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Monday, February 28, 2011

Email Bonus 28/2/2011

Email Bonus for today:

This is what I got for today:

All I can say this is a bad stuff:(
Hope you get a better stuff!

RewardVille Update Notification Now Active



After You Login To RewardVille Promo,You Get This Message Pop Up.
So Be Sure To Check It Everytime You Open Mafia Wars,.
Sure Without "Unframe" it,.
It Still Random??? Yeah,. GoodLuck...

+1 Health Point

Last Free point for today.+1 Health Point.

I sure Zynga will give us these free point on March too :)


Crisis in Cuba missions(Bug)

Some players still dont have the set of Crisis in Cuba mission.

if we finish the missions we will get one item called Embargo Net with stats of 71 Attack and 138 Defense also it will give us a additional 10% cash in a top secret location you can see it here

but the problem is that some people still dont have the set of Crisis in Cuba missions.

with 3 days left and the requeriment of Build 2 cars and collect from The bodega 2 time is impossible

zynga say that they are aware of the problem and a fix to the problem will be introduced shortly that was 2 days ago and nothing so i hope zynga give a extension of time to the people that dont have the missions yet. post in that thread if you want a extension of time too

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Ancient Relics Event: Part 2

For Part 1,Check this Post.

After you had completed all 3 times,Your home page will be shown like this

And you should get 3 of each items in your Inventory

For those who have not completed,you have 2 days+ to complete it and Zynga change the ending time from usual 11:59pm PST to 9pm PST but from the FAQ 411 it say the date is subject to change.

Hope you guys manage to finish by time ^_^

1 Defense Point

Today free point is +1 Defense Point.

Enjoy it!

Reward Point Icon change

There is some change in the Icon that the Reward Point display.

Front View

Back View

Zynga change this just to get our attention that RP is on sale.
But is your choice whether to buy or not :)

Ancient Relics Event:Inca Mask

The last of Ancient Relics has been giftable from free gifts earlier today!
Still the same rule apply:
4 gifts for Bronze
8 gifts for Sliver
16 gifts for Gold
Total:28 Gifts

Here is the Reward for Inca Master call Pack Hunter:

After you completed the Gold Mastery of Inca Mask,You are eligible to get the Grand Prize called: Leopard Tooth

As usual from other Gifting Event,You can re-do this event another 2 times so you need a total of 196 Gifts to master Another 2 times of Mastery and 1 extra time for the Pack Hunter.So Enjoy Collecting your gifts.

Stay Tuned for Part 2 of this Post!

War Bug!

Got an email from Avishek again, this time he has problem with helping his friend on war!

Please check on his email to me :

Hey Ade,
So its a glitch which I am seeing for many days
Actually I am not playing mafia too much for my slow internet connection for some days!!
Every time I try to help my friends on their wars, I see that message in the picture!
The last time I helped a friend in war was like 2 weeks ago....
And I DIDN'T help in 5 wars today...
Still I see this message and don't get rewards :(
I think I have to mail Zynga again!!

Thanks for sharing this one, Avishek.
Here is the screenshot :

One commenter said that the best way to help our friend is to unfriend them from FaceBook friend, re-invite and the problem will gone!
Or to remove from mafia and then send Mafia Wars invite again, something like that.

I think it's too much! Smiley

If we only have problem with one person, it's ok to do so. But what if we got more than 5 friends who has problems on their war, job help...?
The war can be over by the time we want to be their friend or mafia family again.
The job can be completed by the time we want to send the Friend Request or Mafia Wars invite..

Zynga has the problems and they are the one who should fix it!
You still can contact Zynga CS tho, but not for me. Once is enough for today..

Once again, the purpose of playing game is to have fun and interact with your mafia family. If you can not do it today, relax.. enjoy your weekend, have fun with your friends and families.. Go back tomorrow and ready to play your game again!

Have a great weekend, guys! Good one, huh?

Email Bonus 27/2/2011

Sorry for this late post!

Note:You will not be able to get Email Bonus if you had used between the last 16 hours.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

How To Get To Zynga CS - Live Chat

Lately there are some of bugs appearing in our Mafia Wars game.
Please scroll down to see my blog posts about it.
We need Zynga Customer Support to help us with these issues, whether to let us accepting our Free Gifts back, helping on war, etc etc..

Submitting a ticket seems to be a long way to get response back!
I have sent mine but no reply although I have waited for more than 48 hours.

The fast and easy way is to contact Zynga Customer Support via Live Chat!
But they don't show all the time on Support page..

I have made one article about Customer Live Chat around 6 months ago here! But now there is another way to make sure that you can find them on Live Chat.

How To Get To Zynga CS - Live Chat

1. First go to Zynga Customer Support page on Mafia Wars section here and leave the page open after you go there!
You will see this page :

2. Then click here and you will see this page :

Enter the information above with your own data.

