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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Robbing Spree Season 6: Rob and Be Merry

Robbing Spree Season 6: Rob and Be Merry is here! You have the next 6 days and 18 hours to Collect the Stars From Heaven and Rob. The background image(skin) for this Robbing Spree has been updated to match with the Christmas theme, there are no difference between this and the previous Seasons. Learn how to play Robbing Spree - Robbing Spree FAQ.

There are many different ways of playing. The method that most are using is to rob till you have 1 or 2 Alarms, then Peek at the other properties on the board. Each board has 6 Single Alarms, and 1 Double Alarm. Once you have accumulated 3x Alarms, your round is over and your rewards will fly away as well.

Here are the items which you can obtain from this Robbing Spree Season.


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