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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Facebook Wishlist ID Master Database

Still confuse how to put the item(s) on your wishlist? Image hosted by
I found this great handy tips from Zynga forum. You can put the item(s) without having them first.

Go to your loot page, and make sure you have an empty slot on your wishlist. Right click the link for "add to wish list" on any loot item you own. Select copy shortcut (or copy link location, depending on your browser). Paste it into the address bar. Go to the very end of the url, and you will see this:


gift category 0 is for vault collections, 1 is loot, 2 is for boosts.
gift ID is available on the list below

Find your desired item below (list is sorted by ID) and replace the number you currently have for a gift id. Press enter.

City parameter does not matter, can be 1 or 2.

For example :
~ If you want to put Ebony Cigar, you have to change the blue and red text above into this one.

~ If you want to put Canonazo, put this link on your browser.

Here is the full list :

gift_category=0&gift_id=1 Ebony Cigar
gift_category=0&gift_id=2 Sky Cigar
gift_category=0&gift_id=3 Rose Cigar
gift_category=0&gift_id=4 Ivory Cigar
gift_category=0&gift_id=5 Turquoise Cigar
gift_category=0&gift_id=6 Gold Cigar
gift_category=0&gift_id=7 Royal Cigar
gift_category=0&gift_id=8 Topaz Ring
gift_category=0&gift_id=9 Opal Ring
gift_category=0&gift_id=10 Amethyst Ring
gift_category=0&gift_id=11 Emerald Ring
gift_category=0&gift_id=12 Sapphire Ring
gift_category=0&gift_id=13 Ruby Ring
gift_category=0&gift_id=14 Diamond Ring
gift_category=0&gift_id=15 Warhol Painting
gift_category=0&gift_id=16 Cezanne Painting
gift_category=0&gift_id=17 Matisse Painting
gift_category=0&gift_id=18 Van Gogh Painting
gift_category=0&gift_id=19 Dali Painting
gift_category=0&gift_id=20 Monet Painting
gift_category=0&gift_id=21 Rembrandt Painting
gift_category=0&gift_id=22 Rat Sculpture
gift_category=0&gift_id=23 Sheep Sculpture
gift_category=0&gift_id=24 Rooster Sculpture
gift_category=0&gift_id=25 Monkey Sculpture
gift_category=0&gift_id=26 Tiger Sculpture
gift_category=0&gift_id=27 Snake Sculpture
gift_category=0&gift_id=28 Dragon Sculpture
gift_category=0&gift_id=29 White Poker Chip
gift_category=0&gift_id=30 Brown Poker Chip
gift_category=0&gift_id=31 Red Poker Chip
gift_category=0&gift_id=32 Blue Poker Chip
gift_category=0&gift_id=33 Green Poker Chip
gift_category=0&gift_id=34 Purple Poker Chip
gift_category=0&gift_id=35 Gold Poker Chip
gift_category=0&gift_id=36 Eight of Diamonds
gift_category=0&gift_id=37 Nine of Diamonds
gift_category=0&gift_id=38 Ten of Diamonds
gift_category=0&gift_id=39 Jack of Diamonds
gift_category=0&gift_id=40 Queen of Diamonds
gift_category=0&gift_id=41 King of Diamonds
gift_category=0&gift_id=42 Ace of Diamonds
gift_category=0&gift_id=43 Eight of Hearts
gift_category=0&gift_id=44 Nine of Hearts
gift_category=0&gift_id=45 Ten of Hearts
gift_category=0&gift_id=46 Jack of Hearts
gift_category=0&gift_id=47 Queen of Hearts
gift_category=0&gift_id=48 King of Hearts
gift_category=0&gift_id=49 Ace of Hearts
gift_category=0&gift_id=50 Eight of Clubs
gift_category=0&gift_id=51 Nine of Clubs
gift_category=0&gift_id=52 Ten of Clubs
gift_category=0&gift_id=53 Jack of Clubs
gift_category=0&gift_id=54 Queen of Clubs
