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Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Raven - FAQ

The Raven FAQ was directly copied and pasted from Zynga Support.

The Assassin has returned, so get ready to hunt him down!

The Raven returns!!

Ice players on the fight list to find and defeat the Assassin! The more you ice other players in fights, the greater your chances of catching a glimpse of the Assassin.

Q: How do I find the Assassin?
A: Ice opponents from the fight list. The Assassin is almost always in stealth mode, so be patient and keep icing.

When you pick up his trail, a banner will appear on the fight page giving you 2 Armagrenade and notifying you that you are close to finding him. Keep icing.

Q: How long does it take to find the Assassin? 
A: Finding the Assassin is extremely difficult because he’s stealthy. You will need to ice many players to hunt him down.

Q: Is there a time limit to find the Assassin? 
A: No, there is no time limit to find him.

Q: What will happen when I find the Assassin?
A: Once you have tracked down the Assassin, he will appear in the fight list, on the homepage banner and on the Operations / Bosses page. Once you find him, you have 8 hours to defeat him.

Fight List:

Home Page Banner:

Operations / Bosses page:

Q: Which Ammos (consumables) do I need to fight the Assassin?
A: You will need new Ammunition to fight the Assassin. The new Ammo will be available through various modes in the game.

Below is the list of Ammunition available once you find the trail of the Assassin:
Rain of Pain – Drops from Robbing (does not drop when the Raven goes into hibernation)
Nunchuk Flurry – Drops from Fights (does not drop when the Raven goes into hibernation)
Face Chopper – Drops from Jobs (does not drop when the Raven goes into hibernation)
Armagrenade- Drops on Icing (Only drops during the 8 hour period when the Raven has been discovered)

You can also purchase the Ammos using Reward Points.

Q: How much health does the Assassin have?
A: The Assassin is strong! He has 60,000 health. 

Q: How do I fight the Assassin? Is there a time limit for the fight?
A: Once Assassin appears on the fight list, you have 8 hours to beat him. During this 8-hour period, the Assassin will not heal.

Q: Do I need stamina to fight the Assassin?
A: No, you do not need Stamina to fight the Assassin. You will need to use the Ammos – Rain of Pain, Nunchuk Flurry, Face Chopper and Armagrenade to attack the Assassin and defeat him.

Q: Are there special combos to deliver an extra punch?
A: Yes! There are a total of three combos that can be used to deal incrementally more damage to the Assassin.  You must use the correct order of four Ammos (consumables) in a row to unlock four move special combos.
There are 6 different red C-C-C-combos when you fight the Assassin. That means the red combo that works for you may not be the same for your friends.
Q: What is the Reward for beating the Assassin?
A: You will receive Xtreme Assassin’s Jacket (215/140) once you beat the Assassin.

Q: Can I fight the Assassin again soon after I beat him?
A:  No. After the 8 hour period of discovery, the Assassin goes into hibernation. The hibernation typically lasts for 3 days after which you can find him again through icing players.
During this period, the Ammo will not drop in the game. You can however purchase Ammo from the Special Loot section of Marketplace at any time:

Q: Do I get any achievements for beating the Assassin?
A:  Yes, there are 2 achievements for beating the assassin:
Requiescat in Pace Primus (Earned by killing The Assassin once)
Requiescat in Pace Decimus (Earned by killing The Assassin 10 times)


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