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Monday, January 31, 2011

Silk Thunder Glitch!

One member of Surabaya Downtown Mafia posted this weird screenshot there on the fan page.

This player has 501 of Silk Thunder weapon!

As we know, this weapon came from the Beat The Feds Challenge event.. one of Boss Fight event!

No way this player can have that many of this mastery item!
The poster is not sure whether she has to post the Mafia Wars Profile link of this player, because many of us think that it's the edited picture!
Otherwise we can assume that this is one of tested account from Zynga. Don't you think so? Smiley

PS : Credit goes to Surabaya Downtown Mafia!
Thanks to Dewi Gita for the screenshot..

Link Source : Mafia Wars Wiki! Thank you! Smiley

PlayerScripts MWAP Banners!

Thanks to all my friends for this info.
If you install PlayerScript Mafia Wars Auto Player on your account, you will see these promo banners on your game.
I don't know about this before since I am NOT installing any of these auto player bots. Smiley

They say it's on flash files, so you can see different banners there, just like our Home page tab.
These are the banners :

And this..

After a while you can see this!

Ouch, so the fake MWM becomes a partner with PlayerScript too? Since they have the ads there on their scripts..

I have posted about the fake MWM loot selling ads here. Now we find another way for them to promote their ads.

About PlayerScripts, they have offered me about some kind of cooperations since they asked me to make article about their new fan page on FaceBook. I did it and have posted on my old blog (I can show you the link but since my old blog is not accessable, I can not do that now).
Is this one kind of cooperations they have mentioned??? I don't like it at all!

I don't care if you buy from them... but I'm telling you that it is NOT me!!!
So please give me back my blog, Zynga... Beg

PS : Special thanks to Maru for the screenshots!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fight Mastery Achievements Issue Answered

Scroll down to see my blog post about the missing Fight Mastery Achievements that we can get from the Fight Club.

Luis sent me this info, apparently lots of Mafia Wars players aware about this and asking about this issue on Zynga Forum board.
Please check on this thread : FC Mastery Achievements purchase?

Looks like the ability to purchase the Achievements disappeared with the new FC changes - Where/How do I purchase these now?
Then Al Catraz, the Super Moderator, answers it..

One mafia player who has not earned the Achievement tried it and able to take a screenshot of his Achievement.. Here is the screenshot :

Cool beans!
I wonder why they needed us to yell and scream first before they are giving answers?
They can just telling us on the Official Mafia Wars blog like they use to!
Or provide the answer on Zynga Customer Support page...

That's why they should think about everything first before they change any major aspect on this game! Time for you to grow up, Zynga!
It's better for you to contact some leaders/persons who knows about this game before you change anything! Or simply give us a polling like you do with the previous Cast The Vote event! Or do it like Nate did, create one sticky thread on Zynga Forum explaining about what's going on, when, etc etc...

Just my 2 cents.. Yeah

PS : Thanks for the info, Luis..

Release Notes 1/29/2011

I don't like to post this one but I think I have to..
We have the new Release Notes on the Official blog : Release Notes 1/29/2011.

1. Shark Tank

The Shark Tank threshold was raised to level 600 due to an increase in overall player levels across the game. There were not enough live targets to go around so it was reverted back to level 450. Players get The Shark Tank Achievement when they reach Level 600. Check this Customer Support Page for more information.


2. Hollow Warriors

Hollow Warriors have arrived! Visit the Free Gifts page and smuggle some loot today. 5 Hollow Warriors can be opened once a day. Don't miss your chance to get the Island Hopper which has stats of 74/118!


3. Fight Club

Recent changes were made to the Fight Club. A second Fighter's Energy Refill was added based on player response. Check this Zynga Forum Board Thread for more information.


4. Crack The Safe

Get your hands on the vehicle Warp Speed (97/52) by cracking the safe. Find instructions on your Home Page and get Crackin'!


5. The 2 Minute Hustle

Get to the Zynga Forum Boards on Jan 31st at 3pm PST for your chance to win Limited Edition loot and a Fast and Furious DVD collection. Instructions can be found HERE


Ok, there you go, have posted..
Don't forget about the 2 Minute Hustle on Monday!
Take care, my friends.. Friends forever!

Fight Mastery Achievements!

Bossy Don posted this on .
I forgot to post this one because I don't have the screenshots of Fight Mastery Achievements that we can get from the Fight Club anymore.. Smiley

Since Zynga changed the Fight Club items... they also took away that options!
Here are the 4 Fight Mastery Achievements :

(Image is taken from TopMafia.Info)

There is no way to get that Achievement anymore now if you have not got these Achievements yet!

