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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New York For New Players!

Got this interesting info from Surabaya Downtown Mafia!
All credit goes to the original uploader (Andi), Admins and all fans! Thank you!

Now Mafia Wars has a new look for newbies.. but not all new players have a chance to get the new layout! This is only for lucky ones..

Here is your first welcome on the game!

Start the game and do the jobs. Ok, now your objective is to go to District 1. Find it on the map below..

Go there and do your first job!

And somehow you will have 2 mafia family members.. I don't know how, perhaps when you do jobs, the game is suggesting this..

This is when you do level up..

Nice rewards!
All skills refilled, plus you got +5 Energy Points and +1 Reward Point!

Here is the new look of Boss Fight on the first tier..

Wooow, I would love to play from the start if I knew I can have the new design! Xixixixixix
But too bad, according to this player, the new look is so "heavy" and it always gives you the image of spinning revolver!
Perhaps it requires the new update of flash player.. or it is still under beta and the team is still doing some changing there...

Anyway, thanks again to Surabaya Downtown Mafia! Enjoy, mate

Image sources :

Energy/XP Ratio In Bangkok

Just noticed about this also..
Now the ratio between Energy and Experience we have by doing jobs in Bangkok is has improved.. a very good news!

This is one of the example sent by one of my best mafia :

Lots of players can finish Bangkok jobs using this new ratio.. and of course can do levelling up easy rather than it was..

Thanks, Zynga team..
I hope you will always gives best improvement to make our game easier and happier than ever!

PS : Thanks to -R- and also Aldo for the info.. Also thanks to Bjorn.. you have reminded me about this yesterday! Many thanks for the help..

Check Your Mafia Store in New York

Thanks to Cohen who tells me about this info.. Yes, we have some new items on the game!
You have sharp eyes!

Please travel to New York city and check on the Mafia Store..
We have new Weapons, Armor and Vehicles there..




Why do we need them?
Lots of a long time player have mastered New Yorks city!

But wait, do you think these new stuffs have something to do with Las Vegas??
I can not tell... I wish I were one of beta tester of Vegas..

PS : Thanks to Cohen, Hendri Ang, and Aldo!
Great job, guys...

Fighters VS Rivals

Hey, we have changes on Fight tab...
Please check on the screenshot..

Here is the Fight in Moscow..

It was supposed to be "RANDOM", now it is changing to "FIGHTERS".
Don't have the difference with the former one.. only the text..

Here is the Fight in Moscow..

This is the email from Hayden about this new changing..
Did you notice it? When Zynga added Rivals, there were 2 tabs under fight, one which was Fight tab and the other was the Rivals.
Noticed that Fight have been renamed to Fighters? Does this mean that street wars or whatever crap that requires the new Top Mafia system is coming out soon? We'll see!

Yes, Hayden.. I don't know if there is a correlation between this and Fight Club or the new Top Mafia system some times ago.. Let'see..

Thanks to Rashed and Hayden for the info..

Must Play Weekend Event!

Yup! This is one of the answer of all the trouble on Mafia Wars game we got these few hours..

Don't know what is it all about yet... The event will start in 2 more days..
So make sure you play this weekend..

PS : Thanks for the info, John & Kapish!

Problems On The Game!

The game is messy today!
Some players can not go to see "More Episodes" in Bangkok...

Can not go to Episode 6 - Pakhan in Moscow..

Some players even can only do episode 1 and 2 in New York and they have +2 free Energy every job click!
Please check the video :

You can also go here to watch it on YouTube :

There is also strange bug on timer of the Health, Energy...

Look at the timer above!
You can get the Energy refill every 8 minutes!

I'm sure the team is doing something now... perhaps installing Las Vegas??? My wish!

Let's see if I have more info about this..

PS : Thanks to all friends who help me with the infos and screenshots! Thanks Pj, Mak for the video and Cohen!

4th of July Sales - Coming Soon!

Soon there will be celebration of USA Independence Day on 4th of July! I have the info coming on my email today..

As soon as the Las Vegas loot ends, this event will start!
But too bad, it will not be a loot event like we had a year ago.. There we had some good stuffs ie Red Coat, Cannon, etc.. you can see the complete loot of 4th of July here.

Now, they want us to buy Reward Points with discounted price and spend them on the Fourth of July Sales! No freebies!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Game Header New Design

Another new info from Zynga Community Manager, Jilly Bean, on the forum :

Let us know what designs you like best and if you have any questions about the game header and the functions and information features.

Well, it explains the new layout of game header we saw a few days before..
Also we will have Mini Games inside our Mafia Wars game..
For more detail please visit the forum.. and yes, all the feedbacks are welcome!

PS : Thanks for the info, Cohen.

Source : Zynga Forum!

Ultimate Player

Ok, another email comes from Wolf.
I really appreciate this.. thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge about this game..
Check out this guy....
He is having 463 '12 Gauges'...466 Bomb Suits...401 Ruby Red...481 Rhinoceros..
It's only a matter of time before he maxes out on 501....I have attached a screen shot after attacking him. For credibility I'm including his Mafia Wars profile for you to check out...thanks

Want to know the result of his combat? Here you go :

Hmmm, I can not post the link Profile here to protect the innocent. But from the screenshot, there is no doubt he is one of the ultimate Mafia Wars player!
Yes, skill points is the main factor. Checking the Profile, I'm sure he is one of player who concern more on raising his Attack and Defense points more than other skills.

So, want to beat him in Fight list?
Collect more unique loots and boost your skill points!

PS : Thanks, Wolf. Please don't feel hesitant to send me another infos..

Upcoming City?

Got these screenshots from Cohen's friend who doesn't want to be named.. Thank you for sharing this with us..
He said he found these images in New York.. perhaps he's one of beta tester so he can see what we can not yet..
Please check on the screenshots...

What city do you think described on the images?
Is there another opportunity of the upcoming city of New York? I mean we can have advanced tier in New york city..
Do you think it will be images of Las Vegas? Because I don't think they are describing the Sin City..

Well, can only wait and see.. Hehehehe

It's Only a Joke!

I can't stand NOT to post this picture.. Have permission from one of my best mafia to post on my blog, although she said it's not her created, so credit goes to the original creator!

You can not earn this anywhere on your game!
Simply an art work made by one friend somewhere.. really entertaining me..

Have a nice day all!

More Bugs on June!

Have posted one about this before.. now it happens again!
One of our friend, Lucky, can not do his jobs in Bangkok because of this problem :

I never have negative income in Bangkok. This is so weird and hope Zynga team can fix this soon Trinity's mood

My friend, Mak, also got this one on his account..

See his Experience info above?
1 digit is missing ! He said he can't calculate how much he needs to level next...

Found this one on a new character, thanks Spencer for the screenshot. The image tells it, please kindly check this one..

And can you believe on this one? This player has 2 Jackpots weapon as mastery item on the Las Vegas Loot Event!

How come, Paul? I want it too! What dya think?

This is all I can share for now..
The connection is so slow and my computer deserve a restart.. Xixixixixix

Thanks to all friends for the help, Lucky, Mak, Spencer, Paul.. Thanks for reading, guys.. see you soon on another posts! Peace yo!


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