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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thrill Of The Hunt Mission Walkthrough

Thanks to Luis for posting the info about a new Limited Time Mission : Thrill Of The Hunt.

I can not afford to make the walkthrough so I will just forwarding you to Jennifer post on her blog - MWLootLady : Thrill Of The Hunt Limited Time Mission Walk Through.

Credit goes to Jennifer for the walkthrough! Thank you!

PS : Thanks also to Aaron for sending me the screenshot of the first task of this mission.

1 Health Point

Grab your Health Point!

New Limited Time Mission:Thrill of the hunt

well is another slowww rollout i still dont have it we will have a guide soon :)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Terminator vs. Rambo Done!

The Terminator VS Rambo event has started several hours ago and Ali has done it!

Yes, he succeeded to collect all 50 of each from both items.. "I'll Be Back" and "Jungle Strike"!

So, no matter who is the badass, Ali will win the ultimate item!
Congratulations Ali... Just wait until we know who the winner is and claim your trophy!

User-added imageUser-added image                                   

For the rest of us, don't have to worry as we still have time to collect more..

Smiley May the baddest hero win!

PS : Thanks for the screenshots, Ali!

Cinco de Mayo ‘Recipe for Destruction!’ Contest

Just doing browsing on Zynga Forum Board and I see  this thread under Developer Sections sub forum :

It is a thread for a contest for the Cinco de Mayo celebration. You will need to make a special recipe regarding this event and post your recife (and the picture) on that thread.

Prize? Yes, of course! You will have a chance to win 500, 300 and 200 Reward Points added to your account!

To check the announcement, please go here.
Cinco de Mayo ‘Recipe for Destruction!’ Contest: Rules and Guidelines

Hey Mafia Fans!
It’s time to get creative with your festive flavors for your chance to win up to 500 RP. Using any combination of ingredients, come up with a fun, inventive, and delicious recipe to celebrate this year’s Cinco de Mayo in the ‘Recipe for Destruction!’ forum contest.
Is your beans and rice dish en fuego? Does your drink mixing compare to the hottest Margarita cocktail? Can you kill your friends and enemies using exotic ingredients? If so we want to hear about your deadliest concoctions that help you celebrate a killer Cinco de Mayo.

Rules, Guidelines, and How to Enter: 
-Entries will be accepted from Noon PST on April 28, 2011 until 11:59 pm PST on May 4, 2011.
-The Mafia Wars Community Team will select the top ten most destructive recipes entered into the contest. The criteria for selection will be based on tastiness (based on recipe only; MW Community Team will not try to reproduce the dish or drink) and visual presentation (if optional picture is included.)
-Mafia Wars forum members will be able to vote on the winner from the top ten selected recipes via a voting page on The winner will be the contest entry with the most votes.
-The prize awarded to the first place winner will be: 500 in-game reward points; second place winner will receive 300 in-game reward points; and third place winner will receive 200 in-game reward points.
-Recipe must be Cinco de Mayo themed.
-Brief description of the recipe must be included in the post.
By submitting an entry, you affirm, represent and warrant that such transmission or submission is (a) not confidential; (b) not in violation of any laws, contractual restrictions or other third party rights, including but not limited to rights of publicity, and that you have permission from any third party whose likeness, personal information or intellectual property is included in your submission; (c) free of viruses, adware, spyware, worms or other malicious code.
Zynga will own all rights to any submission you choose to provide in this contest. You agree to, at any time, execute any documents reasonably required to ensure Zynga’s ownership of your submission. By providing a submission, you also waive any moral rights in your submission. You agree that unless otherwise prohibited by law Zynga may use, sell, exploit and disclose your submission in any matter, without restriction and without compensation to you.
This contest as well as the use of any Zynga website, forum, or game is also governed by the Zynga Terms of Service. Collection and use of user information governed by Zynga’s Privacy Policy
Community Judging: On May 5th, 2011, all entries will be presented in a survey for community vote. Feel free to rally your friends to support you in creating your ‘Recipe for Destruction.’ Your fellow Mafia Wars family members will vote on which recipe sounds most destructively delicious and our 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place winners will be selected by popular vote. 
-Do Not copy other entries or other original artwork. All designs should be original. Be creative! Any entry that appears to have been copied or to have misappropriated original designs will be disqualified. Entries depicting violence, pornography or other objectionable content (to be determined in Zynga’s sole discretion) will be rejected.
- Do Not post negative comments about other contest entries. Doing so may result in the disqualification of your entry.
- Do Not post inappropriate content in the photos.
- Photos must be original owners.
- Entries that are not posted here (i.e. sent by email, skype, or PM) will not be considered.
- To ensure the legitimacy of the picture, you must present a sign in the picture with your Forum User Name (Not your FACEBOOK ID!). This way we know the submission to be authentic!
- Please enter your submission on the following thread here Entries
- To discuss this Recipe for Destruction Contest post here Discussion