I usually don't want to blame Zynga for anything, but this one really makes me mad.
Don't get me wrong, I have all the Achievements already, I just feel pity with all players that have not chance to get them yet..

Giving back our choice to buy Energy refill using Victory Coins is good, but what about these Achievements???
Sure lots of players miss these one.. but for ones who notice, this will make them mad as hell! Smiley

PS : Credit goes Bossy Don and TopMafia.Info!

Warning : Fake Top Secret Stash!

There is another scam spread around FaceBook walls..
It will look like this :

There is a "Get It Here" button on the post, do NOT click on it!
If you right click on the button, the link will not take you to Mafia Wars application.
Mafia Wars application has this link in front of any feature on this game..

But this scam link is NOT!
Abdee is so brave and wants to proof it.. The link takes him to one application that really looks like Mafia Wars game! It's showing that he does get the Top Secret item as promised.
Only he notices that all his stats is different! For example : he has 700 Health point, while this fake application only has 100 Health.
The link is forcing him to publish this message, the same post as picture no 1 above.

Abdee then quickly changes his password on FaceBook, as well as his email.

So if you see the similar post as the first picture, do NOT click on it.. You can ask your friend to REMOVE it from his/her wall.
Be careful! Trinity's mood

PS : Thanks to Abdee for the info!

Fast & Furious - Third Car!

The third car of this Limited Edition Time Loot is out :

Still the price is 35 RPs!
Let's skip it....
But the Collectors are always busy to hunt for all Limited Edition Time items..

Zynga loves all Collectors, don't they? Hehehehe

Want to buy all the sexy cars???
Go to the Marketplace and get ready to go shopping!

PS : I take the bragging post from Chris wall post. Thank you very much, Ma'am!

Island Hopper!

Yay! I got the Grand Prize of Hollow Warriors event!

Here you go! Thanks Abdee! Smiley

Only it is not for my main account! Xixixixixix

It's ok.. it's just another pixel!
I will try it everyday tho...

While Abdee is very lucky with this.. He got his second Island Hopper today!

I feel very envy with you! Lucky player! Smiley

Still I don't understand why they put this under Property..
If you follow my blog post about this here, you will see that back then Mafia Wars Wiki posted one item that doesn't belong to this event, now they have fixed it and here it is all items of the Hollow Warriors event!

So, whether you have found the Island Hopper or not, just open another Hollow Warrior gifts to find more items.. especially the Grand Prize.
Wish me luck! Enjoy, mate

PS : Thank you very much to Abdee for the screenshots..
Thanks to Mafia Wars Wiki!

Crack The Safe Bugs

I have to post this one, funny for me to see these glitches from Crack The Safe feature..

Yes, the 4th box is empty! Don't know what happen..
And I didn't notice when I posted this..

I thought it's only a typo, because obviously the Warp Speed is a Vehicle not a Weapon. But then I saw that Zynga team places this item under Weapon category! Just check your Mafia Wars Profile if you have this car already..

Ok ok, I know that it is a weekend time..
Guess we have to wait for working days until they see and edit these bugs.. Smiley

You've Been Recruited

We know about this already, the new rewards from recruiting new Mafia Wars players. Please check my blog post here : Enlist "My Recruits" Rewards.
Haider was eager to try it since he is a Collector!

Ok, then he invited one new low level mafia and here is the screenshot when the person open his invite :

So this new player play and finally reach level 25...
Haider got surprise to see that he sees this pop up message on his game :

Congratulations, Haider!
I'm sure many of Collectors will do the same although they don't need this Weapon.

Thanks for sharing with us! Smiley

Warning : Free Rewards Fake Offers!

Wow, just saw this posted on some of my friend's FaceBook wall..

Because I'm curious I click on the link above and arrive on this page :

Got surprised to see that many of my friends "Like" this page!
This is obviously a scam! I feel very sorry for them.. Smiley

And found another one with the same method :

Double Your Attack and Deffence In Mafia Wars and Get More Hired Guns

Then there are some steps you need to do to get this :

Both of these fake promos are scam! If you click on the link given, you will give your Passwords or any other infos to these hackers!
Al Catraz, the Super Moderator of Zynga Forum, confirmed about it on the Forum board where the thread is posted.

So if you see this kind of offer, don't buy it! No way that Zynga will give us Golden Rewards! And no way to get 50 Skill points using the glitch! Usually they're aiming for newbies that love to use any ways to get these offers.
Tell your mafia friends about this, please..


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We love the game!