gift_category=0&gift_id=55 King of Clubs
gift_category=0&gift_id=56 Ace of Clubs
gift_category=0&gift_id=57 Eight of Spades
gift_category=0&gift_id=58 Nine of Spades
gift_category=0&gift_id=59 Ten of Spades
gift_category=0&gift_id=60 Jack of Spades
gift_category=0&gift_id=61 Queen of Spades
gift_category=0&gift_id=62 King of Spades
gift_category=0&gift_id=63 Ace of Spades
gift_category=0&gift_id=64 Solid Tie
gift_category=0&gift_id=65 Striped Tie
gift_category=0&gift_id=66 Checked Tie
gift_category=0&gift_id=67 Geometric Tie
gift_category=0&gift_id=68 Dot Tie
gift_category=0&gift_id=69 Paisley Tie
gift_category=0&gift_id=70 Knitted Tie
gift_category=0&gift_id=71 Silver Cufflinks
gift_category=0&gift_id=72 Gold Cufflinks
gift_category=0&gift_id=73 Amber Cufflinks
gift_category=0&gift_id=74 Jasper Cufflinks
gift_category=0&gift_id=75 Agate Cufflinks
gift_category=0&gift_id=76 Onyx Cufflinks
gift_category=0&gift_id=77 Pearl Cufflinks
gift_category=0&gift_id=78 Mill Reef
gift_category=0&gift_id=79 Sea Bird
gift_category=0&gift_id=80 Arkle
gift_category=0&gift_id=81 Golden Miller
gift_category=0&gift_id=82 St Simon
gift_category=0&gift_id=83 Ormonde
gift_category=0&gift_id=84 Eclipse
gift_category=0&gift_id=85 Hand Tape
gift_category=0&gift_id=86 Gloves
gift_category=0&gift_id=87 Headgear
gift_category=0&gift_id=88 Boxing Trunks
gift_category=0&gift_id=89 Speed Bag
gift_category=0&gift_id=90 Heavy Bag
gift_category=0&gift_id=91 Boxing Ring
gift_category=0&gift_id=92 One Ball
gift_category=0&gift_id=93 Two Ball
gift_category=0&gift_id=94 Three Ball
gift_category=0&gift_id=95 Four Ball
gift_category=0&gift_id=96 Five Ball
gift_category=0&gift_id=97 Cue Ball
gift_category=0&gift_id=98 Eight Ball
gift_category=0&gift_id=99 Barber Poke
gift_category=0&gift_id=100 Razor
gift_category=0&gift_id=101 Brush
gift_category=0&gift_id=102 Seat
gift_category=0&gift_id=103 Towel
gift_category=0&gift_id=104 Scissors
gift_category=0&gift_id=105 Cream
gift_category=0&gift_id=2001 Pina Colada
gift_category=0&gift_id=2002 Hurricane
gift_category=0&gift_id=2003 Bahama Mama
gift_category=0&gift_id=2004 Mojito
gift_category=0&gift_id=2005 Rum Runner
gift_category=0&gift_id=2006 Long island Ice Tea
gift_category=0&gift_id=2007 Cuba Libre
gift_category=0&gift_id=2008 Banana
gift_category=0&gift_id=2009 Lime
gift_category=0&gift_id=2010 Pineapple
gift_category=0&gift_id=2011 Papaya
gift_category=0&gift_id=2012 Coconut
gift_category=0&gift_id=2013 Passion Fruit
gift_category=0&gift_id=2014 Dragon Fruit
gift_category=0&gift_id=2015 Magician
gift_category=0&gift_id=2016 Fan Dancer
gift_category=0&gift_id=2017 Comedian
gift_category=0&gift_id=2018 Band Leader
gift_category=0&gift_id=2019 Cabaret Singer
gift_category=0&gift_id=2020 Crooner
gift_category=0&gift_id=2021 Burlesque Dancer
gift_category=0&gift_id=2022 Pufferfish
gift_category=0&gift_id=2023 Sergeant Major
gift_category=0&gift_id=2024 Yellowtail Snapper
gift_category=0&gift_id=2025 Great Barracuda
gift_category=0&gift_id=2026 Queen Angelfish
gift_category=0&gift_id=2027 Reef Shark
gift_category=0&gift_id=2028 Blue Marlin
gift_category=0&gift_id=2029 Garibaldi
gift_category=0&gift_id=2030 Hulihee
gift_category=0&gift_id=2031 Vandyke
gift_category=0&gift_id=2032 Mutton Chops
gift_category=0&gift_id=2033 Soul Patch
gift_category=0&gift_id=2034 French Fork
gift_category=0&gift_id=2035 Fidel

