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Friday, September 23, 2011

Special Delivery: Complete Mission Walk Through

Thanks to Jennifer of the MW LootLady Blog for making this awesome post! :)

This Special Delivery Limited Time Mission may pose to be a challenge to complete. There are 8 parts and quite a few tasks will require a few days of waiting. Of course there are many bugs and some players are already behind as they don't have access to Chicago.

Part 1
Long Distance Friendship
Rob 27 times. This one is straight forward and obviously we can't rob in Chicago because it's not ready yet. I robbed in New York and had no issues.
Just like the regular non-timed Chicago Missions, the Get Support from your Mafia task doesn't work. You can ask all the friends you want and generate links but the only way I was able to get it done was accept about a ton of Mission requests in hopes that 5 of them would count. I would go to Customer Support but I think they are a little busy because of other bugs. After accepting about 40 or so requests from my ZMC, I eventually got 5 of them to count.
Traveling to Chicago seems easy enough. That is if you have it on your account. Most players trying to do this task were greeted with the "You are unable to travel to this destination at this time. You will need to be more powerful to tackle this zone." message that should really say, "You are unable to travel to this destination destination at this time. You will need to spend more money to tackle this zone".
For your efforts, you are rewarded with 3 pieces of useless junk. 

Part 2
The Enemy Of My Friend
The first task also seems easy enough. Ice 7 opponents. What they fail to mention is the opponents need to be in Chicago but I guess if you don't have access you would never get to Part 2 anyways. I noticed that kills are now counting as two ices for the Mission. In the past you didn't get any credit for a kill.
Declare a war 6 times is a bit excessive. You can declare one war every 8 hours so you will need to wait this one out for at least 2 days if you are right on time every 8 hours. At least we don't have to win the war because many players, including my self can't even ask for help. This bug has been around for a while now and it doesn't look like Zynga is doing anything about it. When you try to ask for help, you get a defective help button and some spinning bullets that won't go away.
Do the District 1 job, "Dispose of the Bodies" five times. You will need one Body Bag to do each job. The Ruby Level cost is 216 energy per job. There are no loot rewards for this part of the Mission.

There are no loot rewards for this part of the Mission but you get 3 whole Clams.

Part 3
Payment Is Its Own Reward
I don't know who the genius was that came up with the first objective but they really need to be spanked. Everybody knows that robbing in brand new destinations requires patience because players need to unlock their properties. It even says so on the Chicago Robbing Page and Zynga decided to make robbing unavailable at this time. How the hell are we suppose to rob when it's not even available?
I tried to rob individual players but nobody was listed as having any properties.
The trick here is to individually rob somebody who has unlocked and built one of their Chicago properties. My energy account was my prime target I removed it from my mafia, went to the Profile Page, selected "Rob" and was happy to see a Truck Shop waiting there for me to rob.
After robbing myself once, I clicked on the refresh button and was able to do this 20 times to complete the task.
Do the Chicago District 1 job "Break Into Guido Pantucci's Warehouse" 5 times.
Acquire 10 Armors means exactly what it says. If you click on the "Go Now" button you will be directed to the Marketplace but you don't need to purchase anything. In addition to the Marketplace, you can get armor items from the city stores, fighting, jobs and robs.
Get 6 people to join your Chicago Crew. You need to get 6 people in your queue and it doesn't matter if you activate them or not. If your queue is full then you will have to make room by activating some positions.  This works the same way as Brazil in that the buttons do the opposite of what you think. The "Ask" button goes to you individual request page. To generate a news feed request, you need to click on the little person icon which will open up your queue and then click on the "Recruit" button.
For all this trouble you don't get any loot but as a consolation prize you get 5 Clams and 5 Hired Guns.

Part 4
New York's Finest
So much for Chicago, now travel to New York to continue with this Mission.
Do the job New York Enforcer Tier job "Distill Some Liquor" 5 times. It's going to cost you 9 energy per click.
Now put those Liquor consumables to use and do the job "Liquor Smuggling" located in the same tier 5 times. Be prepared to spend 27 energy per click.
Ask you mafia to send you 5 Wooden Crates by clicking the "Ask Now" button to generate a news feed post.
Get 4 Weezle Wasters for your efforts.
Part 5
Over The Bridge, Under Your Hat
Upgrade your Chop Shop to 2 levels. If you are fully upgraded to Level 15 than this task will be auto-checked.
Here is a task that wasn't though out very well. In addition to the 2 day wait for declaring 6 wars in Part 2, you will have to wait a total of 72 hours (assuming you are right on time) to craft 4 items from your Chop Shop. This is a total of a 5 day wait for these two parts alone. Players who started behind because they didn't have access to Chicago could be in jeopardy of not completing the Mission.
Now is the mac daddy of "Get Support From Your Mafia". They want us to do this 15 times and the thing never works. Once again, the request links that my mafia respond to don't count, the individual requests that I send don't count and the only way to get past this is to buy it off with Reward Points or go to Customer Support. I'm definitely not spending 113 Reward Points for something that is suppose to work. 
This same issue that occurred in Part 1 was a Fail. It has now been upgraded to an Epic Fail. Of course my "Platinum Customer Service" is a fail as well. Now I'm stuck and Live Chat is no where to be found. I ended up accepting a lot of Mission Crew requests and got the Reward Point cost to a more reasonable amount. It's very aggravating to deal with this issue every single time.  There are no loot rewards for this part of the Mission.

Part 6
Thirsting For The Road
Win 3 wars. Depending on how much time you have left, you can win your own wars and wait out the Declare War timer or you can help in a war. It will only count if you are the last person on the winning side to attack. 
Take out 20 Street Thugs which can be found on the New York fightist. Each Street Thug costs 20 stamina to attack.
The Hotsy Totsy is the loot item reward and you will get 3 of them.

Part 7
Exchange On The Rocks
 Now you need to go back to Chicago.
Do the District 1 job "Smuggle a Shipment Back to Chicago" 5 times.
Collect from your Truck Shop 6 times. There is an 8 hour timer between collections so this one will set you back 2 days assuming you collect on time. It's going to be very challenging to complete this Mission without using Reward Points. Maybe this Mission feature will be the next Trader Goh and I can stop doing these posts. 
Get 10 members in your Chicago Crew queue. Depending on how many people you already have in your queue, you may need to wait until some slots are available to dump them. Leonard Wong discovered that the queue is the same one for Brazil so you can dump players there as well. You can see below that my Chicago and Brazil Crew queues are identical.
Chicago Crew 
Brazil Crew
There are no loot rewards but you will get 30 Clams if you make it through this part of the Mission.

Part 8
A Taste Of The Good Life
Go to your Speakeasy and make 3 items. If you want to make all 3 at once, you need to have it upgraded at least to 3 stars. If you don't, there is a 18 hour wait between making items.
Clear 7 Robbing Boards. Chicago robbing isn't available but you will get credit for robbing in any other destination.
Oh no, not this one again! Get Support from your Mafia 20 times. Hopefully Customer Support will help me with this one. At least I will have 8 days to deal with it.
Ice 30 opponents in Chicago. Ices in all other destinations won't count.
The Grand Prize loot item is the Lounge Singer. I'm not sure it's worth all this effort.


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

ty for the info
still stuck with chop shop for 4 run out of time ...i think ican't make it unless use rp again...damn :/

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

My Get Support from your Mafia worked. You just need to quit and start over, or open a new MW to see a change.

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

ty for the info
still stuck with chop shop for 4 run out of time ...i think ican't make it unless use rp again...damn :/

ty for the time change...just see this , now need easy part 8 after 6 hours next to done the mission

really ty

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