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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Secret Features : Coming Soon!

Again, info from Rashed!

Hi there! Ssshhhhh, some upcoming features on Mafia Wars... (Still Unofficial but got them from a trusted source)..

1. Mystery Bags will be limited to 30 clicks soon.

2. New Lotto Collection coming (still not sure what bonus this so called lotto collection will give)

3. Las Vegas Coming this summer (mid-June/July 2010)

4. Customized characters that can be voted on for the PRESTIGE award/achievement. This is going to replace the SAFE HOUSE.

5. Also new Top Mafia Positions and related achievements... for 25, 50 and 200 promotions in the SAME category. The 200 will give you 10% no energy, or 50% energy, or 200% money chance per job.

6. Fight Club is launching soon.

7. The new fighting system will be called "ARENA" ... and it's exactly like the robbing...

8. Armor Depot will be added too.

Up to you to believe these upcoming features or not.. It's all back to you! Enjoy, mate

PS : Thanks, Rashed.. I decided to spread the words! Yahooooo


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

wonder what that means for existing lotto??? they will have 2- they will close the old one? hmmm...

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

not interested already has to many features its a game not a job ,jobs arnt fun this is just getting very boring ,very old addage zynga "humans dont like change" click click click monotony , think its time to ditch this game as the developers dont listen to the users (daily players) they just try to make it simpler for the whingers that play once in a blue moon and cant understand why there getting beat ,we dont need any of these features it doesnt improve the game just more time consuming same for paris what a boring waste of time nice diversionary tactics from zynga. play half life deathmatch 3d game free for nvidia or ati cards proper multiplayer worlds the only reason mafia wars is popular is because the majority of pc users are noobs to be polite and this is easy for them to acccess .theres a downside, it retards you to this level of understanding and you never get beyond it .the nets a massive thing with masses of interesting things on it yet the majority of the human race will let themselves be dumbed down and herded .what this game has done for me is made me realise most would be content with stick and a hoop. fed up of zynga moving the goal posts constantly
go out do something or try something outside of facebook eek scarey

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Ans to first commenter: I believe/guess the current lotto set wont get closed, the second lotto set which as it says will be released along with Las Vegas will be something like "diamond set for robbing" now we cant enter the developer's mind, I wish we could but I am sure it will give us some sweet vault bonus.. ^_^

@Second commenter,

maybe Mafia Wars aint for you.. u better play 3D half-life mate ;)


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

can someone please explain me,coz i am trying to get those three new achievments since they showed up for the first time.most of my mafia already collected them,but i cant find the how to get them!!!where is that TOP MAFIA POSSITIONS??

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

I couldn't agree more. I've been playing with five MW accounts for a year. The game was fun when it was just NY and we were beating the crap out of each other.. asking our Mafia for some real assistance, to fight and rob and there was a great level of satisfaction with that type of play. Now, literally no satisfaction. Constant clicking, back and forth between FB & MW and Cities and levels and gifts and requests and the moving target of loot and geez, I just give up..

jesper said... [Reply to comment]

wow..30 mystery bag a day....then its useless i cre8 a mystery bag group....

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

well mate, zynga will eventually add option to accept free gifts, gifts, fr etc from within the game.. as all these job helper, war, ice, etc post is putting pressure on fb server and we already saw fb closing them in past and limiting game features based on number of mafia members.. you may not know but zynga already got a separate mafia wars website to play the game (to play fb mafia wars I mean)...

in the end we need to admit that everything grow along with time.. zynga is trying to change gameplay experience and make it more interactive, flashy looking (using flash)... :p


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