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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chop Shop & Weapons Depot Upgrade!

Yes, the new levels of Chop Shop and Weapons Depot are coming!
Now, we have both Properties upgradeable to level 15!

Unfortunately, we have to use Special Parts to craft the new vehicles and weapons! It can not be gained from doing jobs, robbing or fighting.. We can get this Special Part by asking friends for help and also from the Free Gifts feature..

If you see your friends ask for this Special Part, you can click to help and get one item as well! So don't feel hesitate to help your friends!

Of course, there is a limit of helping/receiving them in a day.
Ppsssttt, you can use Stream Helper Beta from Spockholm tool to collect or send the Special Parts..
If you have not installed the bookmarklet yet, please go to this site :
Thanks a lot to Spockholm team for the continues hard work all this time! Thank you!

Anyway, here are the new vehicles from Chop Shop and the new weapons from the Weapons depot!



All of these items can not be sent as gift! So we have to build them by ourself.. Choose your items to build wisely, because we can only build 1x vehicle and 1x weapon for free in a day.. You still can build more than one item using Reward Points..

Happy upgrading, my friends! Trinity's mood

PS : Credit goes to Spockholm team!


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

OMG! they're doing it, im not playing for a while because it's basically CR*P, nonsense, spending yer money to impress us with yer special new item, that u paid REAL money for bahaha, who's the real mug ahey ^^...

wat i mean is, I want to be able to come back and not have everyone using 501 60+ def/att, i have to play forever to be able to do, which is, a WASTE OF TIME!!!... back in the old day, MW loot didn't go past the 40 mark, this shows zynga desperation to keep u interested, it isn't mafia wars anymore... it's just not. It's loot getting item/gun thing, u can meet people down the bus station if that's wat yer really after. deary me!

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