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Friday, December 31, 2010

Have A Fun-filled New Year of 2011!

We will have New Year in few hours here.. so I'd like to wish you : Happy New Year!

Wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year 2011. More blessings, good health, happiness and joy next year 2011.

Happy New Year 2011 to all!

+1 Skill Point

Hi all!
How's your day?

Here is the link to grab +1 Skill Point from Mafia Wars.. Do it now!
Thanks to Kelly for the link!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Win big with Dr. Dre!

I just got this email from Zynga about the Dr Dre sweeptakes.

For more info about this, you can check my blog post Mafia Wars - Hustle To Win!.
If you click on Play now button on the first picture, you will be taken here :

Don't forget to read the whole of Zynga OFFICIAL RULES on this event.

Well, not for me again... Good luck to you, guys..

Armondo's Helicopter

Hello my friends,

How are you today?
I have internet problem again.. not because of my bad ISP but somehow we have connection problem in my country. Perhaps it's because of a kind end of year bug or something..

I would like to apologize because lately I made some stupid posts..
Sometimes I post it when it's very late at night and I try to keep my eyes open while I'm typing.. so I don't have time to observe the article before I post it.
You know, human factor thingy.. so sorry for that... Peace yo!

Ok, today I'd like to discuss about one of Manhattan mastery bonus ie Armondo's Helicopter.
If you have Manhattan city in your account and have mastered it, you will get this vehicle.

According to our friend who has this heli, it is added to our new Inventory but somehow the effect doesn't work! This heli is supposed to give +2 Energy regeneration.

Anybody notice about this too?

I think the best way is to ask about this to Zynga.. Please provide them screenshot with this Armondo's Helicopter and ask about the +2 Energy Generation.

On the other side, I feel a little jealous too.. I don't have Manhattan City on my account.
If new players who has this city can get +2 Energy Generation, I hope everybody has the same chance! I don't mind to do jobs and fights on this city..

What do you think? What dya think?

PS : Thanks to anonymous for the info!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Zynga & TNT Promo - Southlander

There is a new banner now on Home page tab.. You can see it randomly appear on the 5th slide...
Just refresh your Home tab until you see it..

This is regarding my previous blog post about the new Free Gift item ie Southlander where this weapon is coming from the TNT Television ads on Mafia Wars..

Grab this weapon now (at least one if you don't really need it) because it is only for a limited time available on Free Gift page.

If you click on the "Watch Video" button on the first screenshot, you will be taken to this page Southland fan page on FaceBook.


I don't think I can watch it from here in Asia..
So this is only for your information..

Negative Experience

This is one bug that still happening on our game..

No other info given by the sender though...
So I don't know if this player able to level up or not..

Perhaps it's because a busy server or something like that.. I hope this is only a temporary bug...

Happy gaming all!

PS : Thanks for sharing this one, Filma..

+1 Health Point

Grab your bonus for today..

Ok here is the link :

It's good to have this bonus everyday..
We can claim different bonus everyday until January 4th.. so stay tuned!

Robbing Success = Lump Of Coal?

Ok, the New Year's Eve is coming very soon..
We're still trying to upgrade our Christmas tree and collecting the presents to get maximum number ie 45 presents.

But some players find it so hard to get lots of presents.. Everytime they try to collect presents from robbing, the prize is always Lump Of Coal!
Here is one example from Phil.. Please read on his email to me..

With the new Protect the Presents operation going on and having to rob others to get items to upgrade your tree and get new presents, I've been having a very annoying problem. When I am successful in robbing someone's tree, around 90% of the time I've been receiving a "Lump of Coal" instead of a present or an upgrade part.

You can see my result in the screenshot below..

I've contacted Zynga about the issue, but I was told it was a "technical error" and it would be forwarded, and there was nothing he could do other than give me 3 of each of the upgrade items, not even a present.
That was 2 days ago, and I still haven't heard back from them. I don't know if anyone else is having this problem, but when you get a success shouldn't you at least get an upgrade part? I have managed to get my tree fully upgraded, but I already have 123 "Lump of Coal"s and growing.

Here is his Lump Of Coal by the time he sent me this email..

And sadly, here is the screenshot of his Christmas tree.. Can only able to get 16 from 45 gifts..

According to Phil he must be on a bad server or something because every time a new feature comes out he feels like he's among the last to get it!