(Including 4th Of July Loots)
gift_category=1&gift_id=1 .22 Pistol
gift_category=1&gift_id=2 Butterfly Knife
gift_category=1&gift_id=3 Brass Knuckles
gift_category=1&gift_id=4 9mm Semi-Automatic
gift_category=1&gift_id=5 .45 Revolver
gift_category=1&gift_id=6 Tactical Shotgun
gift_category=1&gift_id=7 C4
gift_category=1&gift_id=8 Stab-Proof Vest
gift_category=1&gift_id=9 Automatic Rifle
gift_category=1&gift_id=10 Semi-Automatic Shotgun
gift_category=1&gift_id=11 Armored Truck
gift_category=1&gift_id=14 Grenade Launcher
gift_category=1&gift_id=15 .50 Caliber Rifle
gift_category=1&gift_id=16 Armored Car
gift_category=1&gift_id=17 RPG Launcher
gift_category=1&gift_id=18 Bodyguards
gift_category=1&gift_id=19 Night Vision Goggles
gift_category=1&gift_id=20 Napalm
gift_category=1&gift_id=60 Lucky Shamrock Medallion
gift_category=1&gift_id=61 Firebomb
gift_category=1&gift_id=66 Prop plane
gift_category=1&gift_id=67 Harley Davidson "Fat Boy" Motorcycle
gift_category=1&gift_id=69 Luxury Yacht
gift_category=1&gift_id=70 Porsche 911
gift_category=1&gift_id=71 Bookie's Holdout Pistol
gift_category=1&gift_id=72 Humvee
gift_category=1&gift_id=73 AR-15 Assault Rifle
gift_category=1&gift_id=74 Falsified Documents
gift_category=1&gift_id=75 Private Jet
gift_category=1&gift_id=76 Police Cruiser
gift_category=1&gift_id=77 Armored Limousine
gift_category=1&gift_id=78 Federal Agent
gift_category=1&gift_id=174 Guerrilla Squad
gift_category=1&gift_id=175 Mara Serpiente
gift_category=1&gift_id=176 Chucho FAV
gift_category=1&gift_id=177 Ocelot Armored Truck
gift_category=1&gift_id=178 Montaine 320
gift_category=1&gift_id=179 Cigarette Boat
gift_category=1&gift_id=180 Mini-Sub
gift_category=1&gift_id=181 Si-14 Cargo Plane
gift_category=1&gift_id=182 Hu-9 Helicopter
gift_category=1&gift_id=183 Armored State Car
gift_category=1&gift_id=194 Garza 9
gift_category=1&gift_id=195 RA-92
gift_category=1&gift_id=196 M16A1
gift_category=1&gift_id=197 Ru-38 Pistol
gift_category=1&gift_id=198 Cane Knife
gift_category=1&gift_id=199 Para 322
gift_category=1&gift_id=200 Gaff hook
gift_category=1&gift_id=201 ASC45 "Conquistador"
gift_category=1&gift_id=202 Aguila HV .50 Sniper Rifle
gift_category=1&gift_id=203 TNT
gift_category=1&gift_id=204 Street Gang Member
gift_category=1&gift_id=205 Camouflage Body Armor
gift_category=1&gift_id=222 Flintlock Pistols
gift_category=1&gift_id=223 Bayonet
gift_category=1&gift_id=224 Tri-Point Hat
gift_category=1&gift_id=225 Davy Crockett Hat
gift_category=1&gift_id=226 Musket
gift_category=1&gift_id=227 Saber
gift_category=1&gift_id=228 Red Coat
gift_category=1&gift_id=229 Cannon
gift_category=1&gift_id=261 Canonazo
gift_category=1&gift_id=262 Track Loader

