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Monday, May 31, 2010

Love Mafia Wars?

Naaaah, they're asking us now how much we love this game!

Feel free to visit the page and give your honest rate to our beloved game!

Lots of people are complaining about the pop-up message to buy Reward Points, the expensive price for the items on the Marketplace, and the bad glitches there on the page..

How about you?
What do you want to share about this game?

Crew Collection Glitch

Got this info from Ricky!
I just noticed a glitch, I accepted to help a friend with car hijacking mission, when I accepted it allowed me to do jobs from episode 7 even though it was locked.
I also have tried it and it worked on my account too! Please check on this screenshot..

I click on "Help Mark" button and suddenly it makes me unlocking this episode!

So, if you have not unlocked Bangkok episode 7 yet, you can try to help your friend on their request for help above..
Not bad for a good glitch..

PS : Thanks for sharing about this, Ricky!

50 Skill Points

This is my first post on this blog about 7-Eleven promotion!
I have discussed about this on my new blog when I lost the password to login on this site..
You can check it here..

Anyway, my friend Rashed has succeeded on unlocking the UBER gifts where it gives him +50 Skill Points!
We can see on the screenshot below that he has to redeem 8 codes before finally he can find the way to unlock the gift!

Although he lives in Australia, he still can do it! So can you, guys!!!
Now you can also go to any Trading Groups or Forums and see the fair ratio on one code of this 7-Eleven promotion.. Please don't ask me because I don't have access to get the code by my own..

So here is what Rashed got!

Congratulations, my friend!
Unfortunately this UBER gifts is a one time offer.. you can only get it for once!

I think it's worth to do it, guys.. +50 Skill points is equal to 150 Reward Points..
Now we have an opportunities to get it from joining the promo or just trade the code with your friends...

Good luck all! :D

PS : Thanks for sharing with us, Rashed..

Animals on Secret Stash

Ok, so we have Secret Stash on fight where we can share the loot with specific mafia..
There is also a way to share the item we found with 5 mafia family members who click on the link we shared..

Now the Secret Stash on job can gives us the Animals!
It's been for several days but I have the chance to post it now.. sorry..

This is when you found it on a job and you're willing to share it with your friends..

You can also share it on your FaceBook wall..

This is an example when you grab your share on the link above!

More animals released now... be ready to get and collect them as many as you can!

PS : Thanks to Ricky and Mak!

Share The Loot!

I like this feature of Secret Stash!
We can find it on fight and have a chance to ask our mafia to get it for both of you.... There are 3 kind of Secret Stash avatars..

Sometimes it works and your mafia can grab the loots!

Sometimes the link only get you this one :

Although it's the first time for you to click on the link but it still show you that message.. Why it can be happened? I don't have the answer.. but you can still try your luck and get your loot..
Good luck!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

How to Get Lots Of British Passport?

So we have 3 days to unlock the first Chapter on Challenge Mission : London - Steal A Crown Jewel..
Meanwhile you can use the remaining days to collect as many passports as you can!

British Passports

To complete the jobs in London, you'll need to use special British Passports. Each day, you'll be able to collect these items from the Challenge Mission page, obtain them from the Marketplace, and find them from doing jobs, fighting, and robbing in other cities. Make sure you save them up as you'll need more as the mission progresses!

How to get the British Passport?
  1. Go travel to London and collect your passports every 24 hours. You will have a chance to collect 12 passports.
  2. British Passports can drop from any job, fighting and robbing.
  3. Fill up your crew to help you in London! You can gain British Passports as a one time bonus by adding more mafia members. (See my explanation about this on previous post)

This is the example when you get the passport from clearing the whole grid on Robbing.

And this one you get from doing any job..

Still having unclear info about "My Crew" feature as you can add 7 mafias right away but don't know when the to get the bonus of British Passport for each mafia members added..

PS : Thanks to [G]-Bull, Graciano, Arbid and Micah!

"My Crew" on Challenge Mission

Just like the first Challenge Mission, we need Maps to do the jobs on each chapter available on the mission..
Yesterday, I have posted about the new Challenge Mission : London.. and there is one new twist added ie "My Crew".

My Crew

Fill up your crew to help you in London! Each chapter you will unlock two additional slots for your London Crew. Any new person joining your mafia will also be added to your crew (up to 7 total slots). You will be given a one-time bonus of British Passports for each crew member that joins an unlocked slot.

Yesterday, the screenshot shows us that we have 2 unlock slots for each chapter :

And now I have just checked that My Crew has changed to this :

It gives us unlock slots for all to Chapter 3!
That means we're unable to collect free British Passports on Chapter 1 and 2... I hope this is just a temporary bug... because that sucks!

