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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Grand Opening of the Marketplace!

I got this info from Zynga forum... Niki King, the Super Moderator!
Hope this help you to explain more about the new feature and the switch between GodFather and Marketplace..

Dear Mafia Wars Players,

We’ve given the Godfather page a makeover with the introduction of the Marketplace! Our goal was create a page with a fresh new look; something that’s easy to navigate and that’ll contribute to your game play.

With the new Marketplace, you’ll never miss out on another Limited Edition item on sale. We’ll have easy-to-find hourly sales specials, and you’ll be able to find the coolest loot from the categorized pull-down menus. Get the scoop on what the most coveted items in the game are by checking out the ‘Best Sellers’ and ‘Hot and New’ categories.

There’ll be no more stress for you about how to spend your Reward Points. Now you’ll have items recommended especially for you based on previous purchases and your personal style of game play. Just check out the ‘Recommended for You’ section and you’re all set. If you’re a fighter, you’ll be shown the best attack weapons for the game, and if you’re all about protecting your holdings, we’ll showcase our awesome defense items.

The Marketplace now accepts international payments, and offers over 20 different types of currencies to accommodate our international players. To celebrate the grand opening, we are giving you 2 free Reward Points to use. Simply to collect your points!

We have all this for you, and much, much more. Go play Mafia Wars and get ready to be blown away by the Marketplace!

All The Best,
The Mafia Wars Team

Source : Zynga Forum!

Multiple Gifts Is Gone!

There was a way to send multiple gifts to one or more of our mafia family.
We can send multiple of Mystery Bag or Chop Shop items or any items available on our Free Gift page.. but now we can not do that anymore!

Actually, we still can send multiple gift requests but the person to whom we are sending can receive only one! They will get the following error when they try to accept second free gift request :

Too bad!
Why do they have to do this??? Really throwing away the fun of sending & receving gifts!!!

PS : Thanks to Rohit, Marko, Big Phil for the screenshot and info!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

3 Free Reward Points!

Another free Reward Points to welcome the Grand Opening of Marketplace!
I have posted about the fan blast link where you can get 2 free RPs... now the have released the new one(s)..

Copy and paste these links on your browser.. Please notice how many RPs you have now.. and see if both links work..

The difference is only at the last number of the link code.. You'll have 3 RPs on each link, so you can have 6 RPs in total..

I'm sure many of you now are trying to change the last number in case you'll have a chance for another free RPs.. Have a try! What dya think?

PS : Thanks to Giuliano for the tips! Thanks to Adil & Robert too... Also to Hrafn for the screenshot!
Great job, guys!

New Secret Stash Loot Items

Now we have new design of secret stash.. not only that, we also have new items available as the option on it..

Riot Gear

Drug Shipment

I also saw Thai Envelope as one of the option.. sorry don't have any screenshot to proof, but I'm sure lots of you aware of it..
I think the team made a good move to improve the game.. so we don't get bored easily..
Good job for this, guys... Thank you for making our game more enjoyable.. Let's go dancing!

For you who still have bad and annoying glitches, kindly send your email to Zynga Support team. It's your game, so be active and tell them about your current issue..

Meanwhile, enjoy the free stash you've found and don't be lazy to split the loots with your mafia.. Have a great weekend!

PS : Thanks to Ihsan and Lucas for the info!

Typhoon Cleavers Bug

This player has a cool bug on his Mystery Bag item.. He accepted his mafia gift and got this one : Typhoon Cleavers!

Nice one, huh?
No, he doesn't put Typhoon Cleavers on his wishlist.. Nobody know how to do that, right?
It's certainly a sweet glitch but too bad we don't know how to get it.. Watawwww!

PS : Thanks to Amit for the screenshot.. You're such a lucky player!

Moscow Bug - The Drakon!

