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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Chicago Coming Soon!

Thansk to MWLOOTLADY for the Great post on Chicago.I will reprint in this post only!


The Official Mafia Wars Blog put out some more fluff about Chicago (1). We learn that the creepy guy has a name and it's Joe Castellano. It's more interesting that there are in game signs.
Joe Castellano
My name is Joe Castellano. You just caught a glimpse of my little town; a place where one can become a legend. And here's the whole picture. There are plenty of opportunities, for those who know where to look. But at night... in the wrong part of town… with no friends around... Who’s got your back?

There is also a montage of all the "Sneak Peek" black and white images with the new banner in the center.
Mafia Wars Chicago Wallpaper

If you haven't noticed already, Chicago has been added to the Travel Bar and it says "New".
There is also a ad for it on the Home Page Ad Module.
When you click on Chicago from the Travel Bar or the "Learn More" link from the ad, you are taken to this page.
Little Sneak Peek on Chicago


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