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Monday, December 27, 2010

Pawn Shop - Coming Soon

I see that Jennifer a.k.a. MW Loot Lady posted this today.. Thank you, Jen!
It is an article about the upcoming feature called Pawn Shop!

She said there is no official info about it yet, but one contributor of Mafia Wars Wiki, Toenailsin, has posted one picture.

Look cool!
Here is one statement I took from Official Mafia Wars Blog written by Jennifer..
The Inventory Revamp project is well underway and the inventory page will be more organized and tell players what they need and what they don't need. An exciting addition will be a feature that serves as a Pawn Shop and will allow players to have a use for the items they don't need anymore.
The goal is the give players a way to leverage all the items they have acquired throughout the game. Scott stated that "Hopefully this system becomes a foundational aspect of the work we are progressing on related to trading".

According to Mr Sim y0, this Pawn Shop is located in the Marketplace, so it's not another property in Bangkok, etc. Thanks for the info, Mr Sim y0!

Well, I am hoping that we will be able to convert our unwanted items to become Reward Points! With a reasonable price, of course..
But you know Zynga, they will make a feature where we will be able to spend our Reward Points more and more.. just wait and see...
Meanwhile please don't throw away your unwanted items (yet).
Or if you want to clean out your Inventory, make sure to send them all to your alter.. just in case you will need them again in the future..

That's it for now.. past my bed time here... Have a great weekend to you!

PS : Credit goes to Jennifer.. thanks to Toenailsin and Mr Sim y0!


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