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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Crossing The Line - WALKTHROUGH

A new mission have been released today. We have a total of around 9 days to complete it, so i suggest you to take your time and not spend any Reward Points on it!

 Mission Guide -
Part 1:
Damn, "Get Support From Your Mafia" is really irritating, since we have to wait for our mafias to accept it after we have sent them the request, so it might take sometime.
Using the Mission Crew Link bookmarket by Spockholm definitely speeds up the time to get past this point.

Looting 12 Hung Chu Enforcer was a little harder as i have spent over 5000 energy to complete this stage.

Reward for completing Part 1 of the mission - 3 Protective Shirts.

Part 2:
The Mark

Nothing much for Part 2 of the mission.. All we have to do is do the "Receive A Kickback From The Buyer" job 10 times and loot 12 documents from Fight in Bangkok.

Documents from Fight -
There are no loot rewards for Part 2 of the mission, except some experience, bahts and victory coins.

Part 3:
The Fast Lane

For Part 3 of the mission, all we have to do is Rob 8x Chop Shops, Fight 18 opponents in New York and Collect from Chop Shop twice.

Robbing Chop Shop -

Reward for completing Part 3 of the mission - 2 Car Cutters and 2 Red Scorpions.

Part 4:

Rob 8x Auto Boutiques in Italy -

Do the job - "Smuggle Goods Through A Fishery" 20 times in Italy.

And lastly, collecting from your Auto Boutique twice.

There are no loot rewards for Part 4 of the mission, except some experiences, Liras and loyalty points.

Part 5:
Ask for 6x Satchels from your Mafia through Facebook News Feed -

Do the job - "Buy Out A Costume Shop" in Italy 15 times.

Build 1 item from your Port located in Properties in Italy.
Unfortunately, i had already built a item earlier yesterday, i'll have to spend Reward Points to complete it so as to continue the Mission Walk Through.

Reward for completing Part 5 of the mission - 4 Crystallines.

Part 6:
Small Fry

Icing 6 opponents in New York is quite easy.
Same goes to robbing 9 Mega Casinos.

 Now go to Capo tier in New York and do the "Steal An Air Freight Delivery" until you successfully loot 15 Metal Containers.

Lastly, you have to declare war once to complete Part 6 of the mission.

Reward for completing Part 6 of the mission - 2 Steel Plate Jackets and 5 Chimney Sweeps.

Part 7:
Pity Party

Clear 2 robbing boards across any cities, it will count even if you lost any rob.

Go to New York fight page and take out all 10 Armed Guards. (Costs 8 stamina each)
Do the job - "Disrupt Rival Smuggling Ring" 16 times in New York under the Hitman tier.

Lastly, collect 3 times from your Dockyard in New York properties to complete the whole mission.

Reward for completing Part 7 of the mission - 1 Ratite Dragster.


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