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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Property Timers Improvements

Good News !!

We are incrementally rolling out a minor change to the Property Timers and the Property Dashboard. With these changes, we will be reverting to the previous way your Property Build timers used to work.

This feature is currently rolled out to 5% of the total players as we want to ensure a smooth and stable roll out.

If you are experiencing any issues with the game play, please click here to fill in a brief survey to let our team know.

Your feedback will help our engineers prioritize issues and resolve them faster.

Key changes made to the Property Timers are as follows:

You can now build 5 items from different global properties every 18 hours or you can build faster with Reward Points to speed things up. Shorter the timer, lower will be the cost of building.

The cost of additional builds depends on the property with the lowest craft time.

Each property has an individual build timer and you will be able to perform an additional free build after 18 hours from the time you performed the first free build.

Please check the below example for further clarification:

In this example, let’s assume that you built items from 4 of your properties at 2 hours of interval.

The timer reflects next free build available from that property as shown in the below screen shot:

User-added image

Now, let's assume that after 2 hours, you performed your 5th free build by using the Visit Property link:

User-added image

The build timers for your properties will now reflect the new time and price:

User-added image

Your additional build cost will be determined by the property with lowest craft time.

User-added image

Once you perform an additional build, the lowest craft time & price will change to the new lowest timer as shown in the below screen shot:

User-added image

The same timers will be reflected in the Property Interface

User-added image

SOURCE: Issues with new Property improvements?


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