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Monday, November 8, 2010

Witness Protection Program

Jennifer the writer of MW LootLady posted a blog post called "Witness Protection Program"..
It is a new feature intended for you who are tired of being bullied by some powerful mafias.. If you join the program, Zynga will protect you for 24 HOURS and you will be out from any Fight list (including wars, HitList, etc), those people won't be able to attack you anymore..

Jennifer pointed out that this program has NOT been verified yet.. It is still in beta phase. But if you'd like to enroll as one of the program, you can contact Zynga Customer Support agent..

Leonard has tried it and here is his explanation :
I go to live chat and ask for the agent to apply this new beta feature to me.
The agent will place it for you and in 24 hours time, you will not get massive attack but still will being attack.
When the system is not on, it is gray. When it is on, you will be protected from Hitlist, declare wars and fight but you cannot enter Fight, do Fight Jobs, rob, Help in Social Fights and use the Hitlist.

After 24 hours, the program will be remove automatically or you can contact Zynga support to help you on that.
Once this program is place in your account, you must wait 24 hours before it is remove. You cannot remove this program neither the agent can do that.
This program is very suitable for those who are being attack by clan or being aim by someone and keep being attacked.
This is much information I have. I will send more details if I got any.

And here is the info you get when you click on the question mark above the "Witness Protection" text.

Well, I don't know what to say..
This program is good for low level who keep getting attacked by someone.. Usually advance players will just leave it and keep the bullies bored and get away by themself to find another victims..

If you hate of being attacked by the same persons by days.. you can try this one.
Some people will think this is lame, because this is Mafia Wars game.. but hey, this is your game! No one will be able to tell you what you have to do on your game.. so feel free to get the protection and be safe in 24 hours!
Or you can just skip this program and go killing more opponents! Xixixixixix

PS : Thanks a lot, Leonard.. I owe you with this info!
Credit goes to Jennifer from MW LootLady...
Thanks, my friends! Thank you!


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