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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mystery Shipment


If you go to Free Gift page, you can see this.. a Mystery Shipment!

So, what's this mystery shipment?
When you open your Mystery Shipment gifts, will give you random of upgrade building parts!

This is the screenshot when you have the gift from your beloved mafia..

And here is the examples when you open your Mystery Shipment gifts..

It's said there if you gift back to the person who sent you, they will receive 2 gifts!
I don't know what kind of gifts.. but this is good.. 1 gift sent and got 2 gifts back!

Another Mystery Shipment only tells that we got the building part, without double bonus of gifts.. So I guess we need more luck to get 2 gifts from mafia who sent back gifts ..
So far I got building parts for Vegas only.. how about you?

And this is a bit weird.. we have one new item from collecting the Property in Italy called : DJ!

Here is the large view..

I think it's belong to one of the property from region 6-8. Anybody knows this item?
Also I dont think that is the only property because there is a kind of "ship" behind the new property. So probably there will be 2 new properties for the upcoming regions.
Please check on the screenshot below..

I love the view of Italy.. what a lovely country!

PS : Thanks to Linus and Leonard for the info! Thanks for kindly share the news and screenshots..

3 Free Spins

Hey, just notice this..
Now we can only play 3 free spins in a day!

One more screenshot..

So, now the have reduced the amount of free spins.. Please use Reward Points to play the Mini Games...
I don't like it... but well, what can we do?

PS : Thanks to Haider for the screenshot..

Next City - London City?

Got one interesting info for you, guys..
Please check on the screenshot below..

One friend has got into London city already!
You can see the Property there as "My Kingdom" and there is a message (under red bracket) telling you the info about London city for some beta testers only, that London will be release on February 2011, etc etc..

Not sure if this is true or not, just want to share the info...

PS : Thanks a lot to "C' for the screenshot!

Note from Da Irish Kid from Top Mafia.Info

Just wanted to leave some feedback on your latest post of the "London Beta" screenshot. While that picture is indeed, very nice, it is a photoshopped/firebugged screenshot. The reason(s) behind this are as follows:

1) While it says "pounds", it still shows the Lira symbol, and shows the cash on hand as $L
2) It uses the Italy background, colours, etc.
3) The jobs itself uses the Italy job art in the job box
4) Zynga does not use European dating (it would be Feb 30, 2011)
5) there is NO February 30
6) Zynga does not give in game messaging to beta testers (trust me, I've beta'd BK, AC and Italy)
7)There is no real incentive for beta testing (i.e. free RP, energy refills, and the like), you just get a head start, and all the bugs that come with it.
8)The job tree is Italy region 1

Great statements, Da Irish Kid!
You got it all right! Thanks for kindly sent the email to me..
Hihihi.. so sorry for being silly.. Let's see if I have another screenshots soon about London City :)

Have a great weekend, guys..

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Mission

Wow, Halloween is coming!

This mission is at the home page. You can start by clicking check your mission.
There is like a flash preview or something that every 3 sec if will change the small screen and give us more information.

Sadly, this Halloween failed. It says we can do mission as may times as we want but there is a timer telling us when we can start again????

Anyway let's get to the mission.
There are 3 missions.. The mission are the same just it has Easy, Medium and Hard with all the same prizes.

The prizes..

And here are the rare items..

Exploding Pumpkin

Supercharged Hearse

Death's Door

I can only tell you that only Exploding Pumpkin and Death Dealer minigun (uncommon) will increase the attack or defense. The others are just crap.
Have fun on this Halloween!

PS : Thanks a lot Leonard!
Credit goes to MW Loot Lady for the screenshots! Thanks Jen..

Halloween Loot Event!

Ok, one new event is out.. Halloween Loot Event!
For this Halloween loot event, is just as same as Las Vegas Loot event when vegas is coming last time.

There are 7 items to be collected and once you collect them all, you will get the Vampire Bat. 4 of them drop from jobs and 3 of them drop from fight.
Here is the example when you get them from doing jobs..

Here is the pop up for receiving one item..

Once you post the the feed saying you get 1 of item, there is a word say Claim Halloween Reward and you can get 1 of the main Italy property upgrade but also 10 times is the max..

Here is the pop up message for completing the seven items..

And also we are allow to have 10 of them max. So keep doing the jobs until you got max of each items..

PS : Thanks to Leonard, Kevin, Linus, etc..
Credit goes to MW Loot Lady for the screenshots! Thanks Jen..

The Daily Take Glitch

Hello all,

How are you?
I'm still traveling now.. and thanks God I finally have my internet connection..