From our past experience, the Maps on earlier mission is so hard to get.. We have a shortcut where we can just spend our Reward Points to buy them from the Marketplace..
This "My Crew" feature can helps us gain free British Passports which is so good! Still hoping that the screenshot above is only a bug and they will fix it back to screenshot number 1.

Crossing my finger! :D

By the way, if you know way to get tons of British Passport (either from doing jobs or fight or rob), please kindly share it with me..
Thank you in advance and have a nice weekend!

FaceBook vs Zynga

Ok I know this is an old story.. but I still want to post this one..
We used to worry about FaceBook vs Zynga "war" few weeks ago... will Zynga leave FaceBook, etc.. and then I found this article explain about it..

We still have a chance to play this game on FaceBook at least for 5 upcoming years.. What a great news, isn't it?

Source : Zynga site

Saturday, May 29, 2010

I Got The Reef Shark!

Remember my post about this?

Woooohoooooo! Finally I got replied from Zynga Support team and he helped me to add this item on my Inventory..

Yes! I quickly checked on my game and see this...

It's still under Weapon section but soon will be placed in Animals, right?
So if any of you has the same problem with me, you can submit a ticket to Zynga.. don't forget to take a screensot telling that you're level 4 on the Treasure Isle and eligible to get the free Reef Shark..

Good luck!

PS : Thanks to Mukund and Gokul for the info!

Memorial Day Sale Mastery Item!

Like I said, we can use the Golden Treasure Keys on the Memorial Day Sale and you can get your bars filled!

Memorial Day Sale
Purchase any qualifying item* to fill 1 bar.Your first purchase will get you a free Gold Treasure Chest Key. Fill the mastery bar halfway by buying 5 items and get a free crate item. Fill the mastery bar completely to get an exclusive WWII M4 Sherman (80 Attack / 41 Defense).

If it is a glitch, take advantage of it... act fast!
My friend bought around 40 golden keys and opened 40 Golden Treasuere Chests and he's able to get 4 of the tank!

Yes, you can start to buy from all over again after receiving your first WWII M4 Sherman tank!

The price for one key is 7RPs now, it will be only 4Rps on the One Hour Sale.. and we still have 4 days on the Memorial Day Sale!
Hope that Zynga will not fix it (if they considered it as a bug)..
Cross my finger! :D

PS : Thanks a lot to Mak for the screenshots! I owe you, my friend..

Arctic Crates!

So sorry for late posting about this crate!

I got all the screenshots from Mafia Wars Wiki.. can not afford to buy all the items to make this post..

You can buy them by visiting the Marketplace..
One Arctic Crate (12 Reward Points) and Three Arctic Crates (35 Reward Points), but there is a discount now.. you are able to buy 1 for 10 RPs and 3 for 28 RPs.

Here they are :


Hmm, we have one Animal from the crates.. More Animals are out now!
You can get these items from purchasing the Memorial Day Sale also..

Have fun collecting the rare items! :D

PS : Credit goes to Mafia Wars Wiki!

Go to London!

Well well well.. new Challenge Mission : London!

We have ability to collect the British Passport now.. but the old scenario still working!

You still need your crew to start!

You have to add at least one more mafia family before you can start the mission.. really annoying because if you are so itchy, they suggest you to spend some Reward Points to buy crew members..
Add more people from my Pimp List instead for free..

Ok after you add more mafia (at least one), you can now start the mission..

First they allowed us to collect 12 free British Passports.. the first chapter is still locked, we have to wait for 5 days and 16 hours.. counting down!

And there is one little difference with the previous Challenge Mission, now there is "My Crew" feature at the bottom of the page..
The more mafia member you have, you will have chance to get free passports according to the open slot. 2 slots per chapter!
I guess I can made it this time :D

PS : Thanks to Gokul and also Sidhu for the screenshots and infos about this post :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day Sale!

We have ongoing sale right now..

The idea is to support military families.. and to remember all the soldiers that gave their lives during the wars that the US has been involved in. Very noble and I'm glad to participate on this event..

There is also a "Fisher House" bundle.. You can buy to donate or just close the page..

Then go to Marketplace, or use the link available on your game.. Buy 10 items, it can be purchasing Skill Point, or the new items on Sale now.. but wait, the price to buy the item such as Skill Point is increasing now to 11RPs? Hope this is only last for the Sale..

I bought my first item and got this :

I continued on purchasing and also earn one free item! It can be random..

Finally, I reached the 10th item to purchase and got this one :

And there is a glitch on this event!
It said that "Health refill and Treasure Chest Keys do not qualify" but we can use the Golden Treasure Chest Keys! If you use it, it will counted as one item...
Not to mention that we have one free key from purchasing one item.. Opening the chest can gives you more Reward Points.. so you can purchase more items..

