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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Job Helper From Spockholm

My last post about DoJobs Patch doesn't work in New York.. but then Spockholm release this tool : Job Helper.
Can work on New York, Cuba and also Moscow.

Visit the page :
Then instal the bookmarklet on your toolbar. Click on the tool whenever you want to help your mafias on their job bonus! Call me : Uncle Lou!

But remember, Zynga has limit that we can only do of 25 jobs per day..

So this tool will give us notification if we already reach it.

PS : Credit goes to Spockholm Mafia Tool!

The Tatoos In The Mafiya

Welcome, guys! Hi all,

I read this article from Rachel G Kaufman's note, so all credits go to her! Such interesting article, don't wanna miss it.. Good one, huh?

The tatoos in the Mafiya:

1. Stars in the knees mean don´t kneel down before any authority.

2. Spider moving up: thief in activity.

3. Crucifix: criminal authority.

4. Rose: ruined since he was very young.

5. Church: the number of towers show the number of years in prison

6. Tiger: I hate the policemen

7: Skull: ready to kill.

These are just some meanings: for example, skulls in the fingers count the number of assasinations.

The tats in this character: on his right shoulder, the tat shows his hierarchy in the Mafiya is high. The variations are in the center of the that, where it could have different designs. There is no design in this drawing. This tatoo up to the neck, it means he is an important authority in the Mafiya.

The cat tells he was a thief, and did his job alone (only one cat).

On his left arm we see a part of a tat: it loos like a spider´s net. If thats the case, he was/is a drug -addict.

Points in the stars: how many people he killed (it has more meanings). If the stars are on the knees, it means ´don´t kneel down before any authority´.

Moscow Job Mastery Items

Hi there! Hello,

So far Moscow only available on 2 episodes. And these are the reward items when you master each episode..

Episode 1:
Barsuk SUV: 36 attack, 52 defense

Episode 2:

Boss Karpov's Pistol: 50 Attack, 38 Defense

As more chapters are released, I will update this page. Gotta go, guys.. have a nice day for you all..

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

DoJobs Patch Tool

Hi guys,
Nice to see you all again.. been busy lately and I'm back now...

I have noticed that Vern's DoJobs has not working.. I keep getting the log that All Done?

But thanks God, Spockholm has a patch. Only does jobs in Moscow and Cuba for now. But I don't mind about it.. Xixixixixix

Just visit this page :

Like usual, you have to install it first. Then press the DoJobs (patched) to make it run like this :

Hope this could help you to gain to the next level, guys... Peace yo! See ya!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pick : Vory OR Mafiya?

Welcome, guys! Privet, welcome to Moscow!

Yes, we have arrived on Moscow.. finally feel so glad that I am able to do jobs here.. The GodFather give me one achivement for this..

I am doing my first jobs here on Episode 1 of Moscow.. and when I arrive on Chapter 2, GodFather forces me to choose : Pick Vory or Pick Mafiya? Let's try this..

If I choose Vory, then I have chance to loot Cherepakha Compact as a vehicle on this chapter..

And if I choose Mafiya,

I will able to loot Molotok Pistol..

So far, this is all I know about both side.. but great news, guys.. if we have chosen one side, we'll be able to choose again on next mastery level.. so no worry about which side you choose... Wheeeeeeeeee..

Tigers Loots, Anyone?

Hi there!

I think you are busy collecting the tigers now.. I just wanna post this.. Some of you have succeed collecting all loots, some are still trying.. still got times, guys.. And I am not hurry to go to Moscow, since they are stick on our game.. so spend my times to get all these Tigers first..

Yes, I did the Mugging job (one of New York job, first tier, only cost 1 energy) to get all.. yes, you also get these loots by fighting..




Look at the stats of these loots.. awesome! Let's dance, people! I think the Liger and Tiger Tank are the rare ones, so hard to get.. but keep trying, my friends.. coz they are worth to get!

Also my mafias keep telling me that we only have max 33 of Tiger loots? We'll prove it, ok.. so please leave your comments about this, will ya? Trinity's mood
One more, I don't get special loots by collecting all. So I guess it's same with the Hard Labor Day loots. That's ok.. Thanks anyway, Zynga This one is for you!

Good luck, everyone.. enjoy your weekend! Gotta go..