gift_category=1&gift_id=62 Concealable Camera
gift_category=1&gift_id=63 Computer Set-Up
gift_category=1&gift_id=64 Untraceable Cell Phone
gift_category=1&gift_id=65 Blackmail Photos
gift_category=1&gift_id=68 Illegal Transaction Records
gift_category=1&gift_id=245 Politico Corrupto

gift_category=0&gift_id=1106 Bingo Card
gift_category=0&gift_id=1107 Deck of Cards
gift_category=0&gift_id=1108 Dice
gift_category=0&gift_id=1109 Roulette Wheel
gift_category=0&gift_id=1110 Slot Machine
gift_category=0&gift_id=1111 Craps Table
gift_category=0&gift_id=1112 Baccarat Shoe

gift_category=2&gift_id=1 Tripwire (+10 fight defense skill)
gift_category=2&gift_id=2 Cappuccino (-3 job energy costs)
gift_category=2&gift_id=3 Alarm System (+15 robbing defense skill)
gift_category=2&gift_id=4 Bulldog (+18 fight defense skill)
gift_category=2&gift_id=5 Problem Solver (-5 job energy costs)
gift_category=2&gift_id=6 Semi-Pro Boxer (+15 attack skill)
gift_category=2&gift_id=7 Fixer (-8 job energy costs)
gift_category=2&gift_id=8 Sting Grenade (+20 attack skill)
gift_category=2&gift_id=9 Bouncer (+27 robbing defense skill)
gift_category=2&gift_id=10 Blueprints (-10 job energy costs)
gift_category=2&gift_id=11 Injunction (+25 fight defense skill)
gift_category=2&gift_id=12 Motion Detector (+37 robbing defense skill)
gift_category=2&gift_id=13 Corporate Muscle (+35 attack skill)
gift_category=2&gift_id=14 Shave & A Haircut (+30 fight defense skill)
gift_category=2&gift_id=15 Inside Tip (-16 job energy costs)
gift_category=2&gift_id=16 Flaming Shot (+30 attack skill)
gift_category=2&gift_id=17 Boosted Smoothie (-18 job energy costs)
gift_category=2&gift_id=18 Sandbag Wall (+35 fight defense skill)
gift_category=2&gift_id=19 Blowfish Dart (+40 attack skill)
gift_category=2&gift_id=20 Hobo Lookout (+60 robbing defense skill)

Here is the result when level 14 player put the items on the wishlist. Impressing wishlist, right? Xixixixixix

PS : Credit goes to RTQ!

HitList Glitch?

We are all so busy collecting all items from Russian Loots and didn't notice that we have a loooong list on the HitList room.

It seems there's been a glitch with the hitlist for about the last 24 hours where the list is extremely long (and running reaaaally slow). Some servers have been more affected by this than others. On my primary account, the list is massive, but if you go to fight from the profiles many of the players on it have actually already been iced even though their names have not been taken off of the list for some reason. I'm sure a few lower levels who wouldn't last a minute on there normally are flying under the radar because of this and also considering many bounty hunters are looking for the Russian items. That sucks, but the amount of players actually getting Bulletproof is probably less than it appears.

It's annoying that a bunch of really low levels are getting perfect 2 hour BulletProof achievement. I think this achievement use to be prestigious, need a lot of work to get this. Now it's lost almost all of its meaning. Also it is almost impossible to clean the hit list with all of the lag. Until now I still have this long queue..

Anyway, congratulations to you who still got this achievement from the glitch. But getting this from the real hard work is so sweeeet! Image hosted by

PS : Credit goes to JHitman!

Russian Loots

Again, these items, just like the 4th of July items, drop completely randomly from jobs, fighting ad even robbing. So, if you want to get these items, just use your energy pack and do the lowest energy job in the Street Thug tier a few thousand times. Hopefully that way you can get them all! Still some of us can't find the whole set! Including my own account, I don't know why.. Image hosted by With 5 Million people playing, all manner of sequences are going to occur, from the person that gets all 9 items within the first 15 minutes of playing, to the person that plays for 4 days and doesn't get a single drop. And considering the different stories we've heard today, there does appear to be a wide range of sequences.

