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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Iceboard Season: 2

Iceboard Season: 2 has started! As mentioned by Zynga previously, this would be a weekly permanent feature. No idea why Zynga is rewarding those top icers a reward. Who doesn't know the mystery behind the high number of ices the Top 1-3 players were able to obtain? Minis! I doubt Zynga would give a damn even if you report the Top Icers anyway.

God knows how Zynga would be giving out the reward for Mafia Rankings. Compared to my mafia and family members, we're all seeing different rankings. Even though some had more ices, they do not show up on some player's ranking list. Perhaps Zynga kicked in and fixed it for Season 2, though.

Each week, there would be 4 winners - 3 on Global Ranks, and 1 on Mafia Rank:
Global Rank
1st Place-Gold Glove Gun ( 129/198)
2nd Place- Silver Glove Gun (126/193)
3rd Place-Bronze Glove Gun ( 123/188)

Mafia Rank
1st Place Golden Shield  (110/163)


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