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Monday, November 30, 2009

Guitar Case Machine Gun

I don't know why do they release this limited item when Black Friday Sales Event is still going?

25 RP for one weapon which has lower stats then Cuban weapon.. really nonsense..

Better buy the hourly items while it last, mafia.. Peace!

Black Friday : Hourly Sales Items

I simply copy-paste all content of this post from Top Mafia Forum. So all credits go to the admins! Thanks a lot!

Hourly Sales Items - SCHEDULE

It does appear that Zynga is rotating a 34 item schedule for the sales event. Based upon that rotation, this could be the schedule. (NOTE: Zynga is VERY unpredictable ... so use this at your own discretion).


  • Russian Bear (1 defense better than Zmeya Carbon Blade)
  • Kodiak Bear (1 attack better than Zoloto Sports Car)
  • Jaguar (2 attack better than Ubijca Assault Rifle)

Friday (Nov27-2009):
12 AM Kodiak [vehicle|44,28]
01 AM Guerilla Bodyguard [armor|25,44]
02 AM Russian Bear [weapon|22,45]
03 AM Sneak Attack [weapon|43,22]
04 AM Fugama Gureihaundo-X [vehicle|22,41]
05 AM Tesla PD Gun [weapon|18,42]
06 AM Ballesta de Muneca [weapon|40,20]
07 AM Howler Monkey [weapon|20,37]
08 AM RU-44 SMG [weapon|36,30]
09 AM Chlori-tek GDS [weapon|22,33]
10 AM Arana Net Gun [weapon|16,40]
11 AM Zeppelin [vehicle|18,36]
12 PM Phoenix Hang-Glider [vehicle|38,15]
01 PM Lobotomizer [weapon|39,14]
02 PM Silver Knuckles [weapon|25,24]
03 PM Illegal Fireworks [weapon|35,13]
04 PM St. Valentine's Shotgun [weapon|24,22]
05 PM Violin Case Machine Gun [weapon|23,22]
06 PM Meat Hook [weapon|23,22]
07 PM Jetpack Prototype [armor|38,7]
08 PM Hydrofoil [vehicle|8,38]
09 PM Hornet Sniper Rifle [weapon|11,34]
10 PM Hellfire Auto-Shotgun [weapon|32,13]
11 PM Carmine's Lucky Lapel Pin [armor|34,11]

Saturday (Nov28-2009):
12 AM Sniper Rifle [weapon|22,21]
01 AM Combat Knife [weapon|22,21]
02 AM Light Anti Tank Weapon [weapon|22,21]
03 AM Giavellotto [vehicle|16,26]
04 AM Veyron [vehicle|17,24]
05 AM Riot Gear [armor|12,28]
06 AM Pet Tigers [vehicle|28,12]
07 AM Dragon Skin Body Armor [armor|12,28]
08 AM Body Double [armor|10,25]
09 AM Luxury SUV [vehicle|16,16]
10 AM Kodiak [vehicle|44,28]
11 AM Guerilla Bodyguard [armor|25,44]
12 PM Russian Bear [weapon|22,45]
01 PM Sneak Attack [weapon|43,22]
02 PM Fugama Gureihaundo-X [vehicle|22,41]
03 PM Tesla PD Gun [weapon|18,42]
04 PM Ballesta de Muneca [weapon|40,20]
05 PM Howler Monkey [weapon|20,37]
06 PM RU-44 SMG [weapon|36,30]
07 PM Chlori-tek GDS [weapon|22,33]
08 PM Arana Net Gun [weapon|16,40]
09 PM Zeppelin [vehicle|18,36]
10 PM Phoenix Hang-Glider [vehicle|38,15]
11 PM Lobotomizer [weapon|39,14]

