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Friday, April 30, 2010

50 Reward Points!

Still about limited time offer to get free 50 Reward Points and an Utility Belt from installing Mafia Wars tool bar..

I have this screenshot from Richard.. thanks a lot for the kind effort, Richard!

And for you who already installed the tool bar, don't worry, guys.. It's been said that those users who have already installed the toolbar before, will be compensated.
Quote from Zynga's forum by one of Developer team, Erik Mafia Wars...

Thanks for telling this to all of us, Hayden..

So don't worry, be happy! Just wait for those Reward Points come to our account! When?? I don't know for sure.. Xixixixixix

Will share the news here as soon as I have one proof..
Have a nice weekend all!

Level 25000!

The glitch on level is back!
We can see on fight list now there are some players with have amazing level on this game!

But when you try to attack one of them, the stats is not suitable with their level..

So it's just a bad glitch and doesn't give any advantage to the player..

But there is one account that I suspect as Developer account..
(Profile deleted to protect the innocent)

You can check her Mafia Wars profile, she has all items including Guardia Presidencial (armor) and also Tiburon (vehicle), which incating a special player!
Yes, I attacked him and surprised to see that he got more than 1 of mastery item on each of weapon, armor and vehicle..
I guess not every account is reset to have only 1 mastery item!

PS : Thanks to sharing "The Collector" and James..

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Limited Time Offer - Mafia Wars Toolbar 50 RPs!

Hello, my friends..

I got this email from our friend, Jamie..

"....I stumbled accross something today which you may want to share with other people. A little Zynga incentive to install the toolbar? This was on my second account I already have it installed on my main account. I tried to install the toolbar, however I am currently at work and was blocked by internet security! Bad times guess it wasn't my lucky day!"

That's is very nice!!! 50 Reward Points only to install the tool bar!
Can I just re-install my tool bar and get this offer? I don't know! Not hurt to try.. Hehehehe

Thanks for sharing, Jamie... Hope you can find it again and able to take the chance..
Bye bye.. On my bike, haha!

Increase Stamina Or Not?

They we have almost double of stamina to clear the whole grid!
I wonder why this programmer changes the things rapidly? I have just posted that we can spend cheap stamina in Moscow, now it is gone!
I was trying to do Robbing in Bangkok and it need 200 Stamina just to clear one grid!
All city (but New York) has it increased now!

Anyway, Robbing is still fun for some of players who has lots of Staminas.. you can use Spockholm bookmarklet and if you're lucky enough like this player.. you will have chance to get diamonds!

For newbie, I don't know if it is a good idea to increase your Stamina to balance this raising.. still Robbing can give you great benefit on loot drop, Robbing collections, cash and XP..
Just wish that they can lower it at least to only 25% from the old stamina needed, not to jump so high to 100% like now!

Have a nice day all! Over and out! See ya

PS : Thanks for the screenshots, Mak! Friends forever!

New Collection Title on Profile

Now we have this stats on our Mafia Wars profile page.. Collection Title!

I have discussed about this Collection Title here : Title.
So you know where are you right now.. What is the meaning of Saver, Collector, etc... Feel free to go there..

I think it's still didn't count old vaults, because I have vaulted all and still have this title on my stats..

Collection Title: Enthusiast

Just 3 more vaults to the next title

PS : Thanks for the info, Giuliano! Call me : Uncle Lou!

Which City To Rob?

Since we have Robbing in all city, lots of you wonder which is the best city to spend your stamina on?

Some people still stay on New York to rob the Chop Shop or Weapons Depot for free parts.. Bangkok also gives us free Baht money and great XP.. while some players choose Moscow for giving low stamina on the targets!

If you have low stamina, Moscow is best for you.. You will also have great loot drops from robbing in Moscow..

One of my best mafia even has 4 diamonds drop from doing Robbing in Moscow.. but I'm sure it's totally random..

Choose your best city then!

I also want to discuss about Burner strategy.. for me, I didn't use difficult math on the mafia size or attack strenght etc.. I just choose to do the Hard or Medium targets first, then the Easy one(s).. After I have all 8 targets robbed and succeeded, then I can continue robbing the Easy 9th to make it 9-0 score!
If you have more than 1 Failed Robbing, you can skip or continue clearing this board and save your Burner.. but if you only have 1 Call For Backup and 1x more Easy target (with the possibility to win on 9th target), you can now use 1x Burner and continue Robbing the last target..

See the screenshot for better explanation..
Use the call For Backup 1x and then continue to rob the Flophouse to get the 9-0 score!

That's all, if you have another strategy, feel free to share on the comment section.. Thanks in advance!

PS : Thanks to Mak for the kind help!

Welcome Mafia Wars Game Designer TeeBS!!

Zynga has messed our Top Mafia positions these few days! Stressss

Lots of players were seriously of quiting the game because they feel very disappointed with the new Top Mafia positions which eliminate the previous Top Mafia bonuses..

