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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fighting Basics


I am in the mood! Let's dance! I'll tell you later about what make me feel so happy now.. still about this game matters of course.. Yeah

Now, let's study about the fighting basics.
For you high level players, I guess you don't need this anymore.. but I believe they are lots of newbies who still need guidance on this topic.

I took this from Zynga forum.. so credit goes to the forum (especially to Lil Ms Mandy)! Thank you!

You need to have at least 501 mafia family members, the bigger the better! You can fight with up to 501 mafia members, and each can use one weapon, one armor, and one vehicle. The game will use the weapon, armor, and vehicle with the highest attack value when attacking and the highest defense value when you are attacked. It will use Loot items over Inventory items, meaning it will use the .50 Caliber Rifle over the Chain Gun.

Go to this page to see The Loot Items with the Highest Att/Def.

Attack and Defense Skill Points

It is a common misconception that with a large mafia and good weapons there is no need to put a lot into attack and defense skill points. THIS IS FALSE. They are the biggest factor in determining the winner of fights. A good rule of thumb is to keep them at least double your level.
Attack and Defense Skill Points are added together when fighting, so it doesn't matter which you put them in. Speaking for myself, I like to keep them about even because you never know if they may change the fight formula to where it uses either attack or defense instead of adding them.

Health and Fighting

You can only attack someone when they are over 20 health. (except on the hitlist) Once under 20 health they are considers iced or to weak to fight. If they log out at that point, the system will not register them as healed enough to fight until they log back in the game. People use this method to hide from retaliation after using their stamina.

Fight List

From Levels 1-179 the fight list will show you opponents close to your level. Once you hit level 180 the fight list will show levels from 180 to the highest level in the game. To find people in your fight range when this happens look at the names on the hitlist or people from capo fights in your news feed. Don't be surprised at being attacked by people hundreds of levels above you. You see them on your fight list, they see you on theirs.

Well, sometimes there are bugs appear.. I often see on my mafia's wall that they still lower levels (example : level 100) but the fight list full of very higher levels (example : level 800) or more. This never happen to me.. but let's hope our Zynga team members could find a way to fix this.

Have a good fighting, everybody! Friends forever!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jaguar vs Hellfire Auto Shotgun

Hi there! Hello y'all,

New limited time offer is out! I just confused because we have two offering here at the same time. In Cuba we have Jaguar as the offer, but in New York we have Hellfire Auto-Shotgun! I don't think this is happen before.. since I'm new to the game, correct me if I'm wrong, mafias!

So, which one do you choose??? Jaguar or the Shotgun???
As for me.. just see the pic below.. Yuuu!

(Click on the image to enlarge)

Thanks to Zynga team for this weapon.. you guys rock!!! Image hosted by servimg.comI wish GodFather could give it for free..

Saturday, July 25, 2009

"Top Mafia Forum" Issue

Hi all,

I will post this issue to all players in the world. This issue comes from one of my fave forum at FaceBook. Lots of my resources came from the admins post. Now it's my turn to do a favor..

Please read on..

"On July 21, 2009 Facebook took brash actions on a fan page and several of the admins related to that fan page. They disabled their facebook accounts and banned ALL admins from posting any additional content to that fan page. This was done without warning or notice. This fan page has almost 95,000 unknowing fans. Read more about that story here ...

Facebook Principles

1. Freedom to Share and Connect
People should have the freedom to share whatever information they want, in any medium and any format, and have the right to connect online with anyone - any person, organization or service - as long as they both consent to the connection.

Top Mafia - Adds, Invites, Tips, Tricks, etc

The fan page started around May 13, 2009. It quickly became fan of many Mafia Wars players (a Zynga, Inc social networking game played by ~4 million fans a day, ~10 million fans a month). The fan page regularly attracted 1,000-2,000 new fans a day as a result of the pages consistent high quality info and screenshots delivered relating to the game.

While Jason Younker was the largest voice (also the fan page creator), he had promoted almost 10 other people to assist with administrating & moderating the constantly growing fan page to keep it SPAM free and new ideas for content evolving. His account along with Faye Kalius, another contributing admin, were disabled the same time that the fan page's publishing rights were revoked. As Jason recalls it, he was chatting with some of his other admins regarding a huge warning that they were seeing on their home page regarding a fan page TOS (Terms Of Service) violation. There was never any warning, notice, or anything otherwise given to any of the fan page admins, including the creator of what might have been in violation of facebook's TOS.

