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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cafe World Promotion

Another game cross promotion inside our game! This time it is a Cafe World Anniversary Promo!
There's a new Promotion for Cafe World. We'll be able to loot the weapon named "Kitchen Knife" (A:57, D:27)

Steven has done the promo and able to win this exclusive item!

He quickly go to Mafia Wars game to claim the knife..

I will have to think to play Cafe World, it's a bit odd to play Mafia Wars and combine my game with cooking?

If you can not see the link promotion, thanks to Bossy Don from TopMafia.Info, we got the link to start the promotion inside Mafia Wars game..
Note : Change the 'xxxxxxxxxxx' to your user ID

One tip from Bossy Don :
The quickest way to level in Cafe World (if you have the cash) Start to Cook something. It gives XP then delete it Some meals have heaps of XP some have little rule of Thumb the longer it takes to cook the more XP!

PS : Thanks to Pawel, Hayden, Steven and Bossy Don for the infos!


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