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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Release Notes 2

If you check on the Game News section, you will see that we have the update Release Notes..

Glad to read that and know the updates on this game! (Hope they do this continuously).
They have also changed the button to buy Feature Items on your Home page..



That button is more thematic compared to buy RP coin button... Hey, don't forget to update the background on the Challenge Mission too, please..

Since they have brought back the San Juan event, you can also able to send the Boss Fight consumables! Yes, it's been added back to Free Gift page..
It's useful for those who have not completed San Juan event yet!

And if you still got many bugs on your game, you can always send the screenshots of your problem to Zynga Support team.. who knows that you will be rewarded with free Reward Points or Stamina refill as the compensation!
-Ra- gave me this advise so we can claim our compensation from Zynga team! They have to give it to us tho for being loyal with our Godfather on this game.. Hehehehe

PS : Many thanks to all of you who has doing great job of helping me with sending the screenshots.. I can not do this all by myself..
Thanks a lot to Hayden, Cohen, -Ra-, VaibhaV, Bilal, Kareem, Red!
Very much appreciate your kind help, mafias.. Have a good day/night there!


Chang said... [Reply to comment]

lies. you can only help a friend 25 times.

Astroid said... [Reply to comment]

I saw this and I had to comment.

For about 4 weeks now, I have been having problems. First I couldn't do 1 thing, then another, then another. Right now I cant do any fights, robbing, jobs, no helping people, no tournaments, no collecting properties, no sending or accepting gifts, no wars, no slots, among a few other things.

Every time I try to do any of the above, It just shows up "Error" no matter what I do to try to rectify the problem.

I have been emailing Zynga daily for around 3 weeks now, and got no reply from them.

The first week, I just explained what had happened. They said that they were "working on fixing the problem."

After about a week, more features stopped working, so I send them a emails with the print-screens of the problems.

Since then, I have started sending near-daily emails, and including proof this time, (during the last 3 weeks) of new problems I have encountered, and they have not replied back.

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