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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dish It Out - Voting!

Ok, here is one short post..
If you want to participate on the Dish It Out contest by Zynga in honor of the Thanksgiving season, please go here :

These are listed in the order of submission. Click on the image for a closer look.
Pick your favorite!

Good luck for all contestants!

The Black Friday Raid - Almost Over

This is a friendly reminder for you who wants to collect the Grand Prize from the Black Friday Raid event.. Buy 15 items and this truck is yours!

Yeah, it's the biggest deals of the year!

I just want to know if somebody really win the bonus item from Zynga... They will notify the winners after 2-3 weeks after the sale! Have to remember this one in case they forgot.. Hehehehe

Anyway, Haider has got his 5th Berzerker from this event!

And here is the screenshot showing his 5 Berzerkers car!

He said you can repeat the event as many as you can... until the time runs out..
You still have few minutes, guys...

If you still want to get the Berzerker by buying 15 items from the Marketplace, here is one choice for you..

Buy 1x Armor Plated Crate for 6 RPs only.. that's the cheapest item in the Marketplace now.. or this one..

Still not interested? Just skip this event and spend your Reward Points for something better then..

PS : Thanks for the screenshots, Haider..

Cyber Monday Sale

So we got this sale event now.. for Monday only!

You can click on the "Go to Sale" button to see the items available for sale.. you will be arrived on the Marketplace where we still have Black Friday Raid event!

Yes, buy 15 items and you will get the Grand Prize..

This event offers you some featured Limited Edition Loots.. Here they are :

Also available Hourly Doorbuster Items with discounted price!

Still, I think this event is useless for improving your Profile..
But it's your call....

Happy shopping!

Mafia Wars Wishlister!

Well, I have posted about this great site a long time ago..
If you don't know yet, let me introduce you : Mafia Wars Wishlister!

This site is created to help people along the way with an easy solution to getting items on their Wishlist.

You don't even have to have the item or own it in your loot collection, just us this website and search/browse to find the item on the page.
When you have found the item you wish to add, just click on the item and it then gets added to your wishlist.

This is the example of very rare items to put on wishlist..

Simply click on the items above, don't forget to empty your wishlist slot first so these items can be added to your Wishlist!
Feel free to browse this website and put the items on your wishlist for fun!

New Submit Ticket

Ok, please check on your Daily Chance page.. Whenever you want to play your Daily Chance tickets, you have to submit the lottery tickets..
We have 2 kind of "Submit Ticket" button now..

This one is the old one.. where you have yellow text and grey background color..

And this is the new one!
We have yellow text and white background color!

Hurting my eyes to see it!

I like the old one better... what about you, guys?

PS : Many thanks to Lamar and Cohen for the info and screenshots!

"Get Rewards" Glitch

There is a new glitch about taking away the bonus posted by your friend.. Just go to your friend's FaceBook wall.. whenever you see somebody (one of his/her mafia) posted this link below.. just click on the "Get Reward" button!

This is a bonus when you have helped someone on their Secret Mission.
You don't have to be his mafia family first or do the Mission for them... I have tried mine and got this one..

According to Mr X, this glitch can also work with Secret Stash and the Fight Stash.. so keep your eyes now and grab them while it's hot!

PS : Thanks to Mr X for the glitch info!w

Monday, November 29, 2010

Build Now For 12 RPs

Remember about this one?
We could build items from New York Properties ie Chop Shop, Weapons Depot and Armory with cheaper price!
I have built one item from Weapons Depot.. and when I wanted to build more, I have to pay for 6 RPs only!
Here is the proof...

Now, not anymore! It is back to 12 RP to craft more!
Here is one email from Zynga Customer Support when Haider tries to confirm about the new price..

And you know it already... Build now for 12 RPs!

Suddenly the price for Weapon parts is dropping!

And I don't feel very interested to craft more weapons now using my precious Reward Points... darn Zynga!

PS : Thanks to Haider for the kind info!

Rare Loots On Stuff The Birds Mission

Here are some screenshots of the rare loots we got from doing Stuff The Bird Mission..

Not difficult to get the rare ones, Linus has proved it and got all these items..

Yes, you can also get Mugati Sport too as the Uncommon item!

Still got 2 days to do this Mission...
Have fun!

PS : Thanks Linus!

2x Mastery Boost Error

Hi everyone,

Hope you're doing great!
Today Lamar sent me an email regarding 2x Mastery Boost error.. Please read on!
I contacted Zynga via chat, complaining about my 2x mastery boosts error (I was giving him hell) and finally he said "I will give you the amount of boosts valued to the amount you are contacting us about" which is 70... while he was doing this restoration I tried using my mafia wars page and got this message,, and after he was finished I got all 70 as he promised :)
From Lamar

Here is the message when his account is being reviewed by Zynga team..

And as promised, he got the 70 boosts..

Well done, Lamar... and you're lucky to be awarded with good compensation..
Lots of my friends got kicked out from the Live Chat when they are complaining about something on this game! Xixixixixix

Thanks for sharing and have a lovely day!


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