About this Note

(this is the "Call to Action")

We hope this note serves several purposes:
1) That our fan page becomes re-enabled
2) That nothing like this happens to any other facebook fan pages in the future. 95,000 facebook users deserve better

We encourage ...
● Facebook users to click on the "Share" button and let your existing friends know about this note
● Facebook Fan Page admins to create a copy of this note on your own fan page (contact Jason Younker and he can provide the note content along with attached images)
● Bloggers, content writers, anyone with an online presence outside of facebook to share this story as well

Special Thanks

We are going to give a special thanks to fan pages, bloggers, etc that share this info on their pages, sites, etc. While we would like to thank each and every individual that also clicks on the share button for this note, we feel that it would probably be to difficult to manage."

I don't know what happen to point no 1 of Facebook Principles. But I do hope that they keep their words. TOP MAFIA forum only created to help the fans just like what I did with this blog. Hope in the future FaceBook won't do such a thing. At least they give a warning like they used to. At least they give explaination about what happened, etc. I agree with the admins, we are the user of FaceBook. We deserve better! Yeah

Friday, July 24, 2009

Sending Gift Tip

It looks like Zynga team members have a problem on database again.. Instead of making it easier for us to send gift, they make it harder! Now the mafia family names on our sending page is not in alphabetically order.

I just wanted to send a gift to my new member in mafia and it does need times to look for his name! Geez, Zynga! Image hosted by

Fortunately, our family rapidly has a solution for this matter. Actually not only ONE solution..

Choose your best method of gifting from these solutions :
  • Ask your friend to put the item(s) on their wishlist. You can easily send the gifts from that.
  • This is old fashion way to send gift. In your sending gift page, simply press "Ctrl + F". A little box will open on the bottom of your screen. Start typing the person's name you want to gift something to.. voila!!! The computer will find the person for you. Look at the pic below (sorry for the bad cropping, guys) Domo....

You don't have to type full name, just type some of the letters and it will show you the name.. keep typing to find the one you're looking for!

So, it's not difficult anymore to send gifts in this game.. I really hope that Zynga could fix this soon. We love the game and appreciate if the team makes us enjoy playing in any ways.. my wish.. Oh dear

What Is Politico Corrupto?


Today I was surprised when I saw one of my mafia family wishlist.. there is one new item for me ie : Politico Corrupto! What is that? How do I get that thing?

I searched everywhere.. in inventory, in mafia shop, even in any forum to gain knowledge about this. But I found nothing! Where to find this thing??? Image hosted by

Suddenly the message came from our beloved GodFather..

I go there quickly and I find it. There you are... Bribery Ring will produce Politico Corrupto, we can upgrade it to produce more capasity and output.

So just pay off and you'll obtain Politico Corrupto..

Once you have full upgrading, you are able to collect 10 of Polico Corrupto for free.

I hope this post could help you about this .. Now, what are you waiting for??? Go get them, guys!!! Peace!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Where to Obtain Required "Special Loot"

Hi there! Hello there!

Still so sad because of FreeGift bookmarklet is retired.. but don't make it stops your ways in playing this game! You can still get those consumable loots by doing your jobs. It's our obligation to make the GodFather happy, right?

Now, the question is.. Have you ever wondered (or forget) where you can obtain special loot that is required to complete certain jobs in Mafia Wars? This handy little reference will quickly provide that information. Thanks to HitMan Fred for this guide..

Special Loot Items

(Click on the image to enlarge)

These items are consumed every time that a certain job needing them is completed. (For example, to complete all three levels of mastery for the Boss tier, you will need 368 Blackmail Photos!!)

Tips from TOP MAFIA forum :

# Another way to obtain these job items is from attacking other mafia families. They are randomly dropped as you fin fights.

# You can also trade for these item with your mafia friends (preferred).
If you want to trade with me, go to Trading Corner page.

Start hunting for these loots, families! Hiyaaaaaa

Bad News From Vern, Everybody!

