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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fight Loots - Not Dropping (Bug)

EDIT: The loots are actually dropping from Fights, just that it does not show which loot you have received from the drop. For more info on how i found out that the loots are dropping, see below for Inventory History image.

If you are running Brawler/Battlefield or any other bookmarklets that are related to fighting or manually fighting, you will notice that there are no loots dropping. Animal Feeds, Weapons Parts, etc are not dropping either.
All loot drops are currently counted as Secret Stash.. Sigh!

Did Zynga break the Fight Loot drop codes when they added the new Fight Boost and Fight Loots?
Time will tell.. In the meantime, you can contact support for some free Reward Points or items! :)

Here is the thread i found on forum where players are complaining that there are no loot drops -
(You can join in the discussion via FIGHTING - Dropping NO Loot!!)

I tested it out by fighting, after that i checked checked the snapshot i saved today on Inventory History.
Images -


Knight said... [Reply to comment]

Loot IS dropping, however, due to the coding, it is not registering. However, check profile page, and you will see. Hope to have battlefield fixed soon

Hayden said... [Reply to comment]

@Knight, thanks but i am aware of that, hence the images of Inventory History have been uploaded.. :) thanks anyways~

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