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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Carnival Mystery Bags Are Here

The Carnival Mystery Bags are finally here! The rewards or items you can receive from the Carnival Mystery Bags are probably the same ones from the Gold/Harvest/Dragon Mystery Bags which were released previously. Each player are only able to accept up to 20 Carnival Mystery Bags per day.

You will be able to find the banner and image for the Carnival Mystery Bag on the Home page of Mafia Wars. The banner did not mention that the bags will disappear forever after being around for 1-2 day.

Send the Carnival Bags by clicking on the "Send" button located on the banner above, or by visiting the Free Gifts page. You can also send them using the Gift Blaster or Massive Sender script tool. Expect to get some back in return after sending!

Here are some of the items received after opening the Carnival Mystery Bag. I managed to grab 4 Samba Dancers from the 20 bags opened!

Upon accepting 20 bags for the day, the Carnival Mystery Bags will automatically be changed into the Blue Mystery Bags.

The only great stuffs in the Carnival Mystery Bags are the +5 Attack, Defense, Stamina, Energy, +1 Skill Point, the Stamina Boost, and lastly, the loot which currently can only be received via the bags, Samba Dancer.


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