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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Let The Ices Begin: Results!

The results for the Family Icing Event: Let The Ices Begin has been released! Only the Top #10 families ice counts were released, though. The remaining ones can be found at the Spockholm Community Generated Ice Event List (list might not be correct as Team Spockholm has mentioned that some users were messing up the data by sending false ices). The results of the Family Icing Event might be really different if the Bully Throttle was activated to prevent Families from gaining ices even when they sit on their minis.

Congratulations to the families that were in Top 10! We all had fun sitting on each other, hitting our drones, sitting on families and more! Great to know that my 71-member Family came into Top 10 too, #8 to be exact! *Secretly laughing at those mini/drone attackers! No names were mentioned, right? ^^*

Without further ado, here are the results of the Family Icing Event. Only the Top 10 families are listed.

All members from the Top 10 Families will earn bonus prizes, in addition to the icing events' mastery reward. The Top 3 families - Mafia Wars Gods, Assassin-a-Nators, and ƒ๏ям๏ѕÂ 歡樂ƒůn團 - will receive the Skill Points and a Glass Blower(different masteries) as listed in the image below!
The remaining Top 10 Families that were not in Rank 1-3 are given free Skill Points, no Glass Blower will be given to these families.

Winner List was screenshot-ed from the Official Mafia Wars Blog.


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