Ok, I got this info from Aaron.. please read on..
Attached is a copy of my daily take bonus for today. I won stamina increase. You use that for fighting and robbing right? So how does this automatically increase my total fight wins.
Look at the numbers for fight wins before and after. Also attached is screen shot of my actual stats. Note circled are my increased fight win, it's not only a glitch for the daily take, it effects your stats.

Here are the screenshots..

Stats Before Using Stamina Bonus

Stats After Using Stamina Bonus

Well, the counter is not doing good on some servers, I think..
Also if you take a look at your "Longest Hitlists Survival" it will be the same as some others mafia..

Not sure if this is the result of the new event of Halloween or its simply from the timer glitch..
Anyway, thanks for sharing Aaron..
Hope they fix the glitch on your Stats..

Have a nice day!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Some Funny Things On Mafia Wars!

Okie, I don't have much time to write..
Tomorrow I will be going to another province to visit my family there..
We will go there by car and the trip might take almost a day... So I'd better sleep sooner and wake up with fresh eyes.. Xixixixixix

So, today let's talk about some funny (and annoying) things on this game..

First is the Secret Stash error!
I still found that when we open the stash, we can not see what's inside the hidden stash.. like this one..

What should I tell my friends about??
If you go to Player Updates to find the info about this, it will saying that both of you got some amazing booty!

And not sure about this one... Is it a glitch or just a coincidence.. You can save your Vegas chips as Thai Baht!

You know, old trick.. but actually you didn't get the Thai Baht..

And this poor mafia friend is having problem with his account.. where he can not master this job in Vegas!

You better contact Zynga team about this issue.. Yeah

And this one is the reward we got from completing one Secret Mission! Look at the prize!

Lots of mafia friends ask me to keep making blog posts about how silly the rewards are! Come on, Zynga... Please remove the Collections from reward lists.. I like the boosts, but please don't just give 1x of boost.. make it 50x or more from one mission.. What dya think?

Ok, another funny thing is this one.. one more reward from Secret Stash..

Can you please tell me which item you want to choose?

Lamar sent me this one.. We have seen this and now it's happening again..

Script in the Property page is not good.. Hope this is only temporary, Lamar..

I know, Dublin mission has ended.. but why do we still have the Pint of Stout as our gift?

And look at this.. My Village is not only in Italy.. You can also see it in New York, Moscow and other city..

This is the proof that your Las Vegas Casino can give you Lira currency! Sorry, bad joke..
I think these 2 images can be happen when you open more than 1 tab and travel to another city..

That's all! I'd like to thanks to all friends who eagerly sent the kind infos, screenshots, friend requests, etc..
Nuno, Ankit, Jimmy, Pedro, Dario, Linus, Lamar, Haider, Anna, and forgot who else.. Thank you, thank you, thank you.. Peace yo!

Also, please don't offer more Mafia Wars account to me.. I can not buy or put the ads of your accounts on my blog anymore.. Hope you can take advantage of it somewhere..
Have a lovely day!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Captcha In Mafia Wars Game!

So I saw this thread on Zynga forum (thanks to VaibhaV for the info!)..

Source : Zynga forum

Some players are reporting that they have to enter captcha if they click too fast on this game!
Like the player above, had the pop up when he/she did some fights, regular fights!!!

I can not imagine if we have it from using AttackX or Brawler bookmarklet! There must be lots of captcha! Hehehehe I wonder if they want us to stop using these tools..

And some players have this pop up when doing some jobs! The worst is that sometimes they can not find any TEXT on the captcha screen... how to submit then?

I think it's not a good move, Zynga!
We don't like to be paused while having fun! Using this Captcha is only will make more players quit playing!

Please consider on taking this back! We're waiting...

New Game Header!

Hello all!
How are you today?
I feel terrific now...

And just want to remind for the winners of the October Give Away to reply my email a.s.a.p..
2 Winners has replied and enjoy the free RPS.. still waiting for the rest 2 persons.

Ok, let's talk with the new layout..
Another new Game Header is out!

Now it has the Mafia Wars banner at the top of the header..

I don't know why Zynga keeps changing it a lot... but according to VaibhaV who has the new header, he likes this one.. loads fast!!!
What about you? Which one do you like?

PS : Thanks to VaibhaV for the kind info!

Halloween Loot Event - Coming Soon

Thanks to Leonard for the info!

There will be a loot event. Check the screenshot.
The Halloween loot is already up to purchase on Marketplace.
The loot event will start on Thursday. I guess 12am San Francisco Time
Here is the banner inside our game..

And if you go to the Marketplace... you can see these Limited Edition items :

Though ones! Perfect for the Collectors!
Want to have one? Be my guess....


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