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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tips and Tricks concerning Mafia Wars.12

Lately there was no new posts with tips and tricks concerning our favorite game, since I couldn't imagine of anything new to write. Nevertheless, from time time, bug fixes or addition of new code make new issues to arise.

One of the latest game features, which has been updated recently is the Daily Take. This is a daily gift that varies from consumables and boosts to loot items and skill points. During the first four days it includes nothing important for most players, although the last three days skill points are offered.

The reason of this post is to tell you of something I discovered, while accepting the maximum number of daily takes (5) from friends daily, during the last months. There were times that I couldn't understand, after accepting five daily takes, why I had to wait 24 hours in order to accept a new one. So, there were days I was accepting 2 for example, in less than 24 hours I accepted 3 more and then I had to wait 24-26 more hours in order to get a new one. The daily take timer resets daily at 02:00 am locally. If you don't accept a daily take between 00:00 to 02:00 am then the daily take counter resets and you are able to get five new daily takes, expecting to see the collect button available under a skill point!
The easiest way to search for daily takes published by your friends is the Stream Scanner bookmarklet created by Team Spockholm. After you run the script setting a certain time frame (the number of hours to scan your wall feeds) you are presented with the following screen.
Click the yellow button titled Click Links and wait for a while, depending on the number of posts, in order to see the gifts still available from your friends' daily takes. Click the Log tab.
I was quite lucky this time. I clicked the link Health Points (x3) and I was rewarded with 3 health points.
If you have any ideas or discovered something while playing Mafia Wars and you wish to share it with other players, do not hesitate to contact us. Our blog's Facebook page is open to all.

PS. As always, if you'd like to see the series of the Tips and Tricks posts, just click this link.


Ryan said... [Reply to comment]

awesome :)

'adjie Saint said... [Reply to comment]

wow nice trick

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