Well, you're lucky, Phil..
My alter only have 5 from 45 gifts!
I was managed to get almost 45 of presents but somehow Zynga reset back my Protectors everyday and my opponents steal lots of my gifts! I also got Lump Of Coal whenever I help my friends as their Protectors and from robbing... and I feel bored to ask for more Protectors.. I really hate this event!

Still the best way is by sending Holiday Sack from Free Gifts and ask your beloved family to send back to you and don't open it yet!
Wait until a day before New Year's eve or so.. make sure that you have enough gifts so you are able to get the Grand Prize...

Still have 2 days before the event end...
Good luck to all of you.. and you too, Phil..

I Got The Jackpot! Not!

One of our friend won the Jackpot on Slot Machine game inside Mafia Wars!
But instead getting his Jackpot prize for 31,160 Reward Points, he only got 240 RPs!

You can win the Jackpot once your Slot Machine giving you 3 different colors of Mafia Wars text and you have to play 3 RPs at a time!

Please read on the email..

I'm writing you this mail to let other player know how Zynga handle things.

Customer (Anas xxxxxxx) 12/26/2010 10:56 PM
While playing the slot machine to get RP I won the 3 Mafia Wars different logo (black, red & grey) but I won only 240RP. Wasn't I supposed to win the Jackpot? Find screen shot attached.

And here is the first reply from Zynga Customer Support..

Response (xxxxxx) 12/27/2010 04:53 PM
Hello Anas,

Thanks for contacting Zynga customer support. My name is xxxxxx.

Hi Anas, I truly understand your frustration about the Reward Points missing, unfortunately I do not count with enough information to continue with the investigation, if you were so kind to provide me with the following information will help me to continue:

-When did this happened?
-What were you doing when this happened?

I'll be waiting for your response Anas.

Kind regards,
Zynga Customer Support.

Anas got so curious and he reply it again with all the answers :

Hi xxxxxx,
Question: -When did this happened?
Answer: This happened on Monday 27th December at about 1:30pm (GMT +4)
Question: -What were you doing when this happened?
Answer: I was in Italy City on home page playing Slot machine.
Hope this help.

Ok after a while he got the reply again, this time is NOT good!

Hello Anas,

Thanks for contacting Zynga Customer Support.

My name is xxxxxx and I'll be happy to assist you Anas, I have reviewed all the information that you provide me in the email, I went to your account to verify the information and everything seems to be correct and working properly, I am unable to verify your losses reason why I'm unable to restore them.

I hope that this situation has not disappointed and if there is anything you may need, don't hesitate to contact us, we will be more than happy to assist you, just let us know.

Have a great day!!

Kind regards,
Zynga Customer Support.

Now how am supposed to have a great day while they screw up & I was penalized.
Please let the other player know about how Zynga handles thing so that they don't get upset.


Wow, that's rude!
So far I have good experience with Zynga Customer Support.. whenever I need their help regarding Game Play etc, they always come in handy and fix the problem and sometimes giving us good compensations.
But it will be completely different if it is dealing with Reward Points! This is a very sensitive case for both site.

On Anas case, I think all players are eligible to win their Jackpot money!
That's why we play this mini game everyday to have chance to win the Jackpot...

So what about the this Jackpot winners?

Is this all fake?
Why don't they put the reward for hitting Jackpot is 240 RPs! To seduce you to play more and spend more RPs, of course!
But in a very bad and tricky way... bad Zynga!

The same thing also happen to some other friends that I know.. They didn't want to let this issue go away. So almost everyday they are annoying Zynga Support asking about this and sometimes got some freebies from Zynga Support.
Well, sometimes they got kicked out from Live Chat with Support team too..

I only hope that Zynga can be honest with us.. no cheap trick or dirty strategy.. We love the game!

Edited my blog post :
Silly me, Zynga is right.
Anas only deserve 240 RPs because he won 3 of any logos.
To win Jackpot should start with Red + Gray + Black logo! My bad.. I apologize for this bad post
Thanks to all friends for helping me understand this.

PS : Thanks to Anas who kindly share this news to all of us.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

+1 Stamina Point

Keep up the fight!

For today, grab your +1 Stamina point by playing Mafia Wars today.
Ok here is the link :

Happy killing, people!

Robber Redux - Experimental Bookmarklet!

Thanks to Frogi for this info! Thank you!
There's a new bookmarklet from Spockholm team called Robber Redux!
It's new version of robber that rob specific buildings in all cities... but it's still under beta testing and you have to do an entry test to get your copy!

Please check Spockholm fan page to see detail information.

