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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

ChefVille Cross Promotion

The ChefVille Cross Promotion is available in the game now. Unfortunately, there seems to have no time frame provided by Zynga before this promotion will be out of the game. What you have to do in ChefVille is to reach Level 12 to receive a Confectioner (208/165). Back then when we had the The Ville promotion, some players were receiving 2x loot, while the remaining ones received 1x. Seems Zynga corrected it out and only 1x Loot will be given out to everyone.

ChefVille is a flash-based game, meaning it's completely different compared to our Mafia Wars. I highly doubt that much Mafia Wars players would enjoy playing flash games, otherwise Mafia Wars 2 wouldn't have flunked and went down the hill.

If you missed the popup to enter ChefVille via the promotion link or it did not appear for you, you may access it right from here - CLICK HERE TO ACCESS CHEFVILLE!

This is the Grand Prize you'll receive once reaching Level 12. According to some players, this is a easy game and you would be able to reach the needed level within 10 hours.


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