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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Chicago Is Open

Special thanks to Jennifer for making this awesome blog post!

Chicago has officially launched. If you have reached Platinum or Diamond status of the Loyalty Program then it should be available on your account. I have no idea what the roll out schedule is going to be but you can follow this forum thread for updates.

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This is the beta experiment for Diamond and Platinum players.


Below is a brief overview of what to expect. I will go into more details with future posts When you do get Chicago, you will notice a "Go to Chicago" button on the splash page which can be accessed from the Travel Bar.

Here is the opening message to get you all excited.

Here is the Game Header complete with the new Spockholm Toolbar which should be going public soon.

The first thing I checked was the currency and it's Clams. Here is Zynga's explanation of what they are.

There are currently 3 Districts and the first one is called Sam's Truck Shop and is unlocked. The second one is Main Street Speakeasy.

The properties are called the Bootlegging Operation. There are currently 3, the Truck Shop, Speakeasy and the Warehouse. And two properties are still to come.

Here are the Chicago Crew positions and an explanation for each one.

Here is a glimpse at the jobs of Sam's Truck Stop which is the first district of Chicago.
Here are all the new loot items and consumables that were added to our inventory and are all most likely part of Chicago or the new Mission.

The fightlist in Chicago is populated but robbing is not yet available.

There are 6 new achievements and 3 new collections.

If this isn't enough, there is also Missions. I don't see a timer so these are probably Chicago related Missions like the 65 we saw in Brazil.

PS : Thanks to Aaron for additional image.
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