Sunday (Nov29-2009):
12 AM Silver Knuckles [weapon|25,24]
01 AM Illegal Fireworks [weapon|35,13]
02 AM St. Valentine's Shotgun [weapon|24,22]
03 AM Violin Case Machine Gun [weapon|23,22]
04 AM Meat Hook [weapon|23,22]
05 AM Jetpack Prototype [armor|38,7]
06 AM Hydrofoil [vehicle|8,38]
07 AM Hornet Sniper Rifle [weapon|11,34]
08 AM Hellfire Auto-Shotgun [weapon|32,13]
09 AM Carmine's Lucky Lapel Pin [armor|34,11]
10 AM Sniper Rifle [weapon|22,21]
11 AM Combat Knife [weapon|20,21]
12 PM Light Anti Tank Weapon [weapon|22,21]
01 PM Giavellotto [vehicle|16,26]
02 PM Veyron [vehicle|17,24]
03 PM Riot Gear [armor|12,28]
04 PM Pet Tigers [vehicle|28,12]
05 PM Dragon Skin Body Armor [armor|12,28]
06 PM Body Double [armor|10,25]
07 PM Luxury SUV [vehicle|16,16]
08 PM Kodiak [vehicle|44,28]
09 PM Guerilla Bodyguard [armor|25,44]
10 PM Russian Bear [weapon|22,45]
11 PM Sneak Attack [weapon|43,22]

Monday (Nov30-2009):
12 AM Fugama Gureihaundo-X [vehicle|22,41]
01 AM Tesla PD Gun [weapon|18,42]
02 AM Ballesta de Muneca [weapon|40,20]
03 AM Howler Monkey [weapon|20,37]
04 AM RU-44 SMG [weapon|36,30]
05 AM Chlori-tek GDS [weapon|22,33]
06 AM Arana Net Gun [weapon|16,40]
07 AM Zeppelin [vehicle|18,36]
08 AM Phoenix Hang-Glider [vehicle|38,15]
09 AM Lobotomizer [weapon|39,14]
10 AM Silver Knuckles [weapon|25,24]
11 AM Illegal Fireworks [weapon|35,13]
12 PM St. Valentine's Shotgun [weapon|24,22]
01 PM Violin Case Machine Gun [weapon|23,22]
02 PM Meat Hook [weapon|23,22]
03 PM Jetpack Prototype [armor|38,7]
04 PM Hydrofoil [vehicle|8,38]
05 PM Hornet Sniper Rifle [weapon|11,34]
06 PM Hellfire Auto-Shotgun [weapon|32,13]
07 PM Carmine's Lucky Lapel Pin [armor|34,11]
08 PM Sniper Rifle [weapon|22,21]
09 PM Combat Knife [weapon|22,21]
10 PM Light Anti Tank Weapon [weapon|22,21]
11 PM Giavellotto [vehicle|16,26]

Hourly Sales Items

Source : Top Mafia Forum

Moscow Glitch : Free Upgrade Profile Points?

Today I have receive a message from one clan saying :

MOSCOW Jobs are paying free profile upgrade points whenever someone posts a comment, or clicks the like option, on a Moscow Job post.

Then I see this on Top Mafia page :

I have heard multiple rumors where people have suggested that if you comment on someone's job help via the in-game comment box (as pictured in this screenshot) then that is what gives the other person extra skill points.

This is definitely ONLY a rumor. I personally don't like allowing Mafia Wars to publish whatever it feels like to my personal wall (like who I'm attacking, etc).

Hmm, I personally do not notice this everytime I help or click on "like" button. What do you think, guys?
Is it really happen? Comment, please.. Domo....

Please give your comment if you like this post

PS : Credit goes to Yonks-man!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

What's After Trillion?

Let's go dancing! Hey there!

One of my best mafia got this achievement! He is the first mafia I ever see that has the last of money achievement already.

So amazing! I can not imagine how much money does he have now!

He got this message from the game when he's trying to save more money after obtained the achievement above :

You've reached the maximum cash limit at $999,999,999,999,999,999. Your total cash amount won't change until you've spent or lost some money.

The bank can only hold $999,999,999,999,999,999 for you, so only $0 was deposited. The rest remained with you as cash.

One word : OMG!

There is no secret from him about how to achieve this.. he has tons of energy, only do jobs in New York, until he reaches that amount.. So, I'm jealous with him! But nothing we can do but doing more jobs! qeqeqe

Congratz, my friend!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Collections?

I got this from one of my best mafia.. He gave me link to Top Mafia Forum about any screenshot from the game.. I think this is good and would like to share to all of you visitor of this blog..

Here you go :

(Click on the images to enlarge)

I don't know where they got this.. but I think this is really cooooool!
Is it from computer editing? Or new city? Or just fantastic jokes??? Great jobs anyway, guys!

PS : Credit goes to original authors! Thanks, Tomica!

