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Friday, July 30, 2010

Jungle Crates!

Woohooo, another crates have been released!

You know the rule of these crates already... they are not giftable.. you can only get them by purchasing with your Reward Points..
Buy only at discounted price!

Just go to Daily Checklist to see the ads about these Crates.. or go to the Marketplace.
You might be luck on opening the crates.. Want to know what the items are? Check Mafia Wars Wiki for the details.. I got this info from Hayden and Xmas, I am sure they had these screenshots from Mafia Wars Wiki..
Here you go :


And Hayden had chance to buy 3 crates at discounted price..

You got one RARE item, Hayden.. Congratulations..

I don't want to buy any of these crates, because we can have more better items for free in Vegas now.. But if you want to have Treasure Hunter Achiemevent, you can try to buy them..

PS : Thanks for the kind info, VaibhaV, Hayden and Xmar..
All of you made my job easier on posting this title..

Credit goes to Mafia Wars Wiki! Thanks to the admin and all fans!

Vegas Bugs!

Vegas is still in beta version... it's giving us some glitches, either bad or good ones..

This was happening when Vegas only for some players only..
Jodie has not entered Vegas yet, but she has the option to exchange the Rack of Chips in Vegas...

The same glitch also sent by Foxeeh.. thanks for sharing with us here..

I found one annoying glitch when I want to do my Fight Path..

Can not fight any of those targets above!
If I click on any Fight button, I have that text message.. I just refresh it or go to another tab and go back to Fight Path again..
If the problem persist, you can refresh your browser again.. Still, it's annoying! Stressss

On the screenshot below, I can not see my Marketplace tab!

It's diappear.. I go to any tabs, still doesn't show up there!
And I only have that job shown there... need to do a couple of refresh until I have my jobs back, but still, no Marketplace tab yet...

My best mafia, Davo, got this glitch when he wanted to do Boss Fight..
See the screenshot and you will understand..

He has tons of Shivs and Grenades!
Although the Boss Health is not that much, he can beat her easily using combination of Shiv and Grenade...
Too bad, it is only a temporary glitch, since he checked on his Inventory, but the number of his Consumables on Boss Fight is just normal!
At least, you had fun for a while, Davo..

While Haider was trying to help his mafia friend on the Boss Fight.. seems like it will never going to be end forever!

He clicked on Attack, but somehow the Boss Lady is too strong for him.. can only made ZERO attack!

Last screenshot and last glitch for today..
Our friend, Jayan, have mastered Vegas on level 3.. but when he logged in to his account, he got surprised to have the 4 stars of mastery level!

He still has the Boss unlocked!
Lucky or not? Only he can tell about it..

Thanks fo sharing this with all of us to Foxeeh, Jodie, Davo, Haider and Jayan.. Happy killing, guys!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fight Club Tournaments!

Welcome to Las Vegas!

I have to included that image on this post, love it!

For you who have not familiar with Vegas yet, we have new feature on fight now.. called : Fight Club Tournaments!
It has a slight changing now with the new one when they launched Vegas for the first time... but all for our game improvement...

If you have decided to enter the tournaments, you have to prepare for the Stamina and some Vegas chips.. so don't just come with empty pocket especially if you want to place some bets!
What if you only have poor money in Vegas? You can still fight without placing bet... just click on continue to fight...

There are 3 rounds on each fight.. when you have done all three, you will have a chance to get one free item.. It can be a unique fight loot (for example : Cougar, etc), or just a lootable item from any city.. For the rare random item is the new collection from Vegas!

Here is the example when you get that collection item :

Winning Result

Losing Result

Yep, you can still receive the collection eventhough you lost the fight!

I have one tip for this tournament, it seems like you can have better chance to win or having great loot drop if you place MAXIMUM numbers on your bet..

I know that the formula of winning the fight is odd, just like old Robbing.. but hey I tried and work for me..

Also, if you lost on the first round, you can close the fight page and do something else or just logout and back in about 30 minutes. This way, instead of having 4 hours timer, you can go back to fight in round 1 again..
Hopefully this is work for everybody..

So, happy fighting!

PS : Thanks for the tips and tricks to Don Räisänen, Sayap Biru, Robbie, Xmar, etc...

Boss Fight Bonus Glitch

So far, this is Vegas glitch that I can share... everytime your friend publishes their Boss fight rewards, click on "Get Yours" button..

We have 5 Boss fight so far.. any of them will do..
After you click on the button, you will arrive here..

Click on "Accept" button to receive free XP and Vegas chips..
Now the glitch is after that you can just click on the "Get Yours" button to accept the bonus again and again.. or simply click refresh to get it..
I don't know the limit, perhaps 25 or can be less or more..

Simple but worth to try!

Thanks to Xmar for the info! Great job, my friend... Friends forever!

Hills Heavy Weapons

Have you ever see this weapon???
This one sent by Co-Co! Please check the screenshot..

It was a glitch!
Somehow this weapon appeared on the Free Gift page for about 30 seconds!
He quickly sent it from his noob and accepted on his main account for 3 times.. I am not sure how to but we can see the proof on the image above!

Look at the stats of the weapon.. it is a mastery item for Disctrict 6 in Vegas.. I know that the Disctrict has not open yet.. it was a pure glitch and he got lucky to be able to take advantage of it..

Thanks for sharing, Co-Co!

