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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Snow Leopard Glitch

I have just posted about Snow Leopard as limited time offer for this week. We have to spend 25 Reward Points to buy one of it. But you can check this glitch..

This player only has to spend 7 Reward Points to buy it! No, this is not the result of photoshop or other editing software.. pure glitch and now up to him to take this advantage or not.. since it doesn't give us great boost for our attack! Trinity's mood

PS : thanks to David for the screenshot!

Snow Leopard!

To welcome this upcoming year of Tiger, Zynga releases new limited edition loot. See the screen below :

Another failure of the team! They should give us better stats for such a lot of Reward Points.. Been warning you!

Do not buy it, guys! Big waste of your GodFather points.. again, I suggest you to spend it on skill points and raise your ATTACK & DEFENSE skill.. So you can kick your opponent! Watawwww!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Manhattan Ball Drop

Friends forever! Hi all!

It was a glitch on Last Score of 2009 jobs where you can do the jobs without having the count down before doing another jobs..

One of my mafia took advantages on the glitch and collected lots of Manhattan Ball Drop! See the screenshot, please..

He said using special techniques to make it ran automatically, same like auto-player I think.. I don't know for exact but he did it and it worked!
Levelling fast in just minutes using the glitch and after several hours become a very high level player..

He was one of millions lucky players who knew the glitch at early time and had funs! And no he didn't get banned.. qeqeqe

Wait and see in the future for more glitches to come! <

Waffle Iron!

Zynga release another Limited Edition Loot again..
It is called "Waffle Iron". It's a weapon and it's not worth it for 25 Reward Points!

Then I noticed that they had changed the stats of this weapon. They raised the defense points to 38, but still Cuban and Moscow top loots give better stats and we can get them free without spending our precious GodFather points!

They keep giving us craps (sorry to say but it's true). So keep your reward points, my friends.. better put on buying skill points or refill your energy.

Have to go now... And Elvis has left the building! Bye.. take care!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Last Score of 2009 Jobs Glitch!

Wanna know the glitch of this job?
You can do the jobs without having the timer runs on each job! So easy to do.. but you have to provide for the energy to do this.. because it will cost your energy, so not for free...

Simply copy-paste this link on your browser :"city":"3","skip_interstitial":"1"}

You'll arrive on the jobs, so pls choose one..

And then, you can paste the link again.. and choose your desired job again.. do it until you master all jobs and get all the mastery items!

Here are the mastery items from job no 2 and no 3 :

Both got the same mastery item, so I guess job no 1 also has the same item? Can you please confirm, guys? Thanks.

Ok, so here is the list of items we get from Last Score of 2009 Jobs :




PS : Thanks to Paul for the info! Also thanks to WW, Angus, Dan Ho and Hookawaka! You guys roooock!! Enjoy, mate

Free GF Points (Again)!

Ok guys.. free GodFather points again this week..

Simply copy-paste this link below on your browser :{%22id%22:%2211%22}

I got 5 GF points! Let's dance!

Good luck! Peace yo!

PS : Thanks for the info Hookawaka & Lucas!

Last Score of 2009 Jobs!

The Last Score of 2009: Limited time only! Master this job to get a rare item. You have a choice between 3 jobs that leave it up to you on how you want to play. Score big before 2010!

Well, another special jobs available now!
You can see it on your Home page on the game.. Here they are :

Click on the "Do Job", voila! We get 3 kind of jobs which has different requirements and gives different payout :

First, I chose first job..
Steal a Shipment of Champagne

I click on the job and got this message :

Spent 30 energy, gained 45 XP and have to wait for 5 minutes to get more XP plus special bonus

It is repeated every 5 minutes.. and my bonus is ready now..

Now we know where the Champagne Bottles come from! I have collected it and still don't get it from my boost page... I wonder where they are...

But I wait for about 10 minutes and got them on my BOOST page.

Champagne Bottle: Boost (+25 attack skill)

You can publish the job on your wall like this :

And if your mafia click on "Score big" they will have free 2 Reward points!

Crash the Mayor's NYE Party

I tried to do job no 2.. apparently we can choose another job after I have chosen the first one.

Too bad, I have to wait for 4 hours to see the result.

And this one job no. 3
Steal the NYE Manhattan Ball

Same with job no 2, I have to wait for 8 hours for this job. But we know what we got from this job, right?

Will try to update my post later on... Have fun! Peace!

PS : Thanks for WW and Michael for the images.. thanks to Paul for the info..

Mafia Wars : SMS Alert!

For some players, there is new feature on their game now.. which is SMS Mobile! You can see the text of SMS Mobile on the top right hand corner in your game. I guess perhaps soon will be applied to all players..

If you click on the SMS Mobile, you will see this one :

They say it is a Limited Time Offer! And if you're signing up, you can get 20 GodFather points 30 days after service activation.

If you click on Privacy Settings, you'll have this :

And this one for the Alerts tab :

So, it's one more feature from them beside the toolbar! Now you can get any notification via your mobile phone for any alerts.. They said that they don't charge you but surely we have to pay for the service, right??? Gagagaggag

The choice is yours! Peace!

PS : Credit to Michael!

Gift Safe House Items #Part 2

Ok, we meet again..
I'm trying to collect the info about the gift items you have from Gift Safe House..
Many thanks for all of you who have been very kind sending me your screenshot.. Angus, Freddy, Fabbie aka Andy, and some others!

Here I took from Mafia Wars Wiki because it seems they have complete list.


We see from the list that the items come from different crates and events.. Wild West Crates, Yakuza Crates, etc..

You also can check the new loots from Gift safe House at here.

Thanks for dropping by, friends! Peace!

Source : Mafia Wars Wiki!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Mafia Wars : Some UnReleased Items

Nice to share new things on this game!
And this time, one of mafia sent me the link of Developer's account or tester account.

Here is the link so you can see it by yourself (copy and paste it on your browser) :

"don rufio", level 200 Maniac

So here are the loots (I just crop the images to see some new loots) :


We can see some items from Holiday Blowout Sale, Spy Tech crates, and some others. But there are new items that I have not seen.
See the items up there beside the GrowPet? They are "Snow Leopard", "Crazy Dragon", "Rabid Parrot".
And that one beside the Ice Skate, name is "Manhattan Ball Drop".
Those all for weapon nows.


Nothing special about armors yet.. as I have mention them all on my blog. The first row is some Bangkok loots which doesn't have any image yet. Then second row are some items from limited offers, shipment, holiday gift, etc.. We know them all already.


Nice vehicles! From the second row, I see some new vehicles that I've never seen.. There is an "Escort" beside Gift Wagon, and then "Best Friend" and at the end is "Party Balloons".

Hmmm, I wonder what are the loots from? Is it for "Happy New Year Event"? Another special holiday gifts?

So excited to wait!!! I don't mind with not a very good stats, I just love to collect! OMG.. luv it!

How about you, guys? Have any clue about these items???

PS : Thanks to Matt! I owe you, man!


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