As a lot of you are probably aware by now, Zynga started a free gifting opportunity within Mafia Wars. I personally have never seen this gift box, but I can still take advantage of it. Vern has delivered yet again another outstanding Mafia Tool called FreeGift that allows us to collect these free gifts from our mafia members. But apparently bad news come to everyone of us now... Fu fu fu

Means that say goodbye to hundreds (even thousands) of free gifts from our mafia family members! You guys have to obtain them by yourself or simply use this tool to manually collect your pending free gifts...

Well, hope Vern will find another way to obtain free gifts like such tool.. I wish... We're all waiting for another brilliant ideas from you, buddy! Friends forever!

Profile Updates From Zynga

Have you noticed about this change? I realized this because I wanna see my stats and got surprised for some added.

Can you see the "gifts sent" stat?
I wish Zynga could make achievement on this one. Let's say you got achievements if you send more than 1000 gifts, 2500 gifts, 5000 gifts, etc... Just hoping! qeqeqe

Which from your stats that make you proud?
For me, I want to obtain the Bullet Proof achievement and could survive more than 60 minutes in HitList.. but you can see there, it's a big no no! I feel so shame Still trying...

Beware of Swindlers In Mafia Wars!

I was sooooo mad tonight because I was deceited by one scam!

I lost 55 of TNTs for nothing!!! Feel so stupid.. Harakiri me..

Here is the story...

I went to one forum for trading loots and saw his message that he offers one ROULETTE WHEEL from Lotto Collections. I rapidly reply his post and ask him to add me. Few hours, he wrote me a message and we're agree to trade 1 wheel with 55 TNTs.
I was thinking that I am so lucky to have such nice trade, so cheap and finally could fill in the empty space on my lotto collections.
I was too happy and forget about my rule of trading : "You send first and I'll follow!"
I send those TNTs and while processing we're sending messages to each other.

See this pic below.. (click to enlarge)

I can see his pic in messages when his account is still active. Those blank pics above happen when he somehow disable the account (don't know how).. I even thank him, silly me..

After finished sending, I realize that I haven't received from him yet. I wait and refreshing my MW page in hoping that I could see the Roulette Wheel is coming! But that won't be happen and his FB link is just disappear.. I can't send him message, I can't do a thing!

Then I did googling by putting his name on the search engine and found the link of forum explaining about this scam!

I found out that it is a fake account and after obtaining our loots, he directly send them all to his primary account! So it's no use to attack him, punch him, even reporting him to Zynga!
If you still curious about this guy, then you can do this :
~ Click here to View his profile
~ Click here to go to his Mafia profile and teach him a lesson.

Well, I hope you guys could learn from my experience. If you find somebody offers for lotto piece(s), beware!!! Make sure that it is not a scam in any ways. You figure out the ways to make you sure that it is a safe trade for you. I know that you're smarter than me! Yeah

Anyway, this is just a game that I love so much! Will continue playing with a verrrry careful ways in trading... Goodluck, guys! Call me : Good luck from Uncle Lou!

The Loot Items With The Highest Attack Or Defense

Hi there! Hi!
Been busy lately after I post my Trading Corner page. I'm surprised with your enthusiasm.. Means that we love this game a lot!
Wow, you guys are amazing! Thanks for trusting me, thanks for always supporting me by visiting this site!

Now, I'd like to share some loot items with the highest attack or defense. I want to share this because I see today many of you who write on my chat box discussing about this. So, let's start it..

I took this info from Mr HitMan Fred's page.. credit goes to him! Domo....

The Loot Items With The Highest Attack Or Defense

For Attack

* Weapon: TNT 42 Attack Job: El Padrino Tab: Raid The Arms Depot
* Armor: Guerrilla Squad 34 Attack Job: El Padrino Tab: Supply The FRG With Some Extra Muscle
* Vehicle: Hu-9 Helicopter 36 Attack Job: El Padrino Tab: Attack The Army Command Post

For Defense

* Weapon: Gaff hook 30 Defense Job: El Jefe Tab: Pillage A Shipyard
* Armor: Guerrilla Squad 30 Defense Job:El Padrino Tab: Supply The FRG With Some Extra Muscle
* Armor: Falsified Documents 30 Defense Job: Underboss Tab: Take Over an Identity Theft Ring
* Vehicle: Private Jet 38 Defense Job: Boss Tab: Make a Deal with the Mexican Cartel
* Vehicle: Armored State Car 38 Defense Job: El Padrino Tab: Storm The Presidential Palace

You need to collect 501 for each of them so each of your mafia could figth with one of these items. Now, do your jobs and go get the items! Peace!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Trading Corner

Welcome! Welcome to my Trading Corner, families!

