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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Raven FAQ by Jennifer

The new Boss Fight is ridiculous.. not only that you have to fight & icing people to make them appear.. but the limit of time to defeat him is only for 8 hours and counting down..
The Consumable is not available on the Free Gift page yet.. etc etc..

For you who still don't understand about this new event can go to Customer Support page and read what the 411 guy explain.. but wait, there is no such page yet!
Jennifer from MWLootLady blog make one for you here : The Raven FAQ... so all credits go to Jennifer! Thank you!

It is very well spoken and include everything you need to know about this event. Better if I make a copy-paste of it here.. Here you go :

Assassin: The Raven FAQ
Updated 06/10/2011 at 01:29

Assassin: The Raven is our latest Boss Fight Event and it's going to be a challenge.  The Raven doesn't just rest on the Home Page Module for you to fight at your convenience. That's for sissies!  Look what happened to Roughhouse Rafael and Kassina Kunoichi, they got their asses kicked. The Raven is elusive and you must spend a lot of stamina to find him. You can't stock up on Ammo until he is ready.  Hell, you won't even find Shotgun Blasts on the Free Gift Page. We are well aware of your past strategies and how you use those Spocklets to laugh at our Boss Fights. The Raven isn't scared, but you should be!

Q:  I was almost done beating the Raven and he disappeared along with all of my consumables. When he came back all my progress was lost. How can I get credit?
A:  This feature was accidentally released and it was determined it was too easy. Stop crying and start farming. Customer Support can only compensate you 10 Reward Points for your lost consumables. Real men don't complain, they adapt. Stop bothering the Customer Support Agents. The Raven is laughing at you.

Q:  The Super Moderator said that the feature was active for all players. I still don't have the Raven, why is that?
A:  The Raven only shows himself when he is ready to fight. You must go to your fight page and start icing people. When it's determined you are a good match the Raven will appear on a banner to taunt you. He may disappear or he may let you fight. We have no control over the Raven.

Q:  Ok, I beat the Raven and now I want to fight him again so I can get the achievements. Why can't I find him?
A:  Again, The Raven only shows himself when he is ready to fight. Keep spending your stamina and playing Mafia Wars. Eventually he will appear (wink).

Q:  Why aren't the Shotgun Blasts on the Free Gift Page?
A:   We know what you all do with that thing called the Link-a-Nator and we don't like it. We want The Raven to be a challenge not a cake walk.

Q:  I want to load up on my Boss Fight consumables but they aren't dropping. Why is that?
A:  We wouldn't want this to be too easy so we designed it so consumable items only drop when you are actively fighting The Raven. If he isn't on your Operations Page, don't expect consumables to drop.

Q:  I noticed there is an achievement for fighting the Raven 100 times! How the hell can I do that when The Raven takes his sweet ass time to appear in my game?
A:  Silly Mafia Wars player. You all complained that the Boss Fights were too easy so we brought in a heavy hitter. You are mistaken if you think these achievements are attainable. Look at all the poor saps trying to get their What's After Trillion achievement. You may get them if you are lucky enough to be on line during a glitch, otherwise we just added them so you would feel challenged.

Q:  What's with the weird names of the 3 achievements?
A:  The Raven doesn't speak your language. The achievements are in Latin and translated below.
Requiescat in Pace Primus
Translation: I let you get me once so you would feel confident and spend Reward Points on Ammo and Stamina Refills.
Requiescat in Pace Decimus
Translation: I see you are still trying to find me for a second fight. Good luck with that.
Requiescat in Pace Centesimus
Translation: If you think this is even possible, we want what you're smoking.

Hahaha, I like it, Jen!
Hope Zynga read this FAQ and do the things right! Smiley


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

LOL !!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

It's outrageous that these things are blatantly designed to cheat people out of their money and then Zynga laughs about it! I say let the Zynga execs do a nationwide tour and visit cities in the US and allow us to pay for time in a cage with them for real. >:/ That's a boss fight I'd love to pay for.

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