Talk About Being Lucky!

I know that we are all hoping to win some Reward Points from the game.. There are several ways to get for fee...

You can win the Daily Chance game.. and if you have 5 same numbers, you can win some Reward Points.. but I don't have proof that somebody really win it!

Another way is by opening Gold Treasure Chest.. You can pretend to be a pirate and buy the Treasure Chest key (or it can be dropped from Mystery Bag for free), open your chest and voila.. Patrick was a very lucky guy that day!

Need a screenshot? Here you go!

And Nenad sent me this screenshot few months ago... sorry I forgot to post..
He won 4 numbers on the lottery! Too bad the price is so cheap!

So it's not impossible to win.. but yes need lots of luck!

Ok, this is the hot stuff... You are able to play another mini games ie Slot Machine game.. just use your free spin or if you have Reward Points to spend, you can play as many as you can!
Rizwan tried and here is the result : Jackpot!

Very very very nice!!!!

And Nick just shared his winning to me.. he got this one when he played Vampire Wars game!

Splendid! Congratulations, Nick... You're so lucky, I remember that I only won few XP when I got my bonus playing this game!

I wish I can be one of the lucky players too... anybody else won something??? What dya think?

PS : Thanks for sharing Nick, Patrick, Nenad and Rizwan.. congratulations you guys!

Vegas Fight Drops

Yes, now we are able to do Vegas fight using bookmarklet.. so you don't have to click to attack your targets one by one..

So far, I got screenshot from our friends using Brawler bookmarklet from Arun's Mafia Wars Helper..

Robbie got so many Vegas chips using this tool.. cool!

And this is the result of his fighting..

I tried Arun's bookmarket tonight for the first time trying to see what the actual fighting stats are now. For the forst 200 fights I returned an average of 2.11 experience for each stamina point used which is pretty much as it was before.
lol heres a funny pic for the blog,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, o my Vegas money attached, I was fighting away and then some how my account jumped so I think I have enough money to finish vegas now, Just a pity there is no really good animals to buy :(

I done 400 fights and won 383 of them and lost 17 this dropped my exp from 2.11 to 2.08 over 400 fights.
Also another very interesting fact, the good loot all dropped in the first 200 fights after that it was weapon parts, car parts etc still giving me a 10.8 % return, it should of been 11% but again due to loosing a few points this dropped. In the loot you can see that vegas items drop to upgrade the bank and casino etc. Also the top vegas loot dropped ie Devastator but only 1 in 400 fights :(
Hope this information helps
cheers Robbie
Aka Donny Regretit
This one from Edmund..

And from Nick...

We can see that Vegas fight can drop the Vegas materials now.. I never see the lootable items for example weapon etc dropping.. but I hope soon we can have them all dropping from fight..

That's it about this topic... Happy killing! Enjoy, mate

PS : Credit goes to Arun!
Thanks to Robbie, Edmund and Nick for the screenshots..

Mafia Wars : Take Your Photos!

There are slightly changes on Vegas..
Would like to talk about Properties in Vegas... everytime we succeeded on one of Property jobs, we will be able to start building the casino and we have the image of the property itself.. Pretty cool!

And yes we have this odd option..
We are able to take screenshot of our Properties now.. I see this on most of Zynga's games...

You may add the caption on your screenshot.. Type anything you want to.. click OK!

I see my wall is full with this screenshot of my mafias.. Xixixixixix

Have fun taking pictures, guys... and thanks to Nick for the screenshots.. Thank you!

New Lootable Items Or Robbing Items?

Vegas is a wide open now..
So far we can only able to explore Vegas until Disctrict 5.. and we have some new powerful lootable items already.. Good one, huh?
We have new weapons, armors, vehicles and animals.. So powerful and can be replacing the top of Bangkok HEL and also items from Chop Shop and Weapons Depot!

Haider and his friend, b.a.m. gave me one mafia profile link to see the new items.. He said that we will have some of new items that will be dropped from Robbing! I got another info from Mike too..
Since I can only see the images and names, I am not able to see the stats of each items..






I put boxes on the items that I think they are new and belong to Vegas or this Robbing thingy...
And again thanks to Haider and b.a.m for the info about the stats of some items..

Weapons :

Range Finder Rifle Range Finder Rifle (37 Attack, 54 Defense)

El Escorpion El Scorpion (40 Attack, 30 Defense)

24k Chainsaw 24k Chainsaw (29 Attack, 15 Defense)

Armors :

Reinhardt and OttoReinhardt and Otto (57 Attack, 36 Defense)

Reinforced Tuxedo Reinforced Tuxedo (28 Attack, 34 Defense)

Police Riot Helmet Police Riot Helmet (30 Attack, 44 Defense)

Vehicles :
Mojave Mike Mojave Mike (40 Attack, 53 Defense)
Stake Bed Truck Stake Bed Truck (30 Attack, 44 Defense)

Animals :
Gila Monster Gila Monster (36 Attack, 48 Defense)

Diamondback Diamondback (56 Attack, 48 Defense)

These items are all giftable and some of them are rarely dropping from Robbing! And also I am not sure 100% about the stats above.. Nobody really know for sure.. but at least I am glad that we have some new powerful items!

Thanks a lot for the info to Haider and his friend, b.a.m. and also to Jori, Mike and Marek!
We can only wait for them to come... soon! What dya think?


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