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Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Informant Podcast: Episode 133 & 134

Episode 134: The Redneck Russian, Dasvidaniya Y’all
The Crew gathers is a weird mood. Pistol Pete is clearly nuts. He covers a few spocklets but Jen takes over and talks about the 501 spocklet. She then continues covering all the changing facets of the game and the horrible Nerf that occurred in the secret district. We are not sure how Jana does it but she manages to keep us on task (Although the Brazil Build and Angry Birds, seemed a bit random).

Episode 133: Gift’s Start Flowing, Player Response is Positive
The gang talks about all the things in the game you can get accomplished when you suffer from insomnia. Pete apologizes for a technical difficulty affecting the last show. Jen reviews all the latest features and updates. Things get wild when discussions lead to a person named Big Delicious and a special type of clam. The mystery of increased gifting limits is pondered. Jana gives tribute to a beloved member of the mafia community.


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

The Redneck Russian Slang Is Offensive To Us True Rednecks........Not Good.

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