Rewards: The prize awarded to the first place winner will be: 500 in-game reward points; second place winner will receive 300 in-game reward points; and third place winner will receive 200 in-game reward points. Winners must make contact with calle13jr within 2 weeks of contest results to claim awards. Players must provide FB UID via PM for prize awarding process.


Step 1: Create a drink or food recipe celebrating Cinco de Mayo.
Step 2: Post your recipe to the Contest entries thread Entries on the Mafia Wars forums.
Step 3 (optional): Take a picture of your completed Cinco de Mayo dish or drink. Visual presentation can win you points in the voting but this is an optional step.
Step 4: (optional): Share the image in your post. To share an image you must visit a hosting site like Tinypic or Imagengratis. If you do not already have an account you will need to create one. Once that you have uploaded your image to your account, locate the links and codes provided for the image. Copy the image code or link provided for your image.
Step 5 (optional): Paste your image code into this thread by clicking here: Entries. Please note that this thread is ONLY for submissions. Any discussions about the contest should be posted here: Discussion. Keeping these two threads separate will help us sort through entries when choosing the top entries.
**Please be aware that Facebook images will not post here on the forums if you have specific permissions set. There are several free image hosting websites available on the web: imageshack, flickr, TinyPic or Photobucket. Please see this thread for additional information.

To post your recipe, please go here.

This contest doesn't have anything to do with Mafia Wars game instead the prizes!
Read what Cerulean Master say below :
This contest has nothing to do with the game, but is instead a way for those that would like to participate to have some fun and win some easy Reward Points. If reward points do not tickle your fancy, you are in no way required to participate. 

So create one recipe with Cinco de Mayo themed -‘Recipe for Destruction!’-, post it on the thread above and wait until they announce the winners! 
Good luck! 

Limited Time Item:Amur Leopard

2 weeks had passed again!
This time is Amur Leopard

After Amur Leopard, it is surely Tundra Wolf then we will see if Zynga change all again for another round or give new items :D

M W M Profile Picture Contest Start!

M W M Profile Picture start now !!!!!
This will run for 1 week
Great Prizes to be won!
For more details Pls check: here


+1 Defense Point

Claim your bonus for playing today :

+1 Defense Point

Congratulations! For being a loyal player you have been rewarded with one defense point.


NY Upgrade Sale

I have posted here that now you can buy the Property upgrade items for the Armory & Private Zoo building in New York city.

You can find the promo icon on your Home page tab module..

and this banner : 

This promo also available when you visit your NY Properties :

When you click on it, you will see this pop up :

For 1 week only buy 3 parts for 2RPs!

I will say it again on this post : don't do it! Better to spend your precious Reward Points to increase your Skill Points.
You can go to any trading groups and exchange your loot items with the upgrade thingy. Or just simply use any Free Gift links tool to collect them all from FaceBook wall feeds.
Happy upgrading! Friends forever!

RewardVille Daily Goals - Part 2!

Have you read my post about RewardVille Daily Goals?
Please do so and I will give you update info about it now.

Thanks to Γεώργιος Αγαθός who posted this at our Mafia Wars Maniac fan page, we got more screenshots from him below :

Here is his explaination :
More on RewardVille Daily Goals and how to get 10 zCoins daily (images numbers are from left to right and from top to bottom)
As we all know, there exist 2 limits daily: 80 clicks per Zynga game and 300 clicks in total.
Image 3 shows the 10 Zynga games that participate in RewardVille.
When we complete 80 clicks in a game, then in its progress bar it appears the text: Get Bonus! (as in the first image for Vampire Wars).
When we click the "Get Bonus" text, then as in image 2 we get 2 zCoins. The maximum zCoins we may get daily are 6 (3 games from 80 clicks in each game). When we complete 300 clicks a day then in Power Bonus progress bar, the text "Get Bonus" appears. When we click it we get 4 more zCoins (I'll post the image right after this). When we get a reward, the text in the progress bar changes into "Completed" (image 5). So, Bingo offers us a few zPoints every day and Daily Goals offers us 10 zCoins daily :-)
By the way, the rewards are fixed; 2 zcoins for every game where we have clicked 80 times and 4 zCoins for the power bonus (after we have completed all 300 clicks).

