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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Game Card Item : Regalia Foxtrot!

Hey, we have new offer from claiming the Game Cards... Game Stop Exclusive Game Card Item - Regalia Foxtrot!

Hayden found the stats of this item on Mafia Wars Wiki..

Too bad that I don't have any Game Cards for now.. but we still have plenty time! The offer is lasting from September 27th until October 31st this year..

Don't you think that it's time to make another Give Away contest?

And I forgot to ask to Haider.. He is a Collector! He will purchase a Game Card and earn this item.. Thanks for providing us with screenshot, Haider!

PS : Again and again, thanks to Hayden and Haider! You guys rawk!
Credit goes to Mafia Wars Wiki!

Cafe World Promotion

Another game cross promotion inside our game! This time it is a Cafe World Anniversary Promo!
There's a new Promotion for Cafe World. We'll be able to loot the weapon named "Kitchen Knife" (A:57, D:27)

Steven has done the promo and able to win this exclusive item!

He quickly go to Mafia Wars game to claim the knife..

I will have to think to play Cafe World, it's a bit odd to play Mafia Wars and combine my game with cooking?

If you can not see the link promotion, thanks to Bossy Don from TopMafia.Info, we got the link to start the promotion inside Mafia Wars game..
Note : Change the 'xxxxxxxxxxx' to your user ID

One tip from Bossy Don :
The quickest way to level in Cafe World (if you have the cash) Start to Cook something. It gives XP then delete it Some meals have heaps of XP some have little rule of Thumb the longer it takes to cook the more XP!

PS : Thanks to Pawel, Hayden, Steven and Bossy Don for the infos!

The Prized Pigs!

to gold). Prized Pigs have been released! 2 Pigs have been released at the moment (Curly Tail and Fresh Shank). The 3rd pig will be released tomorrow.. You can find it on your Home page tab..

Daily Checklist

There are 3 mastery level on each pig.. These are the screenshots after mastering each tier (bronze, silver, gold) collection in daily checklist..

You have to click on COLLECT button on the Daily Checklist to get the mastery reward!

Here are the Curly Tail's pig Mastery Rewards (Bronze, Silver, Gold)

You need 3 gifts to earn bronze reward item..

You need to receive 5 piggies to continue earning silver reward!

And last level, you need to receive 10 piggies to get gold reward items!
So it needs some efforts to get the prizes!

Yes, you can send this pig by visiting Free Gifts page.. or just sending back a thank you gift from mafia who has sent you the piggies..

Here are the screenshots of accepting Pigs (Curly Tail and Fresh Shank) :

For Fresh Shank pig, it's a little bit different with Curly Tail pig..
Here you need to accept 5 piggies to get the first mastery reward on bronze level, 10 piggies for silver level and 18 piggies for the last tier!

Here are the mastery items!

Many thanks to all friends that have sent piggies to me..

(I don't know with you guys, but this is happening to me..)
If you receive Curly Tail gift requests and also Fresh Shank, be sure to accept all and master your Curly Tail first! If you receive randomly, the counter on the Fresh Shank will be reset back to zero and you will have to accept the gifts from the start (although you have collected some Fresh Shank before).

Have fun collecting the piggies!
Thanks for the complete info and screenshots to Joseph, Hayden and Steven..

Release Notes 7

Another Release Notes!
Naaah, I am glad that they are diligently updating this feature... Great job, Zynga team!

You can see the notes on the Game Section inside your game.. if you feel lazy to do that, please just check this screenshot.. Xixixixixix

Yes, I will post about the Prized Pigs after this one..
Glad to read the "Bugs Fixes" section above.. hopefully no one have more of annoying glitch..

PS : Thanks to Hayden for this info! Enjoy, mate

Chop Shop & Weapons Depot Upgrade!

Yes, the new levels of Chop Shop and Weapons Depot are coming!
Now, we have both Properties upgradeable to level 15!

Unfortunately, we have to use Special Parts to craft the new vehicles and weapons! It can not be gained from doing jobs, robbing or fighting.. We can get this Special Part by asking friends for help and also from the Free Gifts feature..

If you see your friends ask for this Special Part, you can click to help and get one item as well! So don't feel hesitate to help your friends!

Of course, there is a limit of helping/receiving them in a day.
Ppsssttt, you can use Stream Helper Beta from Spockholm tool to collect or send the Special Parts..
If you have not installed the bookmarklet yet, please go to this site :
Thanks a lot to Spockholm team for the continues hard work all this time! Thank you!

Anyway, here are the new vehicles from Chop Shop and the new weapons from the Weapons depot!



All of these items can not be sent as gift! So we have to build them by ourself.. Choose your items to build wisely, because we can only build 1x vehicle and 1x weapon for free in a day.. You still can build more than one item using Reward Points..

Happy upgrading, my friends! Trinity's mood

PS : Credit goes to Spockholm team!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Master The Prized Pigs - Coming Soon!