Source : Top Mafia Forum

Friday, November 27, 2009

Elephant Gun!

I really wanna know what is the reward item from purchasing 20 items on Black Friday sales event.. so I hurry to purchase them and finally can get my free reward!

Taraaaaaaaaaaaaa... got the Elephant Gun!

Just like all of you, I feel very disappointed with the reward... this event is great but have sad ending! I was gonna congrats the team for great idea, effort and soon.. but the stats of the gun really disappointing!!! 20 purchasing and I only got the same item as Ubijca Assault Rifle?

Don't wanna buy more items then.. Stressss

Black Friday : Special Limited Edition Reward

Hmm, I'm trying to make 20 purchases to get free limited edition reward. It must be a very great item, right? Considering the total amount of GodFather points we have spent to do 20 purchases. But I got this image from Top Mafia Forum :

So that's it? Only got 1 weapon with the same stats as weapon from Moscow? Oh no!!! Gagagaggag
Anyone getting another special reward item??? Kindly send your image or leave the comment with the link of your image. Thanks!

Please give your comment if you like it

PS : Credit goes to Top Mafia Forum!
Thanks, Angus!

Black Friday Event : Boost & Consumables

You can see from the Black Friday page that Zynga offers some discounted consumables and new boosts.

Just like you I am questioning, if I buy 10 boosts will it count as 10 purchases or just 1 purchase?
So I decide to buy one boost and spend 10 RP :

And it only counted as 1 purchase.. I bet it also happen with consumables.. so stop dreaming, mafias! Hiyaaaaaa

Black Friday : Previously-Released Limited Items

Ok, let's discuss about limited edition items.. See them all per pages..


(page 1 of 4)

(page 2 of 4)

(page 3 of 4)

(page 4 of 4)

I was buying Russian Bear from page 2 for 18 RP (28% OFF) :

Apparently it's also become one of Hourly Featured Item, which is only cost 12 RP!!! So I lost 6 RP in less than hour! Crap..

This is what I mean, guys.. do not hurry in buying one item.. the best is wait for the hourly items.. and compared them with Moscow best loots now.
If your chosen item is having equal or greater stats then Moscow loots, you can buy it happily!

Black Friday Event!

Black Friday Sale Blowout sale starting Friday, November 27th at 12:01am (PT), many hard to get items on sale at steeply discounted prices. Look for hourly specials and Black Friday limited edition items. Don't miss this golden opportunity. The event ends Monday, November 30 at 11:59pm (PT).

The event has started!!! OMG.. luv it!

Go to your GodFather page, choose Black Friday tab.
Here you go :

From the above image we can see that we need to buy 20 purchases to earn free limited edition reward. Let's see what do we get here...


(page 1 of 4)



Now, who needs GodFather points? You better count your GodFather points before buying any.. don't feel sorry behind..
Coz there will be great items on the upcoming hours! Choose wisely... happy shopping!

Prepare for Black Friday Sales

Yep, another email from Zynga! It's a reminding for us to stock up or buy our GodFather points and spend lots of it to buy some gorgeous loots! Check this out :

Missed that Russian Bear? Jaguar? And also available some Black Friday Special Items!!!
Wow... Your inventory will look very nice then! Trinity's mood Be ready!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Grab Your Energy Pack!

There is a new feature about our energy buff. But I think not every player has this applied on their game. This is nice, I think.. coz now you don't have to wait for your friend to send one. You just have to look at your wall feed and search for the offering from your mafias

When you do jobs, you'll have chance to make this image appear on your screen.

If you choose SKIP, nothing's happen. But if you choose to publish it on your wall feed and decide to ask for an energy pack, this message will appear :

You can also accept this message if you have not publish your previous request for energy buffer.

Just hope one of your mafia help you so you can accept yours. This image appear when your friend publish their offering of energy packs.

So get your energy pack!

Well it would be nice if you also send to your mafia, keep the energy flowing...

I know that some new players who only have few mafias appreciate this feature a lot.. coz it doesn't have any effect for some players who already have thousands of mafia. Like me, I receive my energy packs regularly from one of you, so don't need this.
Pls be noticed that you can not accept more than one energy pack per 23 hours. So clicking on of any offering will be useless Peace!

PS : Thank you to Han who remind me to post this article!


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