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Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Next Limited Time Property: Pit Lane

The next Limited Time Property will be coming soon. This property will be called the Pit Lane. To date, there are 16 Limited Time Properties. When the first Limited Time Property, Sports Bar, was released, there were lots of hype on what is it for and what the property will do to help us. Now, many players are saying that these Limited Time Properties are becoming a chore, or should i say, is a chore?

If Zynga decides to keep releasing these properties, they should at least increase, or lift the limit on how many parts each feed you post. This would definitely help out a lot.

If you were to zoom into the below image, you would see that the small little banners in the Pit Lane image includes: Zynga, Farmville and OMGPOP. Remember Draw Something by OMGPOP? Zynga brought that company approximately 2 months ago.


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