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Friday, February 10, 2012

Mafia Poker: Season 2 (10 Feb 12)

Mafia Poker: Season 2 have arrived! As much as we hated this feature/event when it first appeared during 12th of January(1), Zynga went on and decided to release another season of Mafia Poker. Zynga have decided not to provide the Poker Cards in the Free Gifts page anymore, let's hope they would add in the cards at a later time. However, we will now be able to Ask for Cards via News Feed.

Click on the "Ask Cards" button to ask for cards via Facebook News Feed and expect for your Mafia to click on them or run scripts which would automatically do the job. You can ask for cards every 4 hours.

Click on "Play Poker" to start using your cards in Mafia Poker.

Clicking on "How To Play" from the above popup shows you the instructions.


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

I love this !! Especially the season 2 coz it is not tied up to the free gift system !!

For the people whining how to get cards :

1. Run stream scanner

2. Give permission

3. Change the hours from 1 to 2.5

4. Posts to 500

5. Scan

6. Go to mafia poker tab

7. And wait and sit back while stream scanner clicks your links

'saint adjie said... [Reply to comment]

how i get stream scanner?

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