I know I have discussed about The Drakon glitch several times.. but this one is a bit different.
One of my best mafia has just enter Moscow episode 6 at level 1. Then she needs to buy the job requirements, which is Enforcer.
Suddenly she got all the jobs to level 3 mastered and got the mastery item : The Drakon instantly!
Please see below screenshot :

What a lucky player she is!
Anybody has the same glitch?

PS : Thanks to Monica for the screenshot and info!

Mesh Alloy!

I got this "Thank you" loot which is "MESH ALLOY"!

I quickly search for it on my inventory but didn't see it anywhere.. It's an ARMOR loot and has great defense points.

I guess the Developer team has not ready to enter it on our Inventory yet...
But I love it! Hope to find it on my Inventory soon..

I got a message telling me that one of my mafia already has it on his Inventory and when I checked it, it's there on his Armor section. I guess we have to be patience until we all receive it.

PS : Thanks for the quick info Deepak, Mozaic, Rashed & -hades-!

New Currencies On Reward Points

We're now have Marketplace tab instead of GodFather page.. I notice that some players still have GodFather page but the contain is changing to the Marketplace layout.

If you go to that page and don't have lots of Reward Points, the game (or Zynga) will suggest you to buy some.

Or if you don't get that pop-up, you can also buy RPs on this page. One of the sub menu of Marketplace or GodFather page is "Buy Reward Points". If you click on the "Buy Now" button, you'll arrive on this page :

  • First, you can select your currency.. Now they have lots of option.. either GBP, EUR, CAD, AUD + 20 Currencies. Choose any currency you'd like to pay..
  • And then choose the package, from 3 RPs package to 700 RPs package.
  • After that, choose your payment method. Available on Credit Card and PayPal.
  • Finally, you can click on "Continue" button to proceed with the payment.
It's the right time to buy so you can spend your Reward Points on the Marketplace. But I don't think it's wise!
Because the price of great items there on the Marketplace are so expensive! Although I'd love to buy 1 each of those gorgeous tiny images of Motorcycle Jacket, Black Widow and Twin Automatic Rifles or any new items there! qeqeqe

When will they give them a deep discount like they said??? I feel so shame

Friday, February 26, 2010

The Marketplace is Open!

Now you can go shopping!

But wait.. look at the price of new loots.. they are all have good stats on Attack & Defense points, but for the price of 35 Reward Points! Gagagaggag

And one thing I notice here is there is no more GodFather page! So we lose our GodFather now???
They are really making this a place to spend our Reward Points and our money to buy it.. I'll stop using GodFather points for now and use Reward Points instead..

Anyway, want to do some shopping? Just go to Marketplace tab and explore the new feature :

PS : Thanks to The Oracle & Hanson for the screenshot!

2 Free GodFather Points (Marketplace)

2 free GodFather Points!

I know, the Marketplace is open now.. Go click on this link to get 2 free GF points! I mean copy-paste on your browser..

Go have fun in Marketplace!

PS : Thanks for the link, Walter! Yahooooo

Mafia Wars : Energy Glitch

No, it's not a sweet glitch..
Our friend below got an ugly glitch.. He said that there is something wrong with Mafia Wars now. The system has brain damage or something because he can't do any jobs while he has 903 energy left.

This is not cool!
I think you should report this to Zynga forum, my friend.. Submit a ticket to them..
Tell them your issue, provide with screenshot and also your user ID.

You can go to Zynga Support team by clicking on Support link on your right top corner on the game.

Good luck! Enjoy, mate

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mafia Wars : Flash Issue

Some of you have this message popping-up on your "My Mafia" layout..

I don't have it on my game, I think I have this setting set to automatically accept the request.

I'm trying to figure out what is this and arrive on Zynga forum which discussing about this issue..

Here is the answer of one member there :
"Zynga wants to store some data so the pages load more quickly. You can control if you want to allow it, disallow it, or allow within limits.
This page may help :

Adobe Flash Player Settings Manager

Bookmark that page! It is about the only way to get rid of such data.