Friday, September 25, 2009

Spockholm Multi-Gifting

The Gift Linker has been updated to support multi-gifting again Yeah

= Mafia Gift =

1. Install the MafiaGift bookmarklet by drag and dropping it to your bookmark toolbar. Or by right clicking and adding to favorites.
2. View a friends mafia profile page, there needs to be a wishlist visible.
3. Use the bookmarklet there and you will be sent to the Gift Linker with the secret key and facebook id filled in.
4. If you wish to gift more than 10 items, change the number and press Generate.
- If you get the Mysterious error has occured error the secret key needs to be updated with step 2-3 again.

Installing the bookmarklet

Internet Explorer

  • Right click in the bookmarklet box, then choose add to favorites.
  • If there is a security warning press ok.


  • Right click in the bookmarklet box, then choose add to bookmarks.
  • Or drag n drop the box to your bookmarklet toolbar.


  • Drag n drop the box to your bookmarklet toolbar.

You can simply add your friend's ID and also the amount of your desire gifts to send. Then click on GENERATE to generate the cookies.

After that, make sure you click on the AMOUNT of gifts to send to make it works. Here I sent 11 Scissors to my primary account.

Have fun!
Yay, we have many options to do multi-sending gift now... I am cool!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Multi-Sending Gifts In Just Seconds

Welcome, guys! Hello everybody!

I have just got this great info about multi-sending gifts in just seconds! You can sending lots of gifts max 200 items. I have tried it several times and really works!

Let me introduce you with :

It is a bookmarklet, so you need to install it first. I'm sure you already know how to install it, right?

Correction from me about the previous address I gave. It does works on Firefox too!
Go to this page :

Everytime you want to do multi-sending gifts, go to gifting page. Click on the bookmarklet, will occur message like this :

And beside the "Send Gift" button will available the Quantity box. Fill in the number of gifts you would like to send. For example here : 50

Then click on the "Send Gift" button, wait for about 5 seconds. Voila! The exact number of gifts has been sent successfully!
Really help me on my trades..

Hope I could help you, guys.. I'm outta here..

PS : Credit goes to Mr Jam! Thank you to Quintin for this info!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mafia Wars Moscow: Exclusive First Look!

Mafia Wars: Moscow, the second expansion to the mob-themed Facebook game Mafia Wars, lets players expand their criminal empire into brand new territory. Mafia Wars publisher Zynga gave us an exclusive sneak peek at the new expansion, set to hit a browser near you September 24.

The expansion's basic game mechanics will remain unchanged. Score cash and experience points by taking on missions and fighting rival mafias; use the cash to buy weapons, power-ups and properties; and use the experience points to level up your mobster's energy levels or fighting skills as you see fit.

The biggest difference in this expansion? Mafia Wars Senior Product Manager David Kahn says it will have, "a new look and feel," and, "will be much harder than other expansions we released before, more geared to higher level players, level 70-plus."

New episodes

As soon as you arrive in Moscow, you're forced to choose sides. Will you help the the Vory v Zakone, a group of old-school Russian mobsters, or the Mafiya, former KGB and military officers who have learned that organized crime pays far more rubles than a government job? The loot items for the missions will be different depending on which faction you go with, so choose wisely.

Also unlike the other Mafia Wars scenarios, missions will be broken down into chapters, and you will not be able to see the next set of missions until you complete a chapter and defeat the boss at the end. Players will also have to rely on friends more than before to defeat these high-powered crime lords.

As for achievements, Moscow will have six new achievements, five new businesses, six new collections and 50-plus Russian-themed weapons, armor and vehicles. Some of those specialty items will include an AK-47 type gun, specialty night-vision goggles, and of course, classic Russian nesting dolls.

New collections, weapons, armor and vehicles

Of course, we had to ask, "Why Moscow?" Kahn says in addition to Moscow's mobbed up history, they chose the city because that's what the fans wanted (via an online voting campaign).

The fans also picked the location for the next two Mafia Wars expansions -- Asia and the Western US -- but details are scare because they're busy asking their players what other features they want next. Now that's what we call social gaming.

Mafia Wars Moscow launches Thursday, September 24. As they say in Russia, Увидеть вас там (see you there).

PS : Credit goes to!

Thank you to Ella who gave me the link on the comment section! ^_*


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