With the new Top Mafia, we had trying our best to fill all the slots.. and after the hard work, now they have reset it back to the old one!
They should have thinking about this first before releasing.. what a lame decision, team..

Anyway, Zynga now open one thread on the forum special for introducing the Game Designer : TeeBS there!

You can see the thread they opened to discuss about Top Mafia here :
The Game Design Perspective - Top Mafia Rewards

Here is I quote from the thread :

"The following is a graph of typical high energy players playing in New York (the Mafia Wars city, not the real life city ), and how much all the accumulated energy rewards gains for each player per level. The left axis is the player level, and the bottom axis refers to the percentage of XP required to complete level. As you can see, the Top Mafia reward accounts for a very large percentage of passive XP each level. "

Naaaa, now you can discuss about the game from this perspective..
If you would like to participate, you can visit Zynga forum and tell them your opinion..
Welcome aboard, TeeBS! Make us proud! Hiyaaaaaa

PS : Thanks for the info, Rashed..

Cash Bonus From Zynga

Some players will have this notification on their game.. It's because they didn't give the proper credit on our businesses..

They are crediting us some cash bonus for this matter.. plus 4 Reward Points..

I wonder why I don't have this notification on my account? Hehehehe

PS : Thanks for the info, Andre!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Top Mafia Layout

This is like a deja vous! qeqeqe
We have talked about this new Top Mafia here : New Top Mafia. It was using "secret" link to new Top Mafia page that has not been release yet. Now he have new layout of this feature..

First you can go to My Mafia page and choose Top Mafia button to promote your new Top Mafia..

So far I don't have any info about what is the best strategy to choose each position.. now just choose the active ones and see if you can ask help from them (including if someone bully you, etc). Don't choose based on their levels, because it can be an Energy player who can do nothing if you need their help..

Collect You Rewards

We can colelct Daily Rewards from each positions, the rewards include a consumable, a loot item, stamina refill, energy refill, or bonus experience. You can get it randomly chosen by the game.

Too bad, we can only get max staminas from this. Let's say if you only have 400 Staminas, so that's the max of Stamina bonus you can get from collecting your Rewards.. Hope this is only a glitch and we can get those 1000 Staminas!

You also will receive few experiences from interacting with your new Top Mafia.. for example if you send an email to them regarding their appearence (Missing In Action) you can get 2 XP. For sending Energy Pack you receive 3 XP, for sending a gift you earn 4 XP.

I found that the most difficult part is choosing Street Crew members.. because I don't have mafia below level 19. There 6 open slots and still can not find any.. Well, you can create 6 new Mafia Wars accounts for this but that's not allowed, right? What dya think?

More info, we lose the bonuses from our previous Top Mafia positions! So every job now will cost you more energy, etc.. How dare they re-doing this game!

Anyway, have fun choosing your new Top Mafia! Trinity's mood

PS : Thanks for the screenshots, Danny Bourne and Andrew!
Thanks also to "Willie the Guitar Man" for reminding me to post this one..

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

French Beret!

New free gift item on this game : French Beret!

Love it, although it doesn't give us great stats.. still I like that French man!
The moustache reminds you of Zorro!

Thanks for sharing, Govind..
And you also ask about the NEW icon above the Chinese Tiger.. Perhaps it's just a coincidence or they want to introduce ANIMALS as new feature, Govind..

That's it for now.. Have fun sharing the wealth!

Robbing In All Cities!

Now we have Robbing in all cities..
Please have a look..




Have fun on burglarizing on each city!

PS : Thanks a lot for the screenshots, "N"!
Thanks also for the info to Roger, Cohen and Joey..

Secret Features : Coming Soon!

Again, info from Rashed!

Hi there! Ssshhhhh, some upcoming features on Mafia Wars... (Still Unofficial but got them from a trusted source)..

1. Mystery Bags will be limited to 30 clicks soon.

2. New Lotto Collection coming (still not sure what bonus this so called lotto collection will give)

3. Las Vegas Coming this summer (mid-June/July 2010)

4. Customized characters that can be voted on for the PRESTIGE award/achievement. This is going to replace the SAFE HOUSE.

5. Also new Top Mafia Positions and related achievements... for 25, 50 and 200 promotions in the SAME category. The 200 will give you 10% no energy, or 50% energy, or 200% money chance per job.

6. Fight Club is launching soon.

7. The new fighting system will be called "ARENA" ... and it's exactly like the robbing...

8. Armor Depot will be added too.

Up to you to believe these upcoming features or not.. It's all back to you! Enjoy, mate

PS : Thanks, Rashed.. I decided to spread the words! Yahooooo

Mafia Wars : New Strength Notification!

Got this info from Michael, thanks a lot for sharing with us..

"Today I decided to buy the African Lion as I thought it looked cool and notice it gave me an indication of my strength increasing due to my purchasing. It also work on defense as well. So pretty cool feature Zynga have added!"

Check on this screenshot below..

Althought I don't want t recommend you to buy Limited Edition Item, this feature is nice! At least we know our strenght right away after we bought the item.

Thanks for this nice feature, team!


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