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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

London District 9 - Turkish Delight

The 9th district of London is called Turkish Delight. The consumables for this district are Bellow for normal jobs and Light Wax for the bonus job. You need 180 Bellows for all 4 levels to complete this district. The items you need to purchase are as follows:
Item Cost Total Required Total Cost
Tea Time £1350 48 £64800
Strainer £2250 24 £54000
Fired Up £2700 24 £64800
Hazel Dormouse £4050 24 £97200
Roe Doe £4500 36 £162000
Shoe Shiner £4950 36 £118800
TOTAL £561600
The mastery loot for this district is called "Fish & Chips Guy".
  • Fish & Chips Guy {Bronze}(A:138 D:233) [Henchmen] from London
  • Fish & Chips Guy {Silver}(A:148 D:253) [Henchmen] from London
  • Fish & Chips Guy {Gold}(A:158 D:273) [Henchmen] from London
  • Fish & Chips Guy {Ruby}(A:168 D:293) [Henchmen] from London
Below is the screenshot for the ruby level. The best job is "Reap The Benefits" with a ratio of 2.23
Thanks to Tom Porritt for the images. Stay tuned for D10.


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