If you look it over, you will doubtless find a LOT of sites have already dropped flash data on your drives and they suppress the popup you are seeing. At least Zynga is not doing that."

I'm not an expert about this.. but I think it's good to visit the Adobe Flash site above and bookmark it..
"My Mafia" feature need more local storage that your computer chace can afford, so I think that's why you have that message on your game everytime you are on "My Mafia" layout. All Adobe is asking if it should allow in the increase of your cache size.
Now you can visit the site and control what you want to do with your chace size or simply you can click on 'Never ask again' to deny that pop-up..

Hope this helps.. See you soon

PS : Thanks to Deepak for the info.

Source : Zynga forum

Skill Point Glitch!

One of my best mafia got this glitch on his Mafia Wars account.. I don't know it is a sweet glitch or an ugly one..

He can only do jobs in episode 1 Moscow and the jobs don't give him any Rubels, but surely give him SKILL POINTS bonus..

Please see below screenshot :

He's using RepeatJob from Spockholm bookmarklet.
You can see on above screenshot that he gained 58 XP and R64,000 but actually he never got the Rubels, only skill points instead.
So now, he uses this account only to get the Untraceable Cell Phone and spends all the skill points on Attack & Defense points to make a good fighter account!

What will you do if you have this kind of glitch? qeqeqe

PS : Thanks to Aidi for kindly sharing this to me and all of us! Friends forever!

Mafia Wars : The Marketplace! (Coming Soon)

Ok, this is a newsletter from Zynga if you have joined their Mailing list.. We'll havea nother new feature, new event.. coming soon!

We'll have The Marketplace!
It's a place where we can buy some Limited Edition Loots, Crates, Boosts, etc.. but they have mentioned it will be with deep discounts!

Hmm, I know some of you have been waiting for such event!

Go collect your Reward Points and be ready to spend them all! Let's dance!

PS : Thanks for the info and screenshot, Rashed!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mustard Gas!

New limited time offer from our beloved GodFather : Mustard Gas!

It's a weapon, right?
And if it is, the stats is the same as Ubijca Assault Rifle from Moscow and Tanto from Bangkok. And we can get them for free just from doing job..
So it's better to skip this one.. I don't like the look anyway..

If you are a COLLECTOR and have to buy it, you can go to GodFather page or it also available on your Home page tab. Purchase one Mustard Gas for 25 Reward Points.
It's ok, it's your game... Peace yo!

PS : Thanks to Mozaic for the screenshot!

New Feature - Class Change!

Tired becoming a Maniac and would love to receive more cash from job? Change your class!

You can visit GodFather and asks him to change your class.. of course you have to give him 15 of your Reward Points..

You have 3 options of class : Mogul, Fearless or Maniac.



What about the Top Mafia bonus?
Well I have tried it.. nothing's changing with it!
For example : If you were a Fearless type and you are the Wheelman of many people from mafia family.. even if you change your class character type from Fearless to Maniac or Mogul.. you are still the Wheelman of those people!
If you want to be a Top Mafia for some people, ask them to re-promote you based on your class character now.. Trinity's mood

That's it for now.. Enjoy the new feature! See ya

PS : Thanks to Rashed & Petr for the screenshots and infos.. Thanks to Krasimir, Micah, Hammad, Marc, Arlan Boy, 3amoorzi, Ven, etc for the screenshot too... So many of you aware of this new feature! Very appreciate the kind help.. Thank you!

New Properties Achievements

New properties, new achievements!
We have 3 new achievements now.. here you go :

Those achievements you can get by owning the properties and upgrade them to certain level.

Please don't ask me what if you have Rackets account.. I'm sure big Z developers have thought about this.. They have said that Rackets system will soon to be folded into new properties in New York.. so please, bear with them.. Yeah

One achievement means one free skill point.. Go upgrade your properties and collect your achievements and bonus of skill points!

PS : thanks to -hades- & Marc Yu for the screenshots!


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