3. Click on "Chat Now" button.
A pop up window will appear now...

Just wait until one agent is ready for you.
Usually it's about 5-10 minutes of waiting, can be more or less. If you don't like to wait on this one, you can repeat anytime!

I was lucky, after 6 minutes I got one agent on the Live Chat box :

I told him with my problem about can not accepting Free Gifts, declaring war, job help, etc. He is reviewing my account and finally added 30 Reward Points on my account.

I refresh my account after 5 minutes and I got the 30 RPs!

Naaah, love the Live Chat system!
One thing for sure is that you can not give fake info to them regarding with your problems! If you didn't use your Reward Points to get your Mission done due to the bugs, so don't tell them that you use Reward Points!
I mean, they have our history on this game. Don't get your account reviewed for nothing!

Just tell them your problem clearly and politely. Zynga CS will deliver your issue to Developer team and hopefully that you will have good compensation for the trouble they made to your game Yeah

PS : Credit goes to Mr T for the kind info!

The Informant Podcast~Episode 40: I’ve Got A Golden Ticket!!

This is the new episode of Informant Podcast.

It’s getting close and I can tell you our brains are working overtime. We are trying to get everything in line. If you have issues with the game. Please share them on our rant email or voicemail or as posts to this podcast Episode. We are here to be your voice, so make sure we are filled will good ideas and legitimate complaints. Jen covers the extension of the HeartBreaker event giving people a chance to cash in their last few items. She also fills in a little more detail on the Ancient Relics Event. Chester, Jana, and Pete cover a brief wish list item for a requested game change that could really help the families, and those fighters that do targeted fighting.

Click on the play button above and start listening.Enjoy!
Source from: The Informant Podcast

+1 attack

Today free point is +1 Attack Point

Stay tuned!!

Cuba in Crisis Mission Event 411 and FAQ - Updated

I didn't have a chance to post about this article from Zynga Support page about Cuba In Crisis Mission 411.
Now I will post it along with an update on this article :

Cuba in Crisis Mission Event 411 and FAQ
Updated 02/25/2011 02:39 PM

Cuba in Crisis - Mission Event

***Important Notice***

The mafia development team is aware of a problem that is preventing users from gaining access to the Cuba in Crisis Mission. At this moment the Zynga Support Team does not have a workaround to this particular however a fix to this problem will be introduced shortly. Thank you for your understanding while this problem is addressed.

Seasons change, and in March, Mafia Wars will change in an unprecedented way.

Q: Cuba is closing, why?

A: We have some major things coming up in March, and part of the storyline involves the closing down of Cuba. 'A major disruption is about to happen. A powerful, new criminal organization is wreaking havoc on the current world order. This has caused an uprising in Cuba where all Mafia bosses will be deported. It will soon be revealed where and why this new criminal organization, the Neo-Imperium, is disrupting Cuba.'

Q: What do you mean closing?

A: Cuba will no longer be accessible. It will be grayed out on the travel menu and any attempts to get to Cuba will be stopped with a popup. You will not be able to vault or revault Cuba collections. You will not be able to collect from Cuba properties or access the Cuba bank. You will not be able to complete Cuba achievements. You will not be able to fight or rob in Cuba.

Q: When will this happen?

A: Cuba will be closing on March 3rd.

Q: Is this permanent?

A: Cuba will be closed for the foreseeable future.

Q: When does Crisis in Cuba start/end?

A: This event starts late Wednesday night, February 23rd. As with all events, the release will be gradual to ensure stability. (Not all players will have access initially)

Q: What if I have finished Cuba already?

A: In order to complete Cuba in Crisis mission, you will need to loot Prop 4's. This will only drop in jobs and fights (but not robs) in Cuba. Completing the mission will award you with the Special Mastery Item, an Embargo Net that will result in an additional 10% cash in .

Q: What if I haven't finished Cuba already?

A: In addition to the Prop 4's, you will receive 5x Mastery on unmastered jobs. You might also want to ask for Politico Corruptos from your friends. Mastered jobs reward you with a skill point.

In addition, there are Mastery Items for mastering each tier (El Rey Roadster, Guerilla Commando, Avispa Machine Gun, Che's Beret, Cocodrilo, and Cazador Assault Rifle) If you haven't vaulted the Cuba collections, each of them offer a permanent addition to your skill.

*Rum Drinks Collection initial vault = + 8 Energy

*Tropical Fruits Collection initial vault = +3 Stamina

*Entertainers Collection initial vault = +10 Health

*Tropical Fish Collection initial vault = +5 Attack

*Beards Collection initial vault = +7 Defense

There are also Cuba achievements that offer a skill point for completion.

Q: What if I don't finish Cuba in time?

A: Your Cuba progress will be frozen.

Q: I like fighting in Cuba!

A: The Cuba version of fighting will also be closed for the foreseeable future.

