yes!

Bangkok Beta unlocked for the rest of you.. You can try to go to the image of Bangkok Beta (in red bracket below) or just click Travel to Bangkok.

You will arrive on this page... but wait, I don't have a passport to go to Bangkok! Then get your passport.. click on the button to get your passport..

Now, we have 3 choices..Please see image below..

You can get them for free from visiting the clerk, or bribe an official for 30 Reward Points.. or ask your friends to send one to you..

If you try to get it for free.. try your luck!

I'm not suggesting you to spend 30 RP.. please be patience.. I really hope you can get it for free, my friends.. Goodluck!

PS : Thanks a lot to Roger, Aaron, Mozaic.. You guys have sent me the screenshots and also providing me with great infos.. You guys rock!!! Enjoy, mate

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mafia Wars Home Page Upgrade

We've been discussing about this new layouts lately.. it's on our Home page at the game..
Zynga has shared the info about this upgrade on their forum and also on the official blog of Mafia Wars.. both contain same info..

This is the comparison of the new layouts with the current one..

It makes sense.. but some of you don't like it! I mean with the bugs appear already to the players which have this feature on their game..

They said that they will switching this new layouts to us in groups soon.. so every players will have this feature??
What do you think???

New Layouts Bug!

Welcome, guys! Hi all,

I have posted about new layouts several days before.. Some players has this new layouts on their accounts..

Now they receive some notifications from Zynga that they have rewarded with gifts..

This is a reward for joining the Mailing List..

Yes, it said there that they are rewarded with this item : Chlori-tek GDS! But if they see it on their inventory apge, it's not there!

And this one, it's also a bug.. They got info that they received this item for being a fan of Mafia Wars page..

Rewarded with a Hornet Sniper Rifle, but when they checked again on the Inventory, the item is not there. Hwaaaaaaaaa

I don't know if some others really got those 2 items above for being a fan or for joining a Mailing List.. Let me know if you do, please.. Thank you!

PS : Thanks to Shameer {LOB} and Patrik for the screenshots and info.. I hope you guys can get those 2 items.. Goodluck!


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