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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Family Friends Spocklet by Spockholm

Thanks to Jennifer @ MWLOOTLADY for posting the information!

Here is the Reprint:

One thing that can cause drama (or a few laughs) in a family is when someone notices that they were attacked by one of their own. It can be difficult to look up all of your family members to make sure you are friends and in each others mafia. I get a lot of Friend Request and sometimes I miss the ones from my family members. Team Spockholm has come up with an easy way for you to make sure all of your family members are also your Facebook friends. The Family Friends bookmarklet will do a scan and let you know who is in your family but not your friend and will provide a Facebook ID link so you can send a Friend Request. To start using this handy tool, follow the instructions below.

1. Go to the Spockholm Mafia Tools Experimental Page and locate the Family Friends bookmarklet and drag it up to your bookmark toolbar.
2. Go to your Mafia Wars game and unframe it. From any page, click on Family Friend which is now in your bookmark toolbar. In a few seconds a list of all your family members will appear. The ones who aren't your friends will have a big red "Not friend" in front of their name.
3. Click on the yellow Facebook ID# link and one of two things will happen. It will generate a Friend Request which will be sent to your non-friend family member when you click on "Add Friend".
If the family member in question has already sent you a Friend Request but you haven't responded, it will generate a Facebook friend confirmation popup.
4. Another cool feature of this bookmarklet is you can get a list from any family as long as you have the ID#. This is handy for large families who had to resort to having sub-families thanks to Zynga and their 100 family member limit. To get another families ID, use the Family ID bookmarklet. Simply add the Family ID# to the box located at the bottom of your family list and click on the "Load other family" button.


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