Customer Support is not authorized to offer any compensation to players who do not complete Cuba before it closes. If you have any feedback or opinions about this event, please visit -

I don't hear that any player have problem with gaining access to this Mission, but I have posted all bugs regarding the Mission! Some of friends have posted theirs problems on the Comment section too!
Can not Declare a War, can not send or accept gifts including Mission Crew, etc... And your Customer Supports are not available on chat or even reply my email regarding these issues!

Whatever is happening there in Zynga land, please fix it soon! I want to finish my Mission before you close Cuba!
Thank you, Zynga team!

Earn Reward Points?

There's a new button on the Marketplace page, "Earn Reward Points".
Not sure what it is since it doesn't respond to my mouse clicks..

Okay, so what happens when you click onto "Earn Reward Points" is that a popup will appear for you to choose which category you wants to choose.
As for mine, i have to purchase items from other websites before i'm able to earn the free reward points...

Have a Problem with Gifting?

Ok, Zynga awares about the error on Gifting!
Yesterday Leonard and Avishek have shared their problems with Gifting and got good respons from the Customer Support, I have the same problem but Zynga CS only suggested me to clear the cache, etc etc!
Yeah, still.. no luck on this game!

Now they have just made a new page about it here : Have a Problem with Gifting? Programmers want to Fix it! Help us, help them!
Updated 02/24/2011 12:24 PM

(Click on the image to enlarge)

So, if you have the same problems, please go there and provide them with the answers of the following questions :

What type of gift was it?
( Free Gift , Inventory, Wishlist, Crime Spree)

What action were you trying to perform?
(Accepting the gift, Sending a gift )

If you were sending a gift, where did things go wrong?
(Gifting page, Selecting friends, Confirming the send, Selecting the item)

If you were accepting the gift where were you accepting it?
(Facebook Request, ZMC, Mafia Wars Homepage, Accepting 'gifts' from Facebook wall posts

What did the result look like?
(White page, Game Froze, Error message [please include a screenshot], Names were missing/wrong [please include a screenshot], Item didn't add to inventory, Did not get send confirmation, Other [please provide detail])

Click here to submit to Zynga Customer Support agent or go here to ask them to fix this soon!

So many error on the game now, hope they can fix all of these bugs as soon as possible! I want to play my game, Zynga!

Energy Pack Failed!

This is getting worst!
Not only we are not able to help our friends on their war or job help, now we can not send them Energy Pack!

I got this error message when I want to claim Energy Pack from one of my mafia.

I try to help another friend with their Energy Pack request, got this message :

You are not friends with xxxxx.

What's wrong, Zynga????
Another topic for the Player Advisory Committee, I guess... Smiley

Friday, February 25, 2011

Bugs On War!

We have the new Mission in Cuba now.. Cuba In Crisis Mission!
And one of the very first job is to declare a war with one opponent. Lots of you will do this task right away and publish for help.

I have tried to help lots of my mafia friend on their war.. sometimes I can help them and kill one opponent but sometimes I can not!

I got this message :
Not in Mafia! Sorry, you have to be mafia with this user to help on a war!

Also when I want to help on a job, got this message :
Sorry, you have to be social network friends with this user to help on a job!

So there is a glitch happening on this game now.
If you have those messages above, just try to click to help one more time and you'll be able to help your mafia.
Probably all players in the world now are declaring war to each other to finish the Mission and it somehow confuses the system Xixixixixix

Have a try!

Email Bonus!!

Email Bonus for 25 Feb :)

Enjoy!!! ^_^

Fight In New York Now!

All eyes now are aiming to Cuba!
But please spend your Stamina in New York as the loots are dropping rapidly there!

I used my low level account (level 200's) and can provide this screenshot :

If you're above level 450 which is having wider range to attack your opponents on the shark tank, you will get lots of Fight HEL 4 dropping like rain!
To check all the Fight HEL 4, please go to this post : New Fighting Loots!

Haider was using BattleField tool and able to get additional Fight HEL 4 loots and the following result :

And here is the screenshot of Haider's fight result using Brawler tool :

Too bad that the drop rate is back to normal now. You can still fight in New York to proof it by yourself.
Good luck and happy killing! Smiley

PS : Thanks for the screenshots, Haider!

1 Skill Point

Today is 1 free skill Point :)


Cuba in Crisis - Mission !

A post has been posted on the Mafia Wars Blog with information for Cuba In Crisis mission.
Cuba will be shutting down when the timer is up for the Cuba In Crisis mission.

"Martial Law has declared war on Cuba. Your mission is to find out who is behind the uprising in Havana before Cuba shuts down. Finish Cuba before time runs out - plus, complete the Cuba in Crisis mission to get a special reward!"

There will be 2 items as a reward for this mission, Prop 4 and Embargo Net.
Also, during the Crisis, you'll receive 5x Job Mastery in Cuba.

Doing Jobs or Fighting in Cuba now have a chance to loot Prop 4(A:65/D:55).

Mission Ends in around 6 Days!


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We love the game!