Yes, you have to play 3 Zynga games and do 80 clicks for each games to claim the Power Bonus.
And here is the screenshot when you claim your the POWER BONUS :

What??? That's it??? 4 zCoins???
That's the rewards for doing 300 clicks in day playing at least 3 Zynga games??? 
Like Kang Brewok said on the fan page, we thought it will be at least +100zCoins!!!
I absolutely will skip this goal!

I'd like to say thanks to Γεώργιος Αγαθός once again, you have done the 300 clicks to provide us with the info we need. Thank you!

Big Toys For Big Fighting

Thanks to Kang Brewok, one of our beloved admin who posted this info at Mafia Wars Maniac fan page.
Check your email and you will this from Zynga :

They are introducing the new Limited Edition items for the Terminator vs Rambo event.
Leo has posted about them all here : New Items in Game and I will post another pictures taken from the Marketplace..

The rest 2 items ie PushBack and The Choppa (vehicles) will be available soon at the Marketplace.
It's time for the Collector to buy them all, at least one..

I will keep my Reward Points from this. Better to use it to craft more items from New York Properties and increase my Skill Points.
What about you?

Armory & Private Zoo Building Cost

Need to know the building cost for both Properties upgrade?
Visit Mafia Wars Wiki!

I grab these images from there, so credit goes to Mafia Wars Wiki Admins and fans! Good one, huh?


From level 10 - level 15, you will need 80 sets of Armory upgrade items.


From level 10 - level 15, you will need 62 sets of Private Zoo upgrade items.

I see that Zynga takes advantage of this Property upgrade and put the part items on sale now!

Since I have not fully upgrading my Zoo yet, I want to know what's it all about..

Buy 3 items for 2 RPs!
It was 1 item for 1 RP, right? I forget but it's not necessary... Don't spend your Reward Points to buy these upgrade thingy.. better to take your time and use tool to spam your friends with your Free Gift links and ask them to send back the parts that you need.
No rush... as you can not buy all new items in one day without using RPs again..
Enjoy your game! Trinity's mood

Terminator vs Rambo Mass Gifting Event

Yeah, you know it and you have it now!
Check your Home page tab module and voila the event has started!

We have approx 6 days to finish this event and win the prizes.
Click on the question mark button to see this info :

Now, feel free to spam your mafia with these new Free Gifts items for this event. Which one will you choose?

One of my mafia choose Terminator, guess she is afraid of snake!

Use Get-A-Nator, Home Feed Center, or any tools you like to collect all these Free Gift items.

Need to know more about this gifting event?
Please check here : Terminator vs Rambo 411 & FAQ.

And once again, here are the Grand Prizes :

Get Down (Weapon 97/91) Superior and Rambo's Head Band (Armor 91/97) Superior.

Happy spamming! Xixixixixix

Upgrade Your Armory & Private Zoo Properties

Thanks to Abdee for the info, we can now upgrade our Armory and Private Zoo in New York Properties.
So please go to New York city, check the Properties, you will see the upgrade icon now.. (I don't have it on my Zoo because I'm lack of the upgrade parts).

Both Properties can be upgraded to level 15 now.


Here are the 5 new items in the Armory..

Once you have your upgrade items ready, you can now upgrade it or you can publish your help and ask your mafia to send you the parts.

I have upgraded mine to level 15 now..


Here are the 5 new items in the Zoo..

Now, you can publish your help for the upgrade parts..

Yeah, I don't have enough items so I have to ask for them all now..

Will pass the info here once I know the total parts we need for both upgrade.

You can also run the Stream Helper or Brutus Helper tools from Spockholm Mafia Tools to scan the feeds and collect the bonus for you.
So far I can only collect "Fennex Fox", not sure if you can have brand new items.. who knows???

Happy upgrading! 


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We love the game!