Some said that there is a limit for collecting these loots, let's say 31 of it. But I don't think so, because I have 38 of total Russian loots on one account and 28 on another (the one which doesn't have Impression yet). And I am sure we can't send as a gift yet, so don't offer to swap one of it.

Still has time before the event ends on Monday, August 31 at midnight (Pacific time). But no worry, guys.. One comment from our fellow said that it could be Zynga trick to make us play over and over again. Spending our GodFather points to refill the energy and clicking around thousand times playing the game. We should play like we use to, enjoy the game! Peace!

Back to loots...
There is two options here. First, these could just be limited edition loot pieces and mean nothing. The ATT/DEF points are not that powerful. However, if these are actually pieces that will drop from jobs in Russia, it means that Russia content will start out at a pretty low level, just like Cuba did, so that both new players and advanced players will be able to use it.

Zynga will probably put it in beta just like they did with Cuba for a week. I can't imagine them releasing it too soon because El Cacique just came out and it is a harder tier to master with an 872 politico corrupto requirement. But hey, we all love new things right? Image hosted by

So, like I said before.. chill out, mafias! Stressss Don't feel stressed because you haven't found all the items yet.. Deep breath, play the game. Play the game, they will come. Do your jobs and enjoy the game!!!

PS : Credit goes to Kevin White for the image!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Free GodFather Points! Hurry up!!!

New link to obtain free Godfather Points from Zynga :

Simply copy and paste the link on your browser..

Range 1-5 GodFather Points.. Peace! Hurry up, people..

Moscow Expansion

New loots available now!!! Image hosted by

Zynga teams release new loots come from Red Hammer Crates!
Now we can easily collect all from doing jobs and fight, not sure if we can obtain it from robbing too.. Image hosted by
Just tell me if one of you got it from robbing, ok?

One tip comes from Don Diakiv about how to gain these loots easily.. just do the Street Thug tier job.. the one with the lowest energy cost.. You will be able to have more chance of finding these loots because you can spend all your energy just doing the lil jobs. Goodluck, guys.

This one is example when I gain my first loot..

And if you already got those 8 loots from Russia, you will have this powerfull army!

Now, go get them, Comrade!!! Hiyaaaaaa

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Join the Mafia Mailing List

Hi there! Hello!

I've just had a conversation with my friend, he is my mafia family member too. And he asked about how to get a rare vehicle named Stolen Mail Truck! I remember about this and realize not every Mafia Wars players know about this yet.

You just have to join the Mafia Mailing List. Simply enter your email address to receive a limited time item, rewards, updates, and exclusive Zynga game information!

You will receive emails about update news from Zynga.. including how to get free reward points, Zynga new expansion news, etc.

Enter your email address and click on the Submit button.

After you entered your email address, you will receive an email containing the following notification.

Just click on the confirmation button. Voila!!! Congratulation...

So simple, right? You have rare item on your inventory now! No smoking lah

PS : Credit goes to Don Louis! Credit goes to Thomas!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Claim Your Reward Point!

One of my mafia sent me this image. He just login to Mafia Wars application and suddenly this message appear. Btw, yes he is a low level player.

I think it is random thing that happen only to selected player by Zynga teams. And also not received everyday. I don't mind to have this someday.. Yeah
Just login and claim you reward(s)!

Mafia Favors

This is another new feature of Mafia Wars game in FaceBook. Once again, not every mafia happen to have this feature.
You can find Mafia Favors on the right bottom of your screen at the Home page of Mafia Wars game or just right beside Player Updates.

I can't give you best explanation about this feature. So let's just see the example of some favors below.

(This is Mafia Favors which suggest us to add our friend(s) to become our mafia)

(This is Mafia Favors which suggest us to give energy buff to our mafia)

There are still lots of Mafia Favors available, another example is to granted the wishlist of our mafia(s) if we have the item(s) that they needed.
We can simply click on the Previous and Next button to see other favors.

