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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Assassin Boss Fight: The Raven FAQ(Official Faq)

A mysterious assassin is 'icing' top Mafia fighters, and he only appears when a worthy oppenent is found. This Boss Fight is unlike many others, and he isn't going to be easy to take down.

Q: When does this event begin?
A: This event is scheduled to begin on 06/14/11. As with many of our events, this event will be slowly rolled out to our players to ensure stability within the game. Due to the gradual release of this event it will not be immediately available to all of our players.

Q: Why are new events always released to a limited audience?
A: When we release a new feature into the game, we want to ensure that it does not create instability and functions in the way that it was intended. Although we try to release it to the wider audience as quickly as possible, it is imperative that we make sure that it will not interfere with your enjoyment of the game.

Q: Can I manually be added this event if I contact Customer Support?
A: Unfortunately our agents will not be able to manually add you to this event. The wider audience of players will be added in a gradual fashion and our agents do not have the means to expedite this process.

Q: How is this Boss Fight triggered?
A: This Boss Fight is activated when you visit the fight page and start icing other players. When you activity catches the Raven's attention, the Boss Fight will trigger and you will have the chance to taken the Raven down.

Q: How long do I have to take down the Raven?
A: You only have 8 hours to take the Raven down before he disappears and takes all of the consumables with him.

Q: Will this boss fight require the use of consumables?
A: Yes. Like the previous Boss fights there will be four consumables that will help you defeat the boss.

Q: What are the Ammo/consumables that I will need to collect?
A: There are four types of Ammo that you can collect:
  • Shotgun Blast -> 25-35 damage. This consumable is a free gift and can be found in feeds.
  • Knife Slash -> 5-15 damage. This consumable may be found by completing Jobs.
  • Knuckle Punch -> 7-13 damage. This consumable may be found when Fighting.
  • Crack of the Bat -> 9-11 damage. You have a chance at finding this consumable when Robbing.
Q: Are the consumables available to be purchased?
A: Yes. The consumable items are available for purchase in allotments of 10 each, however, the Shotgun Blast is a collectible and can only be purchaed for 2 at a time when you run out.

User-added image

Q: Will the consumable still drop even if the Boss fight isn't active?
A: No. You will only find the consumables when the Assassin is active on your Operations page.

Q: How come it is more difficult to collect the consumables this time, and why are the shotgun blasts listed on the gift page?
A: This Boss Fight was designed to be tougher than the rest. Each time the Boss Fight is triggered you will have a limited time to defeat him. Once he is gone, he takes the consumables with him so that you can't stockpile them for his defeat.

Q: What am I supposed to do when the Boss Fight pop-up is triggered?
A: You will have the option to Ask for Ammo or jump right into the fight. If you click 'Fight Him', you will be taken to the fight screen.

Q: Will there be hidden combos similar to the previous Boss Fights?
A: Yes. By discovering the correct order of four-move combos you will be able to do greater damage to the Raven.

Q: How do I determine what the best Combo will be to attack the Boss?
A: The best use of a 4-Ammo Combo is designed to be found through self discovery. Users can share Combo's through feeds after they have discovered them.

Q: Are customer support agents able to provide Combos?
A: The Combos are designed for self discovery and for players to share between themselves. Customer Support agents will not be able to provide this information to you.

Q: What is the reward for defeating the Raven?
A: The Assassin's Jacket is the Ultimate reward for taking down the Raven.

Q: Is there an achievement for this event?
A: Yes! This boss fight has three separate achievements that you can obtain.

Q: What are the three achievements and how do I earn them?
A: You earn the achievements by defeating the Raven:
  • Requiescat in Pace Primus: Earned by killing The Assassin 1 time
  • Requiescat in Pace Decimus: Earned by killing The Assassin 10 times
  • Requiescat in Pace Centesimus: Earned by killing the Assassin 100 times
Q: The Raven hasn't appeared after I beat him the last time. How am I supposed to take him down multiple times?
A: The Raven is triggered through the fight page, so the best way to draw him out is to continue collecting those ices!


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