Many thanks to Hayden who always help me finding more interesting info about Mafia Wars game..
Prized Pigs is being released soon!
Found this article on Zynga's MW Blog.

Basically, there will be 3 pigs. 1 pigs will be released per day.
There will also be mastery for opening those piggies. :)

This is a different way of piggies feature! I can not wait!

Source : Mafia Wars Official Blog

FarmVille - Stamina Refill For Today!

Again, thanks to Kang Brewok Susanto from Surabaya Downtown Mafia for the link..
It works! You can get free Stamina refill for today from FarmVille promotion inside Mafia Wars game..

Here is the link for today :

I did it and got this free refill on my sub account!

And I don't want to keep the link for myself.. Every player deserve to have this bonus, while it last! Xixixixixix
Be kind, share the info, please...

And happy killing! Trinity's mood

FB Banning - Skype Chat With Zynga & Clans

Thanks to Mak who eager to share this kind info..
Very useful for you if your Mafia Wars account is being banned from FaceBook. Please read on..

This is taken from a room on skype with some clans representatives and some zynga reps. They are aware that the FB bannings are increasing and in order to help, this is their suggestion:

[8/20/10 4:13:38 PM] nate.zynga: So obviously we want you to play the game and banned accounts keep you from doing so. It is not good for us nor is it good for you. So in order to help track these issues, we have a process we will need you guys to follow...
game logo

If you get banned...
Submit a CS ticket... "I've been banned from facebook!" or something to that extent. You will get a response with a specific escalation URL for Facebook
Use that URL to appeal your ban to facebook...
If your ban is lifted... Halelua!
If not...

Copy the response you get from facebook and reply back to the CS ticket with the response. We will then be able to take that information and escalate it from our end. So... here is why we need to do it this way...

We need you to submit the ticket so that we can have a solid tracking in our system so no one gets dropped in an email shuffle. Use the URL that we provide you to appeal, while there are many URLs out there that can do the samething, this one is specific to our issues.

And we want to know the response that you get because we want to know what is being communicated back to you.

Use the above guideline if you ever find yourself FB banned.

Also, it was hinted at that accounts that are looked at are accounts that are created only for gaming purposes, have no personal data, one or two cartoon avatars at most. So basically fake names, energy mini's, and so on. Read below:

[8/20/10 5:02:16 PM] nate.zynga: I don't... Zynga doesn't condone the creation of fake accounts for the purpose of playing the game... but this I can say...
[8/20/10 5:03:42 PM] nate.zynga: If all you have is one cartoon image in your account and no personal info/message posts... it is highly suspect :).
[8/20/10 5:03:56 PM] nate.zynga: And we completely support Facebook's ToS :).

We asked Nate if there will be a platform for us to play on that does not require a FB logon (if you are banned):

[8/20/10 5:16:29 PM] nate.zynga: Yes... we are looking at options to improve the game and playing experience... any change... be it swaping energy packs in game or creating an entire platform, requires time to plan, program, test and implement. The larger the change, the longer it is going to take. All I can say is that there are many projects currently in many different phases... and we still have to provide new challenges to keep the game interesting for all level of players :). Fortunately we have teams of people who are able to work on multiple projects at one time. So while it may seem that we keep launching missions or new cities... that doesn't mean we don't have another team working on other issues/improvements.

Please notice that it is for "real" account only! Not for fake accounts, fake names, the ones who don't have any info, photos, etc... These accounts will never be forgiven by Zynga or FaceBook!

So if you have lost your FaceBook account without any warning, please use this way. Hopefully Zynga team will be able to reinstate your account.. very soon..
I wish you all a very good luck!

PS : Credit goes to all people who have participated on this event...

Gold Player!

This is a small info about the Loyalty Points..
Our friend, Mak, has this pop up on his account.. He never upgrades his Loyalty Member from Emerald to Gold. It's just suddenly he is awarded as a Gold Member from the start!

He got the bonus weapon.. but that's all!
No more bonus, only a suggestion to add more Loyalty Points by purchasing Reward Points...
Cheap trick!

Thanks for sharing, Mak..

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hot Slots Achievement

I forgot to play this Mini Game lately.. but this is only a friendly reminder to encourage your friend to play your Slots Machine game..
If you feel so lazy to go to your friend's Mafia Wars profile, click to play their Slots, you can use "Loose Slots" tool from Spockholm team to automatically search for your friend's Mini Games and play it! Thanks to Spockholm team for the great tool..

What I don't like from this Property is it doesn't show my mafia name correctly..

Ok, feel free to ask your friend to play your Slots everyday..
Why do you have to do that?
Because we have Achievement for having 1000 visits from our mafia friends!

I got the above screenshot from our old friend, Luis.. He earned this Achievement few days ago.. Great job, my friend! Enjoy, mate

So don't forget to ask your friend to play.. Happy gaming all!


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We love the game!