Here is the place where I trade my collections, consumables loots, even weapons, armors and vehicles.
I'll update this frequently (perhaps once in a week), so be sure to visit this site if you are looking for something to vault your collections.

What I need?
Or these :
~ 4th of July loots (Red Coat & Cannon only)

What I offered?
My weapons, armors and vehicles! *Federal Agent/TNT/Guerilla Squad/Gaff Hook/Armored State Cars/Hu-9 Helicopter/Canonazo/Track Loader*
(You can email me for the ratio)

Ratio :
For Lotto Collections >>> For each item, I'll give you lots of weapons (you name it)! Plus extra any collections that you want!
For TNT, Gaff Hook, Armored State Car, 4th of July loot (Red Coat, Cannon) >>> 1 : 15 any collections (not for RARE item ie CLUBS card)
For Guerilla Squad, Camo Body Armor >>> 1 : 3 any collections (not for RARE item ie CLUBS card)
For rare items (you can find on my list which have few amount, that's rare item for me!) >>> 1 Guerilla Squad or 1 TNT
For Ace of Clubs >>> 2 Guerilla Squad or 2 TNT

No more trading for collections, thanks to the BOOSTS thing hehe..

This is my collections (updated 30th of July 2009):

New York Collections

---x0 --x1 --x0 ---x0 --x0 --x13 --x13

---x11 ----x9 ---x9 ---x10 ---x9 ----x6 ---x6

---x21 --x22 --x25 --x18 ---x17 --x5---x9

--x22 --x21 --x20 --x24 ---x20 --x8 ----x3

---x9 ----x4 ---x5 ---x6 ----x1 ---x9 ---x???

---x7 ---x21 --x22---x21 ---x18 --x4 ----x11

---x13 --x13 ---x12 ---x7 ---x6 ----x10 ----x2

--x4 -----x7----x6 ----x7 ---x2----x5----x3

---x3 ---x6 -----x9 ---x4 ---x5 ---x5 ----x1

---x12 ---x6 ---x9 ---x13 ---x7----x8----x5

---x7 ---x9 ----x6 ----x8 ---x4 ----x3 ----x5

--x24 --x27 --x26 --x23 --x20 --x9 ----x21

---x3 ---x1 ----x3 ---x7 ---x4 ----x2 ----x3

---x7 ---x6 ----x4 ---x12 ---x7 ---x5 ----x1

---x13 --x13 --x14 ---x15 --x10 --x14 ---x12

Cuba Collections

---x11 --x20 --x28 --x16 --x16 --x10 ---x14

---x8 ---x14 --x9 ---x12 ---x5 --x4 ----x8

---x19 --x17 --x12 --x17 ---x11 --x13 ---x3

---x7 --x11 --x9 --x12 ---x6 --x8 ---x2

--x5 --x6 --x12 ---x10 --x32 --x26 --x25

Rules :
1. ADD ME as your friend
2. Leave a message on my inbox (title : TRADING CORNER)
3. Describe what you need. Name what items that you're looking for and offer.
4. We've to agree first, so wait for my reply.
5. You send the items and then I'll follow.
6. First come, first serve!

Lots of scammers here, so be careful of trading people. DO NOT send first if it is your first trade with him/her. Use middle-man.

And let's start our trade! Trinity's mood


This Blog is not affiliated, sponsored, or endorsed in any way by Mafia Wars, Zynga or Facebook! We do not own Mafia Wars in any way. All images, names, and patterns used on this page were strictly created by Zynga. Zynga is the sole creator of Mafia Wars and all material and such belong to them. This was simply done to help people and inform them all about this game.
We love the game!