That's it about this post... have fun!

PS : Thanks for the info, Aaron, Zimnak and Rashed!

Reef Shark!

Ok, I have posted on my new blog about Reef Shark!
Similar with other Zynga’s game ie : Zynga Poker, now they want us to play another Zynga game’s ie : Treasure Isle!

At first, I don't want to play this new game since will be taking too much time to play until level 10!
Apparently NOW you only have to unlock level 4 before get one..
It’s making me re-think about this.. Only took little time to play and we got the free item!
All you have to do is play this Treasure Isle game using the link available from the Daily Checklist, keep refreshing until you get the right promo link OR you can go to this link :

And then I play it until I reach level 4 and got this item!

Then I clicked on the “Play” button to get the item..

And like Mafia Wars, Treasure Isle players must fill their energy levels to perform missions such as searching for treasure with friends.

The key is on Energy! So make sure you ask for Energy Pack from your friend on this game.. Don’t forget to plant the fruits as your Energy refill.. Each fruit can give you small energy boost..

So I login to Mafia Wars and have this message popping up on my Home page tab..

Too bad! Been checking everywhere and I still don’t have it on my Inventory… Bummer!
Submitting one ticket to Zynga now!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hello world!

Hi all!
This is me, back!!!!

Sorry if I have not updated my blog more than 2 weeks.. my harddrive is broken and I saved all my login info there..
I don't remember my security question to reset my password but thanks a lot to Mukund who helped me I am able to get my blog back!!!

Thank you very much to you, Mukund!!!!

I still lost all my datas including all emoticons I have used on this blog.. need time to collect them back.. but I'm ready for you, guys!

Meanwhile, if you missed some infos, I made new blog to fill the emptiness hihihi..

It's still messy since I;m new to WordPress blog..
From now on, I will keep updating my 2 blogs..

That's it for now.. preparing anything to start my blog back!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Armory Depot And Breeding Pen - Coming Soon!

Last post before I sleep.. Got this interesting info from Rashed! Thanks, man!
You are full of great news and always one step in front of us...
I wish I know the source of this but so far I have him telling me via inbox... Great job, Rashed!

"There are two new exciting developments for properties on the horizon. First is one that most of you have predicted: the Armory and the Breeding Pen (these names aren’t final). As you would expect, these are properties that will be able to manufacture or create new Armor and Animals respectively. Beyond that – there will be more specialty properties in the future of Mafia Wars, but we’ll roll them out slowly such that you won’t be overwhelmed with too many features at once. The second is something I’ve alluded to in a previous post – the Vegas Casino property. Instead of having multiple buildings and businesses that you see currently, the Vegas property system will actually have you customizing (both visually and numerically) a single complex, so you can be your own Casino mogul. You’ll be able to choose your slot machines, upgrade your Hotel, as make sure your Vault is secure from robbery. In the coming weeks, I’ll reveal even more about this exciting new addition to Mafia Wars."

Another common complaint is that it would take an immense amount of time to get 501 copies of the best vehicle (or weapon) since you can only create one a day. We are currently considering new ways to get around this issue, so that players who do attain the highest levels of these properties will be able to create more of their favorite items (while still making sure exploitative players don't cheat the system).

WOW!! So we will be able to make armors and farm animals soon... our own miniature version of farmville.. and they are also considering to allow producing more than just 1 item per day from chop shop, weapon depot and later Armory Depot and Breeding Pen too..

Just as I told ya few days back as secret new features about Armory Depot.. plus I hope everyone knows and can already predict that Las Vegas jobs will require both energy and stamina..

enjoy the weekend.. ciao..

Ok, that's it for now.. You can take the infos as just rumors or else.. but it's true that we don't have any Armory Depot yet or how to produce the Animals.. etc..
Just have fun with the game... and wait patiencely for these coming soon features!

Thanks again, Rashed! Bye, everyone! Bye.. take care!

+3 Defense!

Lalala We have this bonus today!
I don't get any pop up showing my Secret Code but I see the Central Mainframe Access box on the Daily Checklist on my Homepage on the game screen..

If you didn't get the code yesterday, you will have a chance to have it now.. just from login to the game and doing some jobs or fights! Because I saved my previous code from the pop up I got the other day, I enter the code there!

Got +3 Defense! Very nice, team! Thank you so much for this gift...

I guess tomorrow we will have +3 Energy or Stamina or Health..

What if you didn't save the code you got yesterday??? Perhaps you can try to find one from doing jobs or fight... I have not tried mine because I simply enter the code..
Anybody has another chance and succeed?

Got to have some rests now... See ya!

PS : Thanks to Micah and Ricky! OMG.. luv it!


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We love the game!