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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Call for Assistance

A few days ago, the account of a friend of mine, who is the GF of the family 【िৎ】 ༒िlaming ৎwords, was blocked by Facebook. His account was suspected to be fake from FB and it was blocked; three reports for "fake account" were made within one hour. Today two more accounts with 150k combined skills and 40k skills were also blocked by FB. Many players are receiving lately too many requests from FB -Beware: not as pm, but popups inside the platform when logging in- to verify their accounts. Today two other friends of mine changed their FB data to represent their real identity.

So what could be done? Please do be careful and especially do take care when receiving personal messages from Facebook Security; the latter case is always fake.

In order to be protected:
  • add some real personal data on your account, if possible your real name. If you wish, you may consider adding your cell phone number as well;
  • add some real photos;
  • add a secret question, the answer to which is mostly needed during account verification;
  • take a look to your facebook friends and start removing the ones you don't care about, the ones you didn't interact recently;
  • if you decide to add your date of birth, make sure that it is not shown on your FB profile; this info is needed when verifying a hacked account and it is not a smart move to provide all data available to possible "hackers";
  • make a copy somewhere, outside the facebook platform, your FB profile link and your FB id; this data may be needed afterwards.
There is a group named Call For Assistance run by many people -there are 20 admins right now and 563 members- people who will help you if your Facebook account is blocked; people who were in this position some time ago themselves. So, there are a few steps to follow if your account is blocked but there is also this small community that may assist you further if this happens to you. While following all the necessary steps to regain your FB account, these 563 people are assisting by "pressing" Facebook through disabling advertisement; the main source of income for FB.

So far this small community has 98% success rate in helping people regain their FB accounts. The successful assists mentioned in their webpage are:
~SƬÐ~ ŞhangraĆha ‽|ώŗąтћ| / [SYC] ՇωїֆՇ ⋓Բ ԲДՇƐ / |ώŗąтћ| Я*๏gu∑*V∆lkYЯⅰ∑‽ / [RYfG] ΞΧTRΞMΞ ΛИGΞR [RYƒG] / [Z◣◢S] [Z◣◢S]~☠ LEONIDAS ☠~ / ✵NGA✵ zσмвιєвяι∂є / †ΞS&SΞΨ ₣алсҰⓩ / =Ʀ²Ƒ= ♥ Ңɛ₤₤ҪaϮ / "[SSC ⊁] mmmmm...HaЯdeЯ ฿a฿y / [RWA] ∴ LoriWhip ∴ / |ĢØmØRRA| Ɠ♏ = ʄᎧӾ = / "༒ϻϻΐ༒ ÐØMIŊņЯIX ²ᵀ" / ☠ßϾЏZ☠ !!!ЯØλÐ☠ÐØĢĢ!!! / [★] ƒαταllÿ ƒlαώεḋ ® ℜ'ĢẤĐ£ϟ ~Šฬεε†ℭђεεКֆ ɮℭ Sωϵϵt Vϵҋom's ,Tank.

So, do all be careful and if you wish you may become a member of the Call for Assistance community now.

PS. Almost one year ago some more tips were published concerning the protection of your facebook account.


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