Frogi has just got the link to do make it runs and here is the result of his tool..

You can run it on each city.. let's say you want to collect many Weapon Parts, so aim for New York city and choose Weapon Depot as your target!

There is also another tool to rob Armory Depot.. It called Armory Robber.

Please go here to install it on your browser : Armory Robber bookmarklet.

Happy bulglarizing!

PS : All credit goes to Spockholm team. Spock On!!!

Christmas Tree - Fully Upgraded - No Fix Ratio for gift boxes

This is a message sent by -Ra- yesterday..
Looks like there is no fix ratio or numbers for how many green/blue/red boxes you will get, for example I got 14 green, 16 blue and 15 red boxes totaling 45 boxes.. so all I got to do now is to protect them...


Here is -Ra- Christmas tree..

You can see that the numbers of each box is not the same..
And here is mine at the moment..

But check on our friend's tree below.. Gunther has more than 45 gifts!

If we check on Tis The Season For Robbing 411 and FAQ they have explained this :
All presents regardless of color are of equal value. Be sure to upgrade the Tree to level 5 so the maximum amount of 45 gifts can be stored.

A glitch, huh? Hehehehe

Don't forget to check this one :
**Users who fully upgrade their Tree and mange to safeguard and open the maximum of 45 gifts (Level 5 Tree with maximum stored gifts) will earn the Grand Prize, the Auld Sang Lyne (ATT 110, DEF 135). Be sure to fully protect your Tree prior to New Years Day to ensure the ultimate reward item is achieved***

And open all your present on December 31th.. make sure to play on that day..

That's it for me now..
Thanks to -Ra- and Gunther for the screenshots.. Happy Holidays!

Account Temporarily Unavailable

Good morning!

I had a very long sleep last night.. guess I was so tired after making lots of posts these few days..
Zynga really doesn't want to slow down...

And this morning at my time zone I'd like to play my Mafia Wars game.. Login in to FaceBook and when I want to go to Mafia Wars I see this..

I see lots of comments talking about the same thing!
They said it's Zynga's fault.. make lots of spamming events and now FaceBook punish us..

After a few try I can go to my game... Thanks God!

Hope you can play your game smoothly, my friends..
Have a nice day!

Monday, December 27, 2010

+1 Free Energy

Yup, your daily bonus from playing today..

Ok go here to claim it : 1 Free Energy

Have fun! Wheeeeeeeeee..

Challenge Mission - 50,000 Feet

There is a new Challenge Mission available now.. It called 50,000 Feet - You're Cleared For Take Off!
Yes, what a weird name for a mission.

You will have a pop up message whenever you login in your Mafia Wars account today...

Click to go to 50,000 Feet!

This one is much a like as Challenge Mission - Mumbai, Dublin, etc...
The difference is you can continue the chapter once you complete the requirements! Of course, you have to provide one consumable for each job called Reserve Chute.

Not sure how many to complete the whole these mission.

There are 3 Chapters in total and also 3 mastery rewards.

To start your mission, simply do the jobs. You will provided with 8 Reserve Chutes, after that you have to find more from doing normal jobs, fights..

Look at the screenshot, Haider spent more than 2K of Stamina and only got 5x Reserve Chutes!

You can also got one from clearing full board on robbing...

also from Free Gift page.. and by purchasing at the Marketplace.

There is also more Reserve Chutes you can get everyday by recruiting more crews for this missions.

Here is the explanation for the crew.

So please take a moment to add some new mafia friends from my Pimp List on the left side of this blog.

Ok now, you are ready to start the job..
Once you have mastered 1 job, you gained 1 Skill point! And able to publish it...

If you complete 1 job the news feed will have this writen ~ xxx has almost earned the exclusive HALO Wingsuit.

This player has not finish yet, he is just completing the jobs. You can help and get 1 Chute by helping him.

If you complete the Chapter the news feed will have this wrriten ~ xxx has just earned the exclusive HALO Wingsuit.

Both news feed can give you 1 free Chute, there are only 5 Chutes available so make sure to grab them fast!

Don't forget that there is a job heat meter, you need to slow down ..

If you have run out of Energy and want to go back doing the Challenge Mission, simply go to Travel button. You will see it there..

Leonard has done all the jobs on 3 chapters..

And here are the mastery rewards from each chapter!

Great stats!
Happy gaming, my friends!

PS : Thanks a lot to Leonard for the info! Also to Gunther and Haider for additional screenshot.. Peace yo!


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We love the game!