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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New Event - Richie's Stash

There is a new crafting item in the game called Richie's Stash.
The basic Idea behind this is , like many other events, to beg and ask for parts. We have 4 parts to ask for:
You can ask for each part individually and ask for a generic part. In total you can ask 5 times at once. You can ask at intervals of 8 hours. According to the help page you can get up to 75 items a day. You can craft 8 items with the 4 items talked about earlier. Each item requires a combination of 2 consumables
Once you get the 8 items, you will be presented with the mastery item: Bagpipe Player
You can master the event 3 times. Your mastery item and your craft-able items will be upgraded to Gold at the end of the event.


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