Unfortunately, I don't have this feature (yet). I don't know if Zynga teams will implement this to all players. Just wait and see! Lalala

Saturday, August 22, 2009

El Cacique Complete!

Wheeeeeeeeee.. Finally I got this job tier complete!!! Fiiuhh, took a lot of energy, a lot of GodFather points, a lot of Politico Corrupto and also a lot of Untraceable Cell Phones.

Before you ask, there are no new collection items here, ok! It took lots of requirements to finish all.

Required 872 Politicos and 109 UCPs.
Tier 1 - 200 Politicos, 25 UCPs
Tier 2 - 272 Politicos, 34 UCPs
Tier 3 - 400 Politicos, 50 UCPs
*** Tier 3 is 2% on Politico Corrupto (you need 400), 2% on cellphones (you need 50)

And what I got for the job mastery bonus??? "Cazador Assault Rifle", 60 ATT 25 DEF.

For you who already gave away all your UCPs (Untraceable Cellular Phones), it's time to re-collect them. You're gonna have to redo Rob an Electronics Store hundreds times again! qeqeqe

PS : credit goes to hankjackhammer!

Canonazo & Track Loader

Yuuu! We meet again!

TNT is not the most powerful weapon in Mafia Wars anymore! How come? Because now we have a new lootable weapon from Cuba called Canonazo! And we also have the best vehicle (for now) called Track Loader!

You need to be at level 151 to visit this tier and of course, have a lot of requirements to do each job! Check here for better explanation about this tier : El-Cacique.

Well, you can find canonazo in this job : Loot The National Museum.

And you can find Track Loader here : Take Over The Havana Reconstruction.

Now all you have to do is doing the jobs and collect 501 of each.. Goodluck!

Friday, August 21, 2009

New Tier in Cuba - El Cacique!

New tier in Cuba!!! New weapon and vehicle!!! New jobs and challenges!!!

I am so happy for this update and cant wait mastering this tier..

There are lots requirements to do jobs on this tier. Not only using loots in Cuba but also including loot items from New York, such as Prop Plane, Private Jet, Falsified Documents and Federal Agent. Also special loot ie Untraceable Cell Phones.

We only have 2 loot items here : Canonazo and Track Loader! Will explain more in another posting about these two high-end loots. Call me : Uncle Lou! Later on, guys..

Purchasing Boosts

Yeah, Zynga make another addition for Boosts!
3 items can now be purchased using your money (in dolar). Just like the other boosts, you may only buy 20 of these items per day. Come back tomorrow to buy more. qeqeqe

These 3 boosts can not be gifted! That's why they are available on mafia store. Use your dolars wisely, guys.. Trinity's mood

Boost in Mafia Wars

I know this question is being asked by millions of people who play Mafia Wars now. What is boosts anyway??

This is Zynga definition for boosts.

These one-shot items can help you fight or defend better, and even give you discounts on energy required for jobs. Once consumed they are gone, so plan your actions wisely. You can only buy up to 20 of each boost each day.

Basically it is re-vaulted of your collections (except Casino Collections aka Daily Chance Collection).
Only this time it doestn't added to your stats.. It is now same like special loots (Illegal Transaction Records, Blackmail Photos, etc). Once they have consumed, you have to buy another boosts which mean you have to find the whole collections to re-vault.

Each boosts item have their own function, can help you fight or defend better, can help in robbing and even give you discounts on energy required for jobs.

Here are the pic of this new feature :

You can see how many your boosts left on the Inventory page>Boosts.

This is my Boosts from my profile page!

You can also share these boosts to your mafia. Yes it can be send as a gift! You can post it on your wishlist too.. so cool!

Now.. You better start finding your collections, people.. Goodluck!


This Blog is not affiliated, sponsored, or endorsed in any way by Mafia Wars, Zynga or Facebook! We do not own Mafia Wars in any way. All images, names, and patterns used on this page were strictly created by Zynga. Zynga is the sole creator of Mafia Wars and all material and such belong to them. This was simply done to help people and inform them all about this game.
We love the game!