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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Game News!

If you check on your HELP section at the game header, you will see that we don't have the "Coming Soon!" page anymore... They have changed it to "Game News" page..

It has 2 tabs, ie Community News and Release Notes..
Too bad, that they don't update the news that often... And the notes only contain this one :

Come back later for updated release notes!

Guess they have to update it regularly, otherwise these pages will be useless..

PS : Thanks to Cohen for the quick info..

Free Reward Points From Mafia

Hayden sent this info to me..
Yep, got this message when I logged in today!
Not sure why I got it too, also posted on MW forums :)

Weird, I don't get the same message when I log in...
Seems like they are not fair to all of us..

Anybody has a clue why some players has this reward?

PS : Thanks for the info, Hayden..

Challenge Mission : Mumbai - Chapter 2!

Wooohoooo! Chapter 2 of the challenge mission is available now..

Chapter 2
Fights, Cameras, Factions

The chapter is opened and it needed about 8600 energy and 380 Bollywood film reels if you took the chapter in one shot (ignoring the job heat meter)..
This info comes from Kareem, thank you my friend..

This is the mastery item of second chapter...

What a very fast mission!

I have not finished it yet... but no need to hurry since we have around 4 days to accomplish this chapter... Be sure to collect your daily Bollywood film reels and add more mafia from my Pimp List...

Go go go!

PS : Thanks a lot to Kareem! You're the man!

Monday, August 30, 2010

New Multi-Gifter Layout!

Thanks to Jennifer from MW-LootLady for allowing me to post these screenshots of the new multi-gifter on this game..
I'm part of a beta testing group for the new multi-gifter they are adding. Here is what it looks like, if you want to use these on your blog.
This is the Gifting page... First, select the item you want to send to your mafia..

It will show you how many amount you have, how many mafia to send, also there is one new system where you can select how many you would like to send!

You can choose from 1-10 amount per item... And don't forget that each mafia you select, will receive the same amount of gifts.. so please be careful using this new gifting system..

Actually I am hoping that we can send more than 10 items at a time.. really good for trader! Hehehehe Is there any chance that they will add more numbers?

Since this is only available for beta tester, we can only hope that they will apply it to all players soon..
Can not wait... I can not wait...

PS : Thank you very much, Jen... Hope you enjoy your game... Keep up the good work with your blog... Girl powers!!!

Mafia Wars Inventory VS Gifting

We have 2 kind of Mafia Wars tabs now..
The one which has Inventory tab. When you click on it, will bring you to 4 (four sections) ie Inventory, Loot, Collections & Vault and the last is Gifting..

While another players has different tabs..
The word of Inventory has changed to Gifting!

When you click on Gifting, you will arrive here..

And how to go to your Inventory page?
You can click on your Profile tab, it has 4 (four) sections now...
Profile, Achievements, Collections & Vault, and Inventory!

Have no idea why they made it these ways..

But don't worry, it doesn't affect anything... Only your game layout is changing..
You can still sending gifts, trading, checking your Inventory, etc...

PS : Thanks to Haider, Dan M, Va!bhaV and Alexandru..
Happy gaming!

Z-Lotto Getting To The Root

I have posted about the Z-Lotto glitch...
It still works for me but somehow it is so hard to win any prize from this feature..

Graciano has sent me email two days ago about this.. Please check it here..
I did try the glitch you posted, and seems to work. However inspecting the pop-in I found that BEFORE any scratching there was an HTML code difining the background as...

Here is the image..

WTF! So i thought i had already lost without trying. All my 30 tabs (2 tickets on each), I lose. Maybe just the odds. Then i found the flash of the scratcher:

Can be played from outside! This shows that no matter how many times you try, you seems to always lose, and lose... I've decompiled the SWF file and there is a part of the code really interesting:

So seems like it DOES run a random fuction to see if we'll win or not, Zynga is not really cheating, however things can change according to where you click...
They didn't said how long this will last, but I'll keep test and reply to you with more info if you want (and i find out any new)..

Ouch, this email explaining my disappointed of being lose most of time!
However, some of our friends are lucky enough to get all the four sets of Mafia Wars prizes..

And here they are!

Now, there is no reason for us to play the Z-Lotto anymore... except if you want to get the prizes from another Zynga's games!
For the one who has little luck, you can still play and try to win your free items...
I wish you all a very good luck!

PS : Special thanks to Graciano and also Haider for the kind info and help...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Iron Titan!

Finally I see that someone got the rare item of the Pignata!

Woohooo! A very nice vehicle isn't it?

Love the defensive stats of this titan!

We can use this vehicle to climb the hill!

Keep trying, guys.. you can get it too.. still have time before the weekend is over!

PS : Thanks to Crazy C , Michael, Hayden!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

ZLotto Glitch!

I have this glitch info from Haider... Thanks a lot, man!

You will need at least 1 ticket available...
Login to your Z-lotto.. don't open the ticket yet! If you have more than 1 ticket, it is even better..
Open as many tabs as you can... You can open maximum of 30 tabs or pages... Now it's the time to open all tickets you have on each tab..
Since they don't update all the tabs at a time you will have more change of winning...

So far I am still lack of 1 item..

Miss the Jackal! But I will get it for sure...

And another glitch from Margus...
He said ZLottery glitch is code... you can claim as many stuff you want as long you have a lot of email addresses.. no need to be mw account...)
Have not tried this one yet... but be my guess..

PS : Thanks to Haider and Margus for the kind info!

Pignatas Released!

The event has started!

Send it to your best mafias, I am sure they will send one to you too..
You can collect this limited time event by accepting it from FaceBook requets page..

Just remember to accept it right away, otherwise it will be disappears if you have not collected in 24 hours! And one more thing, you can only receive 3 every 12 hours..

You cannot accept any more free Pignatas today. You can accept 3 more in 12 hours.

This is the info about this Pignatas event from the official Mafia Wars blog..

Here are the Pignatas items..

So far, nobody I know get lucky by collecting the rare item.. The grand prize of Iron Titan Monster Truck!
Are you the one?

PS : Thanks a lot to Hayden and Kareem for the help!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Pignata Weekend!

Got some infos from Red!, Dele, Hayden and VaibhaV!

Here are some graphics about the coming Pignata special...

Also they updated the gift section (again) so it has the same number of gifts as before but with the new layout; also you now have a "request" option in the gifts!
The screenshots for you...

Zynga loves to release new events on the weekend.. in hoping that we will play Mafia Wars game instead of going outside to spend your weekend..

This is the new layout of our Free Gift page..

I can see that we have Film Reel, Mystery Bag, etc..
And you can have a chance to request for your chosen gift when you are doing your jobs..

Either you want your mafia to send you Mystery Bag, etc..

So many updates, thanks to all friends for the help..
I am feeling much better now but sometimes still dizzy and have to lay down for a while..
Enjoy your weekend, guys...!!!

Zynga Lotto!

Zynga made one site special for playing Z Lotto for their favorite games, including Mafia Wars game..
It is not fake, I have tried and got 1 item for today..

You can go to this site :
Register your email there and click on the confirmation link they have given on the email..

You will arrive on a page to play the lotto..

I did and got one ticket to be scratch up to 3 times.. Try to get the "Star" image to win 1 item on your choosen game!

I claimed my item for Mafia Wars game.. Got a Bolo Knife!

Yes, we have to go to Mafia Wars game to claim it..

Just click on the "Claim Item!" button..

You can win any of the 4 items.. and don't forget to play everyday to claim your prize!
By the way, you can ask your friends for the lottery tickets too!

Just click on the FaceBook/Twitter button above and it will show you your link... Publish the link on your FaceBook wall.. Maximum of 20 friends are able to send you the tickets..

You'll get a bonus ticket for every registered friend who clicks your link!

But I think the tickets sent by our friends are fake! I have shared my link and got almost 15 tickets.. none of the tickets are winning anything! Then 1 more friend sent me, thanks God I won something.. It is just too bad that I can NOT claim another set of Mafia Wars item.. have to choose another game...

Anyway, you still can claim your daily prize on Mafia Wars game.. Have fun, guys!

PS : Great thanks to my bros, Adhie and Hayden.. also to Jan Peter and Red!


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