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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Build Exclusive Weapons - Thanksgiving Weekend Only!

We'll have this new event on the Thanksgiving Weekend..

I have just read on Jennifer's blog that now we have 5 additional weapons in our Weapons Depot.. I have tried to search it on my account, but I don't have it yet!
So I grab the images from Jennifer's blog aka MW Loot Lady... (please allow me to post them here, Jen...)
Thanks in advance..

Also this one from Surabaya Downtown Mafia fan page!

Thanks, my friends..

So, these 5 weapons will ONLY be available during the Thanksgiving weekend... Not really sure about that since I don't have any further info..
But would love to collect any additional weapons, specially if they are limited edition items!

And there will be a mysterious part that we don't know the name or where does it come from yet.. so make sure to play your game daily.. and be prepared!

PS : Credit goes to MW Loot Lady!

Credit goes to Surabaya Downtown Mafia!

